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Q&A and FAQ

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This Week's Pre-Order Offer

MAGFAST is a crowdfunded startup (see the section on crowdfunding lower down).

Rewards or ‘perks’ form a basic principle of crowdfunding: In return for putting your trust in us to complete and ship the product range, you receive a reward in the form of special pricing or bonuses.

We would love to keep this offer open past this {DAY6}. Unfortunately, this would push the price up and the speed of development down – for everyone.

We have to manage four big costs in order to ship groundbreaking new products to you at an affordable price: marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and support. It’s quite a juggling act! But we can do it. With your help.

Your early decision cuts our marketing costs — dramatically. And you make a small investment that lets us move forward.

All of which means that, with great gratitude for your support, this special offer closes at midnight on {DAY6}. After that, you will still of course be able to get the products at retail price without the free bonuses.


Crowdfunding is a way of raising capital (funding). Instead of asking for loans or investments we are asking for your support in the form of a pre-order with payment up front. 

Crowdfunding relies on the crowd (that’s you) to help a dedicated team of people (that’s us) transform an idea into the world’s first and only wireless-magnetic charging system (that’s MAGFAST).

Your pre-order (along with many others) is used to finalize the engineering, make the tools, manufacture the products, test and certify them, then package and ship them to you.

In return, and with great gratitude for your decision to support us now, we offer you special pre-order pricing and bonuses (see above).

Crowdfunding isn’t the right approach for every company.

Many companies – particularly larger ones – have access to one or other “relatively easy” paths of funding such as ‘traditional’ loans and equity investments.

For MAGFAST and many startups, traditional funding is much harder to touch.

Equally importantly, crowdfunding is an approach the MAGFAST team knows. It’s a hard path to hoe: We are building an advanced product range on a small fraction of the ‘usual’ budget. We have to develop in the open – our challenges and missteps are there for all to see. And crowdfunding, more than traditional funding, relies heavily on marketing.

But we deeply understand these challenges and we know how to handle them.

And there’s one overriding benefit. We know that our products have a following and a market: every investment in making them comes from someone who’s excited to own them.


MAGFAST is launching the world’s first and only range of wireless-magnetic chargers and power banks.

We think it’s exciting in large part because over 20,000 people agree with us – in the form of a fully-paid pre-order.

What’s the excitement about?

First, each individual MAGFAST product has the power to transform your life. Not in every aspect – but when it comes to mobile charging, welcome to no more lost cables. Welcome to no more missed calls because your phone ran out of juice. Welcome to powerful, easy, cable-free wireless charging everywhere:

  • Wall fits unobtrusively on your existing wall outlets, and each will charge your phone or your tablet without cables.
  • Life and Road are Power Delivery (PD) charging where you need it, and power in your pocket for an extra boost.
  • Extreme is the most versatile combination charger-power bank ever made. A veritable plethora of wired and wireless input and output ports are coupled with a 12V 500A port that will jump-start multiple cars and tricks on a single charge. No other charger can do all these things in a single unit.

Second (and more importantly), MAGFAST is a family of chargers that works together.

  • The magic of magnets means that you simply snap one MAGFAST power bank to another MAGFAST device, and it’s instantly charging.
  • Then… just grab and go when you need a charge.

Third (important to us, and to many of you), MAGFAST is much more than a product range. Together, we’re a family in a far bigger sense.

  • A shared journey: Even with all the anticipation of an awesome collection of life-improving gadgets heading your way, we know it’s not easy waiting. So we stay in touch. Seymour publishes an update almost every single week. And we’re looking for your input as well as constant debate with our engineering team. The result is that the MAGFAST range 
  • Shared values: Many members of the family share our enthusiasm for leaving the planet a better place than we found it; the hundreds of thousands of newly planted trees that your contributions have made possible. Many share our passion for beautiful, simple elegant design and fervent attention-to-detail. And it seems that most agree with our absolute commitment to products that work first time, every time, and to solid, built-to-last quality. 
  • A genuine partnership: The MAGFAST family is growing in scope and scale. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of new supporters join every month. MAGFAST Love is a program to help MAGFAST family members in need. And the next generations of MAGFAST products will be designed and built in partnership with you.

