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MAGFAST Family Pro Kit


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MAGFAST Life, Life Extreme, Road, Air and TWO Walls both with Double-the-Power. The industry-leading charging system, that’s changing charging for good.

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MAGFAST Family Pro Kit is designed to cover every part of your charging life.

Whether you love the latest devices from the top manufacturers, or proudly sport a flip phone, MAGFAST has your (battery) back.

Pro Kit is made up of six chargers in five iconic designs.

Each is built to be best-in-class: the stand-out and standalone choice when compared to its competition. Bring these designs together as a family and nothing comes close:

The remarkable new charger you want every day

MAGFAST Life is the portable power bank you want to keep with you every day. Super-easy to keep charged – then even easier to use when your devices need a boost. USB-A, USB-C, the built-in cable and Qi Wireless charging.

Life feels great in your hand, and packs enough power for multiple charges of your phone.

The USB and wireless super-charger that will even jump start your car.

Extreme is a beast. A super-charger with enough power to keep you going for days.

Super-easy to keep charged – then even easier to use when your devices need a boost. USB-A, USB-C, the built-in cable, bonus 12v outlet and Qi Wireless charging.

Add the available 12v MAGFAST Jumpers™ and Extreme will jump start your car!

A built-in flashlight plus USB so you’re always ready on the road.

MAGFAST Road is a star in your car.

With all the MAGFAST Family features you want – USB-A, USB-C, the built-in cable, PLUS 12v car input and extra USB outlets for all the family…

And that gorgeous LED flashlight.

The Perfect Wireless Qi Charger for your Desk or Wall

MAGFAST Air is your simple, gorgeous Qi wireless charging stand. For power, it snaps instantly on to every other MAGFAST charger. Perfectly poised on top of MAGFAST Wall or anywhere with a MAGFAST power bank on the back.

Or Air is great on your desk or counter too. Just plug one of your USB cables in the back and you’ve got the perfect Qi wireless stand for places like your desk or kitchen counter.

The Awesome Upgrade to the Classic Design… with both Surge Protected Outlets and Double the Power

Your Pro Kit includes two of MAGFAST Wall SP2X.

This exceptional upgrade to one of the world’s most popular charger designs now has MAGFAST charging top and bottom – just snap any other MAGFAST charger right on top or underneath – surge protection for your everything you plug in, and Double the Power.

New upgraded, height-adjustable adaptor tips are available for the old Micro-USB, ultra-modern USB-C and Apple’s Lightning connector. They still store neatly in the back, and now have micro-fine height adjustment from the button right on the front.

Plus, Wall has two Quickcharge 3.0 USB outlets underneath – also surge protected.

Extra MAGFAST Family Cables
Life, Extreme and Road each come pre-fitted with the cable of the future: USB-C. Pro Kit adds one each of the MAGFAST Family Lightning & Micro-USB cables, for your non-USB-C devices.

Extra MAGFAST Adaptor Tips
MAGFAST Wall doesn’t normally come with tips, because they’re just one of countless add-ons and you get to accessorize the way you want.

But Pro Kit includes all the add-ons, including a combo pack of all three MAGFAST Adaptor Tips. USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB.

Pop the right Adaptor Tip into the top of MAGFAST Wall and get a fast hard-wired charge any device from the last decade or the next… without wires!

And the tips you’re not using? They store neatly in the back of Wall.