MAGFAST Backers Overwhelmingly Vote to ‘Lean In’ to USB-C – Update 74

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First a quick thank you to everyone who got in touch about our ‘secret mission’. We asked if you’ve been with us for a while – maybe even since our first product – and you feel you know who we are and how dedicated our team is to make this amazing, we’d really love your help with a small ‘secret’ mission. It’ll only take a few minutes but would really help. Please hit reply and let me know if you’d be open to helping…

Second… the jaw-dropping results of our survey last week

We asked you to vote:

YES: Take the extra time to see how USB-C can be an even stronger part

of MAGFAST, while maintaining full support for the other standards.


NO: I’m not concerned so much about the long-term usefulness

of the products and would rather get them sooner.”

We’d recommended you vote Yes, and give us a mandate to really do this properly. 2,446 folks voted and the results truly floored us.

You voted 15:1 in favor.

That’s not a typo. 93.8% of votes were Yes, 6.2% No.

Before we go further, let’s be clear. We’re thrilled with the results AND:

We hear those of you who voted ‘No’ loud and clear.
Obviously, we’re going ahead with this, but we’re putting maximum pressure on P3 to complete this review fast, and we’ll only adopt smart changes that can be made swiftly and will be of real and lasting benefit to you.

It was such an overwhelming vote that it was difficult to discern much more detail inside the numbers.

But digging a little deeper this is very interesting:

The three columns from left to right are in descending order of average pre-order value.

What it shows is that while all customers voted overwhelmingly for us to take this shift in the charging industry really seriously, the larger the pre-order the (even) more determined you are to see us take time to make the smartest possible decisions.

We hear you loud and clear and are looking at several possibilities.

We’ll give you details in next week’s update but we can tell you that we’ve already made a definite ‘Go’ on one change that you’ll really, really appreciate in years to come. It’s a relatively low-cost change for us ($0 for you) and one that won’t add a second to the timeline.

(Seymour also already said ‘No Go’ to another idea that would have added cost and time… and looked good at first glance but would likely have made little or no real difference to you in practice.

OK, so that’s it for now.

Thank you again everyone who voted… please drop us a line at if you’d love to help us with that secret assignment I mentioned above ?.

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