#Qisus! Simple is crazy complicated… Update #114

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This week we’ve got a new video for you – taking you behind the scenes of just one tiny but incredibly important element of MAGFAST: the way the LEDs behave.

It’s a classic example of something you couldn’t imagine would be so complicated to do… yet our job is still to make it simple for you as the user.

As you’ll see in the video, those little elegant rows of LEDs along the front of your chargers have many jobs to do.

  • Show you the charge level
  • Show you whether or not the charger is itself being charged
  • Show you if you’ve correctly connected something to charge
  • Show you if an item is charging
  • Show you how fast it is charging
  • Show you when its finished charging
  • Show you if there’s a problem with the charging…

And so it goes on.

Oh, and we’re making all the products to the standard needed for certification by the Wireless Power Consortium… so we have to meet all their standards too.

Most companies solve this with a bunch of blinking lights you never understand. Our challenge is that we want the LEDs to be not only easy to understand, but delightful.

So check this out… We think you’ll find it pretty amazing what’s going into your gorgeous, glowing LEDs…

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