166: How MAGFAST is meeting the global supply chain challenge

Damian Krause, CEO of P3 International, and one of our key business partners in the design and manufacturing process, explains how MAGFAST is successfully meeting the challenges of global supply chain disruption and a severe fall in the value of the US$.

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Kate and Seymour go ‘behind the business’ and talk about how we grow our MAGFAST family in this episode of The Upgrade. You’ll hear more about the upcoming events and get to check out Kate’s Facebook ad. Get excited with them about all things MAGFAST!

142: How we’re keeping you safe?

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141: What makes MAGFAST, MAGFAST?

The hardest thing around here is to say NO! There are so many great ideas flying around – many of them great – but for us to be great at what we do we have to say no almost all the time… Check out when and why we say yes.

140: Working-At-Home without Missing-A-Beat

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138: You Love USB-C, You Just Don’t Know It

It seems like charging standards and cables are always changing. But recently the industry has settled on just a couple of great standards, one wired, one wireless. Seymour unpacks the wired one for fun in this week’s The Upgrade.

137: What’s in the box? Packaging secrets

It doesn’t sound super exciting but whenever we’ve given a peak at our packaging in the past the crowd has gone nuts… Plus there’s an actual straight up bribe to watch this week…

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