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MAGFAST Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C Adaptor Tips Combo-Pack


Combo pack of all three MAGFAST Adaptor Tips in gorgeous Alpine White. USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB so you can charge any device from the last decade… or the next.

Out of stock

MAGFAST Family Adaptor Tips are the original, essential accessory for MAGFAST Wall.

Precision manufactured and lifetime guaranteed they swap in seconds and store neatly in the back so you’re always ready to charge any phone, tablet or reader, from any brand.

It doesn’t matter if your device has a thick case, a thin case, or no case at all. Just touch the button on the front of Wall and adjust the height of your tip effortlessly to line up perfectly.

MAGFAST is a premium, universal, charging system, so together these three tips are guaranteed to fit any smartphone from the last five years… or the next ten.

First USB-C – the new global standard for wired connections. It works either way round and is amazingly fast.

Premium electronics communicate directly with your device using the latest Power Delivery technology, for a safe quick charge. Never too much power. Never too little. Always just right for the health of your device.

Likewise, our Lightning connector is delivered through Apple’s MFi licensing and certification program so it’s lifetime guaranteed to work perfectly with any iPhone, iPad, AirPods, iPod Touch or even Apple TV Remote with a lightning connector.

And if you have an older Android or other devices our Micro-USB tip is made to the same exacting standards to last a lifetime and keep your stuff safe.

And, because the female end of each tip is a precision USB-C connector, you can use your MAGFAST Adaptor Tips to convert or extend any USB-C cable too.