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We’re thrilled, once again, to offer you a limited opportunity to invest in MAGFAST and join us on this journey.

We’ve gathered some key videos and downloads here, and you’ll find these and more at Netcapital. As with all early stage companies investing in MAGFAST is not suitable for everyone so please review carefully all the materials related to this offering.

Closing Ceremony

Experience the closing hours with us

Our investment offering launch broke records on Nov 18th raising over $2million in just the first two hours.

Join hosts Kate Kinard, CEO Seymour Segnit plus special guest - including some of our investors - in a facts-and-FUN-filled sprint to the finish line!

Charging Ahead

The BIG Presentation … now on Demand

Watch the replay of the major Nov 11th event. Seymour & the team give updates, premiere an important new mini-movie, and announce the second major opportunity to invest in MAGFAST.

Special Investor Bonus

Get a Limited Edition MAGFAST Air

Invest $1,000 or more and receive, from our next production run, a Limited Edition MAGFAST Air, personalized with you name and numbered as investments are received.

Your Investor Packet

Download the Digital Details

Download this easy-to read PDF overview of MAGFAST, our business, people, products, and finances. Please take your time to read this carefully.

Your Questions Answered

Watch the Broadcast - Download the PDF

Watch host Kate Kinard put your questions about this investment to CEO & inventor Seymour Segnit, Chief Engineer Shawn Herzinger and Netcapital Director of Business Development Rob Burnett.

You’ve sent in thousands of questions and we’ve boiled them all down to an easy, comprehensive read. So after watching the top questions above, download our comprehensive Investor Q&A.

How to Invest in MAGFAST

If after considering everything carefully you determine that investing in MAGFAST is suitable for you, please review this quick video showing you the easy investment process at Netcapital.

Any questions about the process of investing please reach out to

Invest in MAGFAST

If after considering everything and reviewing all the materials you determine that investing in MAGFAST is suitable for you please invest now.

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