176: Seymour on his travels with Life and Extreme, how auto-detect works, plus a guest appearance!

Three topics in this week’s Upgrade: Seymour takes Life and Extreme on his travels, Rich explains how the auto-detect function works with MAGFAST chargers, and Damian, the President of P3, our engineering partner, unboxes his own Life and Extreme units!

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157: Log Me into MAGFAST

We’re excited to bring you this new, secure access to your account — no password needed! It’s a way for you and ALL our customers to get more information. It’s quick, easy, and literally available whenever it works for you!

156: Let’s Preview a Bumper Year…

We’ve been hard at work but me and Kate are here with a new video update answering your top questions for 2021.

We have excellent news for our customers and investors!

153: MAGFAST Power Moves Special Event

MAGFAST Power Moves – our Special Event on Nov 19th with 3 Must-Sees:

1. Awesome product news & demo: its game on!
2. World Premier of a stunning new 60sec film we made for you
3. The most important announcement in our history (you’ll never guess!)

152: Counting down to November 19th!

No formal ‘The Upgrade’ episode this week as Seymour & the team are hard at work preparing next week’s big ‘MAGFAST Power Moves’ event… but Seymour recorded a quick video for you anyway — check it out.

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