#SKU101 Secrets of the SKU – Update #113

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We’re not sure if Seymour mentioned last week, but he’s now booked for another trip to Shenzhen. We made huge progress on the last trip and he’s excited to go again now and finalize a series of details, including the magnets he was showing you in last week’s update.

You always really like it when he lifts the lid and shows you one of the “oh wow I never thought of that” parts of the business, so this week he’s breaking down one of the more prosaic elements of production: the omnipresent but usually ignored SKUs, part and model numbers.

Astonishingly, while we’re only working on half a dozen products, our SKU-Part-Model number spreadsheet has 425 lines in it. Not a typo: four hundred and twenty five lines! And that doesn’t include the individual electronic components inside the products, just the products, packaging and various configurations on our site.

How is such madness possible? Find out in this weeks update, Secrets of the SKU!

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