#DeliciousLEDs A bright feature other ignore – Update 136

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Please join me right now for the third Episode of The UPGRADE – the new weekly update video from MAGFAST:

We think you’ll really enjoy The UPGRADE this week.

As we work to build a world-class company, part of our strategy is to ship products that significantly exceed expectations.

We do this by drilling down on the details that others ignore.

See a great example of this is the LEDelicious™ LED system we’ve developed for your chargers.

If you’re like us you simply don’t understand what most of the LEDs blinking around your home mean. The reason is that engineers typically design them to meet their needs rather than yours.

So we’ve spent countless hours developing and refining these LEDs to make them, well, delicious.

See how we did this here – oh and get a sneek peak of a new book one of our amazing MAGFAST supporters has written.

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