Yes. there are quite a few products in the MAGFAST range. Here are two great ways of getting an overview:

  1. What’s in the Box outlines all the products in the Pro Kit.
  2. This downloadable PDF brochure provide an overview with technical details of the full range.

Yes, there are plenty of other wireless chargers and power banks.

No, none of them comes close. MAGFAST isn’t just wireless, it’s a complete family of wireless-magnetic chargers that work together.

MAGFAST is charging everywhere. Chargers and power banks for your home, your office and on the move.

MAGFAST is fast wireless combined with snap-to-charge combined with the most flexible range of features on the planet.

Wireless? Or MAGFAST. The choice, of course, is yours.

MAGFAST uses quality lithium-ion batteries. These are the same type of batteries used in your cellphone, tablet and other mobile devices. Lithium-ion is a reliable technology with a high energy density (180Wh per kg). In other words, even a small, light battery can power your device for a relatively long time.

Our engineering team has specified only top-grade batteries, offering a combination of high reliability and long life. 

Lithium-ion batteries are typically rated for 500-1,500 cycles. In other words, you can typically fully charge and discharge your battery up to 1,500 times, depending on how well you care for it.

What does that mean in practice, and how do you ‘care for’ your battery?

Well, if you were to charge your battery overnight then run it down the following day, seven days a week (one full cycle per day) you might have between two and four years before your battery capacity starts to reduce. This is probably familiar to you with your cellphone.

But most people don’t use their power bank batteries like this. Here are some ways to keep your battery functioning at high capacity longer:

1. Temperature. Lithium-ion batteries prefer to be kept cool. Avoid leaving your MAGFAST products lying in the sun or in a hot car.

2. Storage Charge. It’s better to store lithium ion with a partial charge than a full one. Tests show that a battery stored with a 40% charge lasts longer than one at 100% charge*. And always store your battery with some charge: there could be some safety issues charging a lithium-ion battery that’s been stored for a long time fully discharged.

3. Speed of Charging. Trickle charging is also gentler on your battery than fast charging. Fortunately, MAGFAST’s standard magnetic charging is designed for this! Snap one MAGFAST on top of another, and it’s instantly charging … trickle charging to help keep your batteries healthy for longer.

4. Depth of Discharge (DoD). Recharge your battery when it’s partially discharged (a ‘partial cycle’) rather than draining the battery completely (‘full cycle’). The optimum time to recharge is probably when it’s about half-way discharged (at say 50-60% of capacity)**. There is some evidence that fully discharging your battery once in a while may also help maintain capacity.

6. Storage. Age catches up with us eventually. Even a battery stored in a cool place with low charge and not used at all will degrade over time. Which means that if there’s only one of you, one MAGFAST Extreme will probably give you better service than two or three lower-capacity power banks. If you plan to have backup power banks, then you might like to store them in your refrigerator (not your freezer) with 40% charge; top up the charge every now and then to keep it at around 40%.

Power Delivery (PD or USB-PD) has rapidly become the USB standard for charging devices from cellphones to laptops.

Power Delivery only operates over USB-C (USB-C with USB-PD). In order to take advantage of Power Delivery you will need USB-C to USB-C (a standard MAGFAST mini cable) or Apple MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning (an optional MAGFAST mini cable).

USB-C with USB-PD is supported by all MAGFAST products with the exception of entry-level Wall devices* and MAGFAST Air.

Power Delivery offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Fast-charge: Much faster maximum charging speeds than older USB standards.
  • Maximum power on every USB port: Each port has its own circuit – older standards typically shared power between ports.
  • Flexible power negotiation: Plug in your device and USB-PD circuitry will figure out the correct maximum power draw with the ability to adjust both volts and amps. If a device requires more power than available, your MAGFAST charger will supply all the power it can.

*USB-C and Power Delivery are included with Wall SP2X.

In addition to the Power Delivery standard (USB-C with USB-PD) many other charging protocols have emerged over recent years. MAGFAST does not support these alternatives, primarily because we believe that USB-C with USB-PD will be the predominant charging standard, with a combination of wider adoption and higher maximum power ratings than other charging technologies.

