#OneChargerOne? About the amazing difference you’re making – Update 71



We’re doing something just a little different this week.

As you know, our long-term goal is to make The World’s Greenest Chargers and together with the folks at Trees.org: Trees for the Future we’re planting a tree for every MAGFAST charger ordered.

And it’s not just some promotional thing – its a permanent commitment to who we are, the way we work.

It’s insane how great trees are! You may remember the part of the presentation where I explained just how much clean-up each tree does each year when mature…

50lb of CO₂ – that’s around SIX huge advertising blimps full of clean air… from just one tree.

To date we’re at 53,600 trees – that’s about TWICE the number in Central Park in New York City!

But because our focus has just been on the trees, you probably don’t know the incredible story behind them.

Trees clean atmosphere wherever they are so Trees.org: Trees for the Future work overseas where every dollar gets more trees planted… and makes an even bigger difference in the lives of those involved.

We think you’ll find this week’s update about Trees.org: Trees for the Future is deeply moving…

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