One of our great joys, as we work hard to improve people’s lives (yes, chargers and power banks really can do this!), is the feedback we get from the amazing family of MAGFAST supporters.

Feedback isn’t just for positive strokes… although this is a long and complex journey, and it’s hard to deny that every kind comment helps.

More importantly, feedback from gracious supporters who have chosen to back this project gives us real insights. What do people like and not like? What key features are big favorites? What’s missing? What about design? And communications?

Yes, we publish a video update most weeks. And yet we’ve already learned far more from our supporters than they will ever learn from us.

J Ray
J Ray
February 6, 2022.
Yeah the idea I love but it's been a while and still nothing to show for the money. I'm trying not to cancell and be patient. The guy sure does talk a lot about
janey doe
janey doe
January 19, 2022.
MAGFAST- What an incredible family of chargers... and more! I watched the presentation and knew almost immediately, that I wanted to be a part of the MAGFAST- family! These products are the beginning of REAL CHANGE in the CHARGING game! Just take a little time to watch this and TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I pre ordered right away- you don't want to let these products pass you by! Erin C.
harold thompson
harold thompson
January 16, 2022.
I'm an active person, don't sit still very long listening to a winded pitch! But you Seymour had my attention from the beginning and I actually watched it again! Unfortunately I'm currently off work from back surgery, and on a very tight budget. But once I get back to work, in time I am going to order at least the wall ! Great job to you and your family for your great products! Sincerely Harold Thompson
Jeffrey Lynn
Jeffrey Lynn
December 14, 2021.
Awesome product and people. I am really excited about their current products and looking forward to the ones they bring in the future. Unfortunately, my wife's sister was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and just started chemo, and we have to use available current funds to go out west to help out. But I will take advantage as soon as i can.
Frueh John
Frueh John
October 29, 2021.
It seems I’m done buying charging cables. I’m looking forward to getting the MAGFAST equipment. Then I will be able to add the fifth star.
Paul T. Fortunato
Paul T. Fortunato
October 29, 2021.
Seymour and Amy are great! In fact the whole MagFast Team and company are also really great! Very professional and sincere! I have been using and sharing several of the original MagFast Wall Chargers since they came out and they all work perfectly. The new family of products will be even better, and I'm really looking forward to getting them all! Great people, great company, great products! What else needs to be said?
Lisa G
Lisa G
October 23, 2021.
This is wonderful! This is history in the making! This is the first step toward green charging all your technology devices! Yes! No more having to buy cords at the Stop & Robs! Much less electrical & battery waste in the environment! This means more trees, cleaner water, better soil & less leaching of toxins from our own technology boom! I commend MAGFAST! Please don’t stop!

The People

Here’s some feedback from supporters who’ve been with us a long time, who know the team and can vouch for our determination and integrity. In case you were wondering, MAGFAST is the second crowdfunding project run by some members of this team. We love our team, so above all we wanted you to hear just amazing they all are, in the words of others:

“I have been working with the MAGFAST family for some time now. Amy & Seymour are true business professionals and solid great people. Keep up the great work MAGFAST!”
– Chris K.
“MAGFAST is a great company. Very open and upfront. I have a lot of faith in this company and expect wonderful things from them.”
– Barbara G.
“Great company, great people! They keep customers update every week with videos and are always ready to answer questions.”
– Giancarlo R.
“WOW! Great work everyone! Really, I was there at the beginning and still love what you do. What you do for the planet, for the users and very very much enjoy your sense of humour. A great team.”
– Louise M.
“I have been involved with these people for many years. Extremely honourable and definitely trust-worthy.”
– CalgaryGuy
“Seymour and Amy are great! In fact the whole MAGFAST Team and company are also really great! Very professional and sincere! I have been using and sharing several of the original MAGFAST Wall Chargers since they came out and they all work perfectly. The new family of products will be even better, and I’m really looking forward to getting them all! Great people, great company, great products! What else needs to be said?”
– Paul F.
“Innovative, open, very communicative… a company and product(s) that will meet your expectations.”
– Eric the Red
“Just watched the launch and WOW!!! This looks fantastic.”
– Chad H.
“Great company, superb products! So glad I found them.”
– Barbara G.
“Honest, reliable, informative company. It’s a pleasure doing business with them!”
– Pastor Bill P.
“Great products! Great company!”
– Richard F.
“I’m being treated as if I am a million dollar investor… and I just happened to love your ideas.”
– Joan D. PhD.
“Very innovative company!”
– Kathryn G.
“Friendly and honest. Love doing business with them.”
– Neva N.