In some cases, the only chargers available to you are those supplied by the manufacturers of the devices themselves.

The specifications for all MAGFAST products are shown in this table . Because we’re in the final stages of engineering, it is possible that power output will change – in some cases offering higher output than we are currently able to confirm.

Note that each USB-C port (with USB-PD) has a dedicated circuit, which means that the maximum specified power output is available at all times – as long as your device will accept it and your MAGFAST device has sufficient overall capacity, including battery power. USB-C ports on MAGFAST devices typically offer 18W maximum power.

USB-A ports in some cases offer up to 20W maximum power – but please note that USB-A ports are shared, so two devices plugged into two ports on a single device can draw a maximum of 10W each. {?? check – not reflected on the spec chart}

  • Every charging device has a limit in the total power (watts) it can output and the power available to each port.

USB-C ports each have their own charging circuit. Expect to have up to 18W available to you each time you plug a USB-C device into a MAGFAST charger or power bank. USB-C with USB-PD* devices typically draw 15W (5 volts at 3 amps) or 18W (9 volts at 2 amps).

USB-A and Qi Wireless {correct?} ports share circuits.

  • USB-A operates at 5V with different amps drawn by different devices. Plug in a MAGFAST Lightning mini cable for Apple devices and you charge at 9W (5V x 1.8A).
  • Qi Wireless charges at 5W for older Android phones, 7.5W for Apple iPhones, 9W for Samsung and up to 10W for other Android phones.

* For an explanation of USB-C with USB-PD see ‘Do MAGFAST products support Power Delivery (PD)’ above.

Your MAGFAST charger or power bank will likely provide power to any mobile device that supports USB or Qi Wireless charging. There are some important caveats, so please read on.

The examples below indicate the type of connection on the device to be charged – in other words, read the section on USB-C if your device (phone, tablet or laptop) is charged via USB-C.

  • Qi Wireless: Modern phones (Apple and Android) and other devices support the Qi standard for wireless charging. Simply place your Qi-compliant device onto the charging pad on MAGFAST Air, Life or Extreme to charge at 5W (older Android devices), 7.5W (Apple), 9W (Samsung) or 10W (other modern Android).
  • Micro-USB: Older Android phones and tablets and today’s Amazon products (Echo, Fire, Kindle) use Micro-USB for charging. For newer Micro-USB devices, expect to charge at 5W (5V 1A) or 9W (5v 1.8A). Use the optional MAGFAST USB-C to Micro-USB mini cable, or any USB-A/USB-C to Micro-USB cable.
  • Lightning: Apple phones, tablets and headphones typically use Apple’s proprietary Lightning charging standard. The latest iPhones and iPads support USB-PD over Lightning as long as you use an Apple MFi-certified charging cable or tip. Expect to charge at 5W, 10W for older Apple devices and up to 18W for today’s PD-compliant fast-charging devices using a MAGFAST Lightning mini cable or Lightning charging tip for MAGFAST Wall.
  • USB-C: Today’s phones, tablets and laptops increasingly standardize on USB-C with USB-PD (Power Delivery) for charging. Your MAGFAST charger or power bank with USB-C will charge at up to 18W, which is sufficient to fast-charge most cellphones and tablets. Today’s laptops draw 60W, 80W or more. Because USB-C with PD intelligently negotiates between the charger and the load, you will be able to top up your laptop battery and even provide a full charge, but much more slowly than the 60W or 80W charger supplied with the device.

The short answer is ‘probably not’.

The magnets in MAGFAST devices are tiny: 4mm x 4mm x 10mm. And while they use a powerful magnetic element, neodymium, they are so small they’re unlikely to impact the other equipment you use. We calculate the ‘pull force’ of one of our magnets at around 2.6 lbs, which is likely to be much less powerful than many of the other magnets in your home, your office and your pocket including those in your cellphone, your speakers, your printer and your refrigerator door. The magnets in hard drives are probably much stronger, perhaps with a pull force around 10 lbs. Experiments show that even very powerful magnets don’t erase hard drive data.

