176: Seymour on his travels with Life and Extreme, how auto-detect works, plus a guest appearance!

Three topics in this week’s Upgrade: Seymour takes Life and Extreme on his travels, Rich explains how the auto-detect function works with MAGFAST chargers, and Damian, the President of P3, our engineering partner, unboxes his own Life and Extreme units!

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137: What’s in the box? Packaging secrets

It doesn’t sound super exciting but whenever we’ve given a peak at our packaging in the past the crowd has gone nuts… Plus there’s an actual straight up bribe to watch this week…

135: MAGFAST Air

This week on the shiny new UPGRADE, Seymour and Kate reveal all the latest on the final, release version of the stunning MAGFAST Air wireless charger.

134: All New The UPGRADE Launches

For years it’s been just the plain old ‘update’… now, for the first time, watch as Seymour presents the new upgraded update called… The UPGRADE.

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