The Journey

Next, a selection of comments about what it’s like to be part of the family and join the twists and turns and ups and downs of our crowdfunding journey. This may be the only journey of its kind – the chance for you to be part of a startup building a brand-new range of products in partnership with our customers.

“This company has been so transparent in every stage of development! I have NEVER dealt with any other company who puts their customers first..profit second. We have been kept up to date consistantly and honestly every week since inception! Our own input has been valued as they want to put THE ABSOLUTE BEST product out there..taking into consideration how the product will compete and surpass any other no extra charge! That is value well worth waiting for!”
– Linda B.
“Amy and Seymour have been providing weekly updates. I can’t wait for the products to come!”
– Carol D.
“I’ve been part of this project for several years now and I have three of the first generation [charger by Seymour and Amy]. They are very convenient to use and in the space of a two outlet plug you can have a two outlet plug with two USB chargers and a convenient phone charger on top with interchangeable tips that store behind the [first-generation charger]. It’s been so great I’ve invested in their newest project and I’m looking forward to the wonderful products that are coming. I hear from the team weekly with updates, so it keeps me excited.”
– Teri H.
“I think the MAGFAST family is just amazing. I look forward to getting a new email every Friday from Seymour. The way he explains everything of the production, the security, the idea is, the powerfulness of the charging family. I am just so excited for this to finally come out of production. I can’t wait. And I share it with all my friends and family, they think I’m crazy. LOL. I just think it’s wonderful.”
– Patsy G.
“MAGFAST has consistently communicated their vision and intent, while thoroughly managing expectations due to the exceedingly high standard they are maintaining. Based on what I see in the weekly updates, my expectations will be exceeded.”
– Xavier M.
“I have been very impressed with this company from their very beginning. They are enthusiastic, caring, determined and keep their customer up to date with progress on a weekly basis. cannot recommend highly enough.”
– Gethyn P.
“Offering to support an organization before they have a product available can be scary. Will they produce the offered product? Will they provide it in a timely manner? Will it be high enough quality to have been worth waiting for? Will they communicate in an effective and useful manner, so you know what’s going on, and understand the process? MAGFAST has done a great job with the last one on that list. We always know where they are in the development and manufacturing process. Watching them as they perform their due diligence, as they refine the process and design, etc… It’s been fun! I feel invested and connected. I’m very much looking forward to the near-future, when they start shipping out product.”
– Corey
“I can’t wait to get my hands on these beauties! MAGFAST and all the crew have been so transparent in every step of this operation. Seeing is believing….And I do believe…this will change the way we charge our devices….SOOOOOO MANY DEVICES…we will wonder how we lived without for so long! Kudos team MAGFAST!”
– Linda B.
“Great company, totally transparent, excellent customer service. I love their weekly updates where they give info about progress on everything (product, business, company). They really care about the environment too, and this is another plus.”
– CorGiancarlo R.
“I attended one of the online seminars and was intrigued by this product, can’t wait to get what I ordered! I have also been getting updates, etc., and it seems to me that they are doing their best to make the best charger that they can and to listen to the consumer to get feed back on to make it even better!”
– George S.
“MAGFAST is by far one of the most honest companies I have ever worked with. They are also very loyal. Their communication skills are above and beyond. I am truthfully enjoying my partnership with MAGFAST! I predict a long and successful working relationship with this company. My hat is off to you MAGFAST!”
– William P.
“I have been following this group again since they announced their latest design. I purchased their “Pro Kit” on the day it was announced, and follow along as they provide weekly updates on the progress. They couldn’t be any more transparent. It’s like i’m in their meetings, but get to do it on my time.”
– Mike A.
“This company has an amazing cutting edge product. Though I am longing to get my order from the drawing board to my home, their weekly updates are very informative and give great explanations of what is happening in R&D. I know it will be worth the wait. They are also very generous in their initial offering, and the opportunity to earn/win additional; units definitely surprised me and, Yes, its quite exciting. Their environmental outlook and activity is great too.”
– John K.
“Very transparent and forward thinking company. I don’t have their products yet, but I am following them closely. They recently chose to move to USB-C which is smart business.”
– Frederic St-P.
“Great transparency in communication.”
– D. Fletcher
“Love the updates and eagerly await production and distribution of the new kit.”
– Denis V.
“Great concept, very interactive with crowdfunding supporters. Weekly updates, whether the good, the bad or the ugly of a tough market, they have kept us updated. Understanding the process and following them through it as if you are part of their R & D team is refreshing. I have been a backer from the near beginning, and have no doubts of worries. I have backed multiple *********** and ********* programs and they have been the most transparent, informative and up front. Adapting to changes in the market and being proactive rather than reactive or producing an obsolete product is commendable. I can’t wait to get their product in my hands.” {what are these asterisks?}
– Jim M.
“The team at MAGFAST have the best quality products I have seen in years, all of my other products have broken they stated they could do what the team over at MAGFAST actually can do. I am excited for the new products to roll out. The team over at MAGFAST respond in a timely matter and always keep me in the loop they always give us weekly updates so we are never In the dark.”
– Joseph C.
“I just wanted to get something off of my chest after watching today’s recent update. I am a mother of two beautiful children (a son who is going to be a sophomore in college and a daughter who will be a Junior in high school) As you can imagine, we have many financial burdens on us at this stage of our lives and I was a backer and complete supporter of the Thing Charger (I have two and love them). Way back when you sent out the questionnaire about should you bag the whole inventing or continue with your next new idea, I simply thought….of course you should continue. However I was not in the financial position to back something…actually had no intention of it. On the day of the release, I watched…honestly because I was curious (so bravo for that). I loved that you involved the whole family and make this feel like a family. So….are you thinking this will now be where the email turns?? Well…it is. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept and as a self proclaimed gadget nut, I am so excited to be a backer of this idea. I have backed many projects via Kickstarter and Indigogo but have NEVER experienced the transparency that we’re seeing here with MAGFAST. I have no idea what you all have to go through to get this off the ground but the fact that weekly, we are updated surely makes me feel secure in the blind faith that I have put in to this investment. I never intended to become a supporter and give such a large amount of money (for me) however, I do believe in this idea and MAGFAST. I travel frequently and every time, I bring my Thing charger …and all of my friends ask me about it. Well…if you think this is cool….and I send them to check out MAGFAST. I almost feel like I’m working for your promo department with the advertising I’ve been doing. Please Please….keep the information coming and I simply cannot wait to have the final results in my hands, house and car.”
– Suzi G.

The (Truly Awesome) Customer Service Team

Does any part of our team deserve a special shout-out?

Everyone’s working with real diligence to make products you’ll love that will last for years to come.

At the front line handling your questions and comments every day is our remarkable, caring customer service team. Here’s their special shout-out.

“On another note, most times I’ve communicated with MAGFAST has been to commend them on a stellar job, or comment on an extraordinary improvement, or simply to lend support. None of my communication needed a response. They responded every single time, without fail, very, very quickly, professionally, and thoroughly. What an incredibly unique refreshing gem of a company.
– Xavier M.
“I have their previous generation product and it’s pretty good, so given their dedication to quality I am expecting a lot of the new one when it comes out. They have been upfront about the timeline and have given customers more transparency into the product development process than anybody else I’ve seen. When I’ve contacted customer service (just with questions about the product) they responded quickly.
– Matt C.
“When I originally crowdfund this company the shipping estimations, and product had changed, with some upgrades. The shipping date has changed due to manufacturing issues, as expected with any new small business coming into production for the first time. I contacted customer support over my concerns over a product item that was changed, or what I thought to be an additional item, that needed to be purchased. This was explained in detail to me that one of the core items for the prokit was updated to a more beneficial item as an upgraded version. The customer service representative was able to clear up any misinformation, and confusion. It’s highly recommended to contact the company directly and speak at length to any concerns. It’s my experience they are willing to make anything right with your crowdfunded preorder.
– Jimmie H.
“MAGFAST is working on a product that all the pieces fit together and you can charge more than one thing at a time, no more looking for cables. Although they are still in the production phase, they keep you up to date with videos every week, this way you know what to expect or to comment on something. I can’t wait for my charger, I think it is going to make a big difference. They are always there to answer your question, excellent customer service. Best thing in the world coming our way.
– Janet S.
“I have had many dealings with Crowd Funding Companies, MAGFAST has been the absolutely best in their transparency and updates with their clients. Quick and almost immediate follow up by both digital and voice (real person) response(s). Any questions or requests have been dealt with promptness and professionalism. I understand that as a stakeholder there will probably be delays, setbacks and sometimes cancellations of product. That is one of the reasons, the stakeholder is awarded such amazing discount on the product. The Marketing Strategy of MAGFAST is simply the Best I have encountered and believe me I have supported many upstarts.
– Robert T.
“These people and this company are wonderful! They are very close to releasing their phenomenal product into the world…I cannot wait to get my hands on these exciting new chargers! Anytime I’ve had a question for them, I always get an email response within a day. I recommend this company to anyone, anytime!
– Alyssa K.
“If you have watched and read up on everything put out about MAGFAST you can’t help but either support them mentally/emotionally or monetarily!!! I am excited for the future of charging with the MAGFAST Family of chargers and I have appreciated the super fast communication from the MAGFAST team.
– Bryan T.
“We purchased the original charger for our family along with several for gifts. They work great; we use them daily so when the new products were announced we immediately purchased the pro kit. The one question I sent in was answered straightaway. We travel a lot and the new chargers are just what we need. Can’t wait to receive them. Seymour and the MAGFAST team’s weekly updates have kept us up-to-date on their progress. We highly recommend both the company and the product.
– Robert S.
“I found MAGFAST several years ago when they were just starting out and I became a backer. The owners have been forthcoming in all aspects of their business. Among the products they have produced, I have never had a problem with any of them, nor have any of the people to whom I have given products. They have public online updates on a weekly basis, and when I have emailed them with a question or comment, they have always answered quickly. I am excited about their new and improved products coming this next year and am confident that they will be as reliable as their previous chargers. This company has been reliable and truthful since day one.
– Diane P.
“I have received stellar customer service so far, which makes me think that they absolutely will deliver the product. The fact that they are willing to pay the “insurance” of the Norton shopping guarantee says they will do everything possible to get the product to me. No joke I am super stoked to see the excellent quality of this product when it gets here. Plus I cant wait to see if the jump started will actually start my diesel truck.
– Brad P.
“Great customer engagement. Very responsive to inquiries. They really care about their customers and their products!
– JoAnn B.
“Very excited to be a part of this project. The company has great customer service and great communication.
– Elisabeth W.
“I have been a backer with the MAGFAST family since their original inception and have several of their “first time around“ chargers plugged in all over the house and in constant use. I had no qualms about supporting them for this new and innovative adventure. They update their progress weekly and are open and above board every step of the way. Their integrity, courage and determination are to be admired and I look forward to the new system when, and only when, they are ready to launch.
– Gethyn P.
I have had nothing but amazingly positive interactions with this Company. They are very transparent in their dealings, quick to respond to any out-standing issues or additional requests with prompt digital and voice(real person) follow ups. The complete Marketing Program is simply awesome, for lack of a better word. The products will be, as well.
– Robert T.
“MAGFAST is without doubt the Gold Standard for how a crowdfunding campaign should be run! From day 1 there has been AWESOME communication from Seymour and the team as the product takes shape into what I know is going to be the BEST charging solution in the whole world.
Crowdfunding campaigns have become quite popular in recent years, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t fully understand that with crowdfunding you’re helping to fund the development and manufacture of a product – you’re not buying a product that’s waiting in a warehouse. This process takes a huge amount of time… Quite often, the original timeframes slip. But unlike other projects, at MAGFAST the whole team are taking the time to build a product that’s of a very high quality – like Apple high quality – this is very clear in each and every update (by the way – how many other crowdfunding campaigns give you DETAILED weekly updates?!?!?! You’re lucky if you get one update with some of them!!). They’re not rushing to ship a substandard product and I’m grateful that they’re taking the time to get it right first time!
The customer service at MAGFAST is awesome, quick friendly responses from actual people – and pretty speedy too. If anyone reading this has any doubts about MAGFAST, I urge you to watch any of the numerous (quite often weekly!) updates about how the product is progressing which are all available on their website. You can even meet the members of the customer service team on the weekly updates!
I have been an early backer on this crowd funding project. Weekly updates, attention to detail, being proactive to the market and technology so this product will be usable for years to come. Modular design, functional and expandable will be a market leader. The ability to get a “human” in customer service and even the ability to to the owner doesn’t happen in technology companies. Keep up the great work!
– 1pa4u2c

The (We Just Can’t Wait!) Products

OK, so nobody has touched the products yet. But we have kept our supporters up-to-speed on the work we’re doing, the attention to detail, the quality of build and of course the actual prototypes as they’ve been delivered from our manufacturer.

Yup. It’ll be worth the wait.

“If you’ve never stepped into the framework of an up and coming…you’ll never get it. Everything takes time. “Rome was not built in a day,” and look how beautiful it turned out. But I get it. In the world of scammers, hackers, and out-right-thieves…one is prone to worry after a matter of time. However….this is a funding opportunity that allows a person to get in on the ground floor. Not after the building was erected, and the elevators are running…”The Ground Floor.” That in and of itself…takes patience. Example: I jumped on board of “*********” amazing moving photo prints, in their beginning stages. It took a while before we saw any products, but, Like MAGFAST, they kept the supporters in the loop all along the way. It was a steep uphill climb, but I am soooooo glad that I patiently waited, as I am right now with MAGFAST. I am patiently waiting. I won’t buy any other wall charger since I am invested in this one. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.”
– Isreba W.
“I am proud to be supporting such a brilliant product like MAGFAST are producing and can’t wait to get it in my hands. Keep up the great work folks!”
– Jason T.
“The world of charging your mobile devices is about to change! More power, more options, and more convenience along with great design and dedication looks to make the mag fast charger one of the best on the market! Seymour and his team work their butts off in a little hole in the wall building in New York and I’ve come up with some great products! From day one there is nonstop communication and they walked everyone through the entire design, Inventory and marketing process. When the release comes in the coming months, be ready to get your world rocked buy some innovative products from the people at MAGFAST!”
– Peter S.
“MAGFAST began designing and engineering a totally new concept for charging mobile devices. I got on board during the crowd funding process and am still totally onboard. I knew going in that the process was going to be long before the product would be delivered. MAGFAST updates its followers and supporters almost every week. As I have discovered, it takes a very long time to bring a quality product to market. Most chargers that I have purchased have not lasted very long and the workmanship has been basically dismal, which is why I no longer have those chargers. As an investor of sorts I have accepted the reality that my patience in waiting for the product to be delivered. I look forward to viewing the weekly video updates that show me work goes on everyday. Waiting for am exquisitely finished product that is of the highest quality is a part of the process. It is a positive thing, not a negative. Also, every e-