MAGFAST FREE Charger Program

If you’re on the list for a free MAGFAST charger it’s important to understand that, unlike most free gifts, this isn’t some cheap item, but a full MAGFAST Wall unit that is part of the MAGFAST Family of premium quality chargers.

We will be shipping perks to our paid customers and supporters first, of course, then move on to customers on the waitlist for a FREE charger. When it’s is ready to ship you’ll be asked to pay reasonable shipping and handling and will be offered a range upgrades and accessories.

There is a limit of one FREE charger per household, except in the case of someone getting one or more ProKits, each of which include two MAGFAST Wall chargers. The FREE items included in the Pro Kit are instead of and not in addition to the single FREE Wall charger offer.

If you give someone MAGFAST as part of our special Gifting Promotion

It’s still one free Wall per household in total across all promotions. Please respect this. Anyone trying to game the system will forfeit any free charger(s) for themselves and any of their recipients. If a recipient of a MAGFAST gift doesn’t wish to receive it or you no longer wish to give it to them, you may transfer your gift to someone else, provided they are in a household that’s not already received or due to receive a free Wall. We’ll happily help you with this transfer.

Someone gives you MAGFAST as part of our special Gifting Promotion

If someone gives you MAGFAST products as a gift though our gifting program, when you accept their gift on our website you grant us permission to email you about MAGFAST and your gifts. All emails have unsubscribe links so you may remove yourself at any time. If you do so we will still get in touch with you when your gift is ready for shipping, but will remove you from marketing and other company emails.

We Pay for the Gorgeous Premium Charger

MAGFAST Wall is an incredibly high quality product. In a world full of junk chargers we’re using the best, safest components with top-tier efficiency rating and smooth fast power delivery. This costs money. It costs us 4X or 5X as much to manufacture  a single MAGFAST Wall as most of the chargers you have lying around your home.

You Pay for Shipping & Handling

Oh how we wish we could do the S&H for free on top of giving you our most popular charger!

FedEx, UPS etc all charge in full for their services and we can’t eat that cost on top of the cost of your free MAGFAST Wall.

Amazon have got everyone thinking fulfillment doesn’t cost a lot of money. A simple trip to the post office will confirm othewise. You have to buy the box, the packaging, then pay an individual to pick, pack and label items accurately… then pay the carrier to ship it.

Fulfillment by Amazon for instance is around $2.40 to pick and pack a small item – then FedEx want 10.40 to ship – put them together and you’re at $12.80… and that’s before paying for warehousing, product packaging… and much more. At a basic $13 we still lose but the number seems like a fair compromise.

If covering the S&H while we give you a really top-class product doesn’t work for you, we understand.

All Accessories are Optional, just not Free.

Your free gift of MAGFAST Wall really is a fantastic charger without anything added at all.

It’s a $30 value, and if you’re kind enough to share on social media we’ll be shipping you the $40 model with surge protection. Most every other charger out there blocks off at least one, often both outlets when you plug it in. But MAGFAST Wall keeps your outlets free to use, while giving you TWO USB-A outlets to charge 2 of your devices at once with their cables. And it’s the only A/C charger in the world with our fast, magnetic MAGFAST connection so you can easily and quickly attach a great range of wireless chargers.

There’s a bunch of reasons we don’t include the adaptor tips, or any other accessories for that matter:

1: We’re already giving you something really great, that’s really expensive to make. Products typically sell for 3, 4 or 5 times what they cost to make. But Wall is super-high quality so even when we sell it for $30 we make way less than normal. It actually costs more to make this product we’re giving you free than many others sell for at retail!

2: There’s eight different accessories for MAGFAST Wall – and different folks want to use it in different ways. Yes a dwindling number of people want to put in a tip and pop their phone on top. But plugged-in charging is now well on the way out so more and more people only want wireless charging. Some want to get one of our MAGFAST Life or Life Extreme chargers for portable power, or MAGFAST Road for the car. We can’t include them all so we just give you a fantastic base unit and let you add accessories if you want, or not.

3: The tips are surprisingly expensive to manufacture. Apple for example charges us a full $5, yes FIVE dollars for the right to make each Lightning tip – that’s just their fee, before all the other costs of the manufacturing supply chain. It would be insane to ship out thousands and thousands of tips at huge cost, most of which would never be used. In fact the cost would be so high, we couldn’t offer you the free MAGFAST Wall in the first place!

Refunds within this Program

Our standard refund policy applies.

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