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Head of Customer Service
I dance in a supermarket if a random song strikes a chord. I have a deep appreciation of every single gesture of kindness. My superpower is patience. I am very proud to be working for MAGFAST not just because I adore this amazing family of products, but because I love everybody on our team and everybody who can proudly call themselves a MAGFAST supporter.


Customer Support Agent
I’m the creative hummingbird “behind the scenes” co-founder of MAGFAST's beautiful family of chargers. When I am not art directing MAGFAST’S projects, my passion is to foster community and artistic exploration. I strive to provide our supporters with customer care “from the heart.”


Customer Support Agent
I love reading books and binging TV shows on Netflix. I'm a loud and proud Texan but I live to travel to new places. I have several very spoiled animals. This is the second start-up that I've worked for and I LOVE MAGFAST and our amazing supporters who write in with kindness and encouragement, it makes my day!


Customer Support Agent
An Introvert-extrovert hybrid, I’m a lover of the earth and all its inhabitants. Happiest when out in nature or when I’m helping others. It’s a joy to interact with our MAGFAST supporters and help you with your inquiries


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