However, read on, because there are some caveats with the magnets in your life, including the magnets in your cellphone:

  • Keep magnets away from credit card stripes: Older ‘magnetic media’ such as the stripes on credit cards, your hotel room key, and audio and video tapes can be affected by any magnets, including the magnets in your phone or tablet.
  • Be careful around medical devices: While the data we have studied indicates that those tiny magnets would likely not interfere with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator, it’s a good idea to keep all magnets away from any sensitive medical device. You should ask your doctor and the manufacturer of the medical equipment if you have questions. MAGFAST explicitly excludes any form of warranty for use of our devices in conjunction with or close to medical devices.

MAGFAST chargers and power banks are designed for supreme convenience and extraordinary ‘everywhere availability’ rather than maximum output power.

Most of our products are rated at 18W maximum output, powerful enough to fast-charge the majority modern cellphones and tablets. You should of course use the original charger that came with your equiipment or augment your MAGFAST Pro Kit with other chargers if you have devices draw more than this. MAGFAST products are not, for example, intended to charge your laptop.

The MAGFAST range offers cutting-edge design, and the latest technologies including pioneering use in MAGFAST Wall of gallium nitride (GaN), the “silicon of the future”. It is possible (but not certain) that GaN will allow us to specify Wall SP2X at a higher rating than published.

MAGFAST Extreme is our most powerful and versatile product. Note that flexibility and power have trade-offs:

  • Extreme uses a high-capacity battery capable of jump-starting your car (and numerous other vehicles all on a single charge). The massive 500A output required for this feat limits the total battery capacity. Without jump-start capability, Extreme could potentially pack up to 27,000 mAh; instead, we expect Extreme to carry 18,500 mAh on a full charge.

All specifications are subject to change.

  • MAGFAST Extreme is the most capable and powerful product in the Pro Kit.

Designed for extreme (yes) versatility, Extreme has an astonishing ten (10) charging ports:

  • 1 x MAGFAST snap-to-charge
  • 3 x Qi Wireless
  • 3 x USB-A
  • 2 x USB-C
  • 1 x 12V

MAGFAST Extreme will simultaneously charge three devices side by side on the Qi Wireless charging pads. And up to five more using cables (if you have to!)

A couple of points to note:

  • There’s going to be a limit to the total power any device can provide. Lots of devices drawing 2.5W won’t tax Extreme, but a handful drawing 18W each would likely reach the limit. If you reach that point, Extreme’s circuitry will slow down charging all devices in equal measure.
  • Unplug your other devices from Extreme before you jump-start your car.

It doesn’t matter if your device has a thick case, a thin case, or no case at all. Press the button on the front of Wall and adjust the height of your tip – with precision micro-grooves, alignment is exact.

{I remember seeing a response somewhere that there’s a limit to this – problem with “chunky” cases – but I don’t see it now online or in Wrike.}

MAGFAST Time will charge your Apple Watch. We do not currently have a product for Fitbit, Samsung and other makes of watch.

Our decision is in large part based on volume coupled with our limited resources to develop new products: Apple currently dominates the smart watch market with close to 40% market share.

The innovative automated mechanism we designed for Time has been considerably refined over the past two years and has now approved by Apple. We expect to work on variants of Time for other smart watches once the current model is shipping – please note that this is not likely to happen in the short term.


The first MAGFAST product to ship will be MAGFAST Air. We then expect a new member of the product range to roll off the production line every few months.

Three main factors impact the shipping date:

  1. The speed of pre-orders coming in (pre-orders provide the capital for development work)
  2. The availability of engineering and manufacturing resources (as a crowdfunded startup, we have considerably less “clout” than a larger customer like Walmart or Apple!
  3. Extraordinary circumstances (no, we didn’t see this one coming) – notably the coronavirus outbreak.

While the coronavirus has inevitably slowed progress in the final stages of engineering, we are heartened to note that progress continues.

It is possible that production of MAGFAST Air will still commence in the first half of 2020, and this remains our goal. The latest shipping projection is here <link>.

