#LifeItself Life Prototypes are Here… and Stunning – Update 98

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It was all Seymour could do to hold back tears recording this week’s update for you.

Seymour had his first idea for a new kind of charger in 2013… and the vision for a new generation of chargers came soon after that.

We first showed the world what we thought was possible to take charging to the next level in Spring 2017 and after a much longer and harder journey than anyone expected we’ve now got the living breathing prototypes of MAGFAST Life, with all the other products moving swiftly ahead, close behind.

If we’re honest it’s nearly killed us! Our main partners P3 have been loyal and relentless… but working with them we’ve had to fire two – TWO other teams that simply couldn’t bring this vision to reality and wasted a lot of time in the process. And yes in retrospect we should have cut them sooner we were just trying to do right by people who’d put a lot into this.

But now, as you’ll see MAGFAST Life – the charger you’ll want with you every day, is every bit as good as – in fact even better than expected.

As a reminder we’ve upgraded loads of specs across the range, in the Life you’re about to see here we’ve made a 50% improvement in Qi Wireless charging for Apple devices (all within Apple’s rigorous specs) and DOUBLED the speed of Qi for Androids, again all within the industry’s rigorous performance and safety specs.

So please – watch this week’s update. Seymour is demoing 3 of the 4 ways of getting power IN and 3 of the 5 for getting it out, and again you’ll see how gorgeous the fit and finish is.

Thank you for backing us and being a part of this. We promised you we’ll make something truly outstanding or die trying. This week it looks like it may just be the former!

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