Welcome to the world of MAGFAST. We came to life out of the need for constant connectivity in this fast-paced world and began our venture into premium power banks and chargers in 2017.

Merging revolutionary wireless charging and sleek design, the MAGFAST family provides users with a diverse range of chargers. Compatible with all devices and utilizing the latest Qi wireless technology, charging at home or on the go has never been so easy. Take MAGFAST Extreme, a world first charger that boasts three Qi wireless charger ports…and it can even jumpstart your vehicle!

With each device working by itself or when connected to another, the unique ‘Snap-to-Charge’ technology of every MAGFAST charger ensures that, no matter how many devices you have, you never run low on power. Every device from every brand can benefit from MAGFAST connectivity … whether it is years old, recently released, or yet to hit the market.

The brainchild of world-renowned entrepreneur and inventor Seymour Segnit, MAGFAST has one goal – to succeed in keeping people connected, no matter what device, no matter where they are. Seymour is proud to call MAGFAST “The best work of my life.”

Working alongside a committed and dedicated team, Seymour is excited to welcome you on this journey to discover the best power banks and chargers available. The fact that the company has recently benefitted from over $3 million in investment from forward-thinking individuals is another indicator that MAGFAST is the future of charging and connectivity.

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