It has certainly taken us longer than we expected to reach this stage of the journey.

While it’s easy to imagine – for those who’ve never attempted something like this, as well as those who can write big checks – that engineering and manufacturing a range of chargers is pretty simple.

I mean how hard can it be?

In reality, it’s very hard.

  • Hard, because we’re not content to pump out ‘Meh’ chargers that don’t break new ground and won’t last.
  • Hard, because we’re finalizing individual products that offer a unique combination of design and advanced functionality.
  • Hard, because we’re launching an entire integrated family of products – the world’s first and only range of wireless-magnetic chargers.
  • Hard, because it’s hard to imagine how complex it is to engineer a sophisticated bill of materials (the components) for volume production, including innovations in almost every aspect of the product.
  • And hard, because we’re doing all this with a tiny fraction of the budget available to any large charger manufacturer.

We are close. We know how to do this, and with support from a truly amazing and fast-growing family of backers, MAGFAST will start shipping in the coming months.

When you place your pre-order for a MAGFAST Pro Kit, we ask only for a billing address.

When your pre-order is manufactured and ready to ship, that’s when we’ll ask for a shipping address.

We’ll also ask you to cover shipping charges (if any) and sales tax (if applicable).

Why then, not now?

Because your shipping address might change between now and then. We need to ship to the correct address, and, if you’re in the United States to remit sales tax to the correct state. If you’re outside the U.S., there may be customs duty to pay: see ‘How will you ship my Pro Kit’ below.

Your Pro Kit will ship in the careful hands of a major carrier (such as USPS, FedEx or UPS).

Shipping for your Pro Kit is free.

If you’re outside the U.S., there will likely be a customs fee to pay. We do not collect this – any import duty will be levied by the carrier at time of delivery.

However, we will need to ask for your help in one important regard:

Your Pro Kit will roll off the production line product by product. That means we’ll offer you a choice:

  • We can wait to ship you the entire package boxed and wrapped with a bow, in which case, shipping is 100% on us.
  • Or we can ship you each of the products one by one, as they’re manufactured – or in groups (let’s say we split the shipments into two halves) in which case the first shipment is on us, and we’ll ask you to pay shipping for the rest.

Is that reasonable? We hope so! This offer and all the bonuses are spectacular. Nothing matters more to us than your happiness. And there isn’t enough margin for us to ship each of the products individually and eat 100% of the costs.

Guarantees & Warranty

  • The MAGFAST Pro Kit normally includes MAGFAST Care, a comprehensive three-year warranty.

This special offer (included free only this week) includes a special bonus upgrade to MAGFAST Care+.

Here’s what the MAGFAST Care+ expanded warranty provides:

  • Product Warranted against defects
  • Free use of our Lost & Found & Returned to You service using Fingerprint™
    (up to 3 free returns during the warranty period)
  • $10,000 connected-equipment warranty
  • Priority Support 7 days/week
  • Express Replacement Service


MAGFAST Care++ is an extended 6-year warranty for your MAGFAST products.

You will have the option to upgrade your warranty to Care++ when you pre-order your Pro Kit.

Everyone has the right to a change of heart, which is why we offer a 72-hour grace period on all pre-orders.

After that, we ask you to stay with us until your product ships: remember, the funds you provide today are an investment in tooling and manufacturing the product – the funds your pre-order now comprise the funding for final engineering, tooling and manufacturing. Our only real ask of you is that you join us on this journey only if you’re prepared to stay till we reach our destination.

We recognize, of course, that while we’re delighted to have you fall in love with our vision, we can’t expect you to love the products in the flesh until you’ve actually opened the box, felt the quality, snapped them together and made sure they charge your phone or jump-start your Chevy.

And so we offer a no-questions asked guarantee: if for any reason you aren’t absolutely delighted with the quality, design and function of your MAGFAST Pro Kit when it arrives, you may return it to us for a cheerful 100% refund of your investment. And whether or not you decide to keep your Pro Kit (and we sincerely hope you do!) … if you’re prepared to work with us on constructive feedback, we might even send you a little something to say thank you.

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