MAGFAST Power Moves - our Special Event on Nov 19th with 3 Must-Sees:

1. Awesome product news & demo: its game on!
2. World Premier of a stunning new 60sec film we made for you
3. The most important announcement in our history (you’ll never guess!)

Enter for a chance to win $1000 in tech. Check it out here.

Previous Episodes

#OurCore What makes MAGFAST, MAGFAST? S01E08

The hardest thing around here is to say NO! There are so many great ideas flying around – many of them great – but for us to be great at what we do we have to say no almost all the time… Check out when and why we say yes.


This week on the shiny new UPGRADE, Seymour and Kate reveal all the latest on the final, release version of the stunning MAGFAST Air wireless charger.

Check out our past updates, before The Upgrade,
on this page.

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