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Extreme Jumper Cables


The essential accessory for MAGFAST Life Extreme to jump start your car or truck!

Connecting takes moments and you’ll jump start your vehicle instantly.

Simply plug your Extreme Jumper Cables into MAGFAST Extreme and attach carefully to your 12v vehicle battery… and you’re back on the road.

Out of stock

Extreme Jumper Cables are a must-have accessory for your MAGFAST Extreme charger.

Extreme holds enough power to jumpstart most vehicles several dozen times and supports gasoline engines up to a full 5 litres!

To use, simply plug Extreme Jumper Cables into Extreme and attach carefully to your 12v car battery:

  • POSITIVE (Red +) connects to POSITIVE (Red +)
  • NEGATIVE (Black –) connects to NEGATIVE (Black –)
Connecting takes moments and you can jumpstart your vehicle instantly.