#2019 No Words – Weekly Update 80

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It’s been a difficult week here at MAGFAST.

Just a couple of days into the year one of our team got a call at 2am from the police and learned that their sister had died in a car crash.

There’s no words for a situation like that. We’re not even sure if we should mention it here, it’s just that the point of these updates is to be open with you about the ups and downs of our long journey and it felt like something so significant it wouldn’t be appropriate not to tell you… even as it doesn’t feel appropriate to do so.

We’ve done our best to support the family – two members of which are part of our own MAGFAST team.

And, of course, we have continue with our work, but we hope you’ll forgive me not streaming a video this week – we’ll be back as normal next week, promise.

In the meantime we’d be grateful for your help with 3 things please:

1: We’re nearly ready to publish the long-awaited ‘Founders Q&A’. Please email us at hello@MAGFAST.com with any of your questions for Seymour. Remember this is ‘Ask Me Anything’ – about this business, past adventures, truly anything. We’d like to finally get this up next week so ask away.

2: Just above is an animation of the new cable design we spoke about – let us know what you think of the revised design.

3: Let us know what you’d like to see in these updates. What do you like, not like?

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MAGFAST - Changing Charging For Good!MAGFAST - Changing Charging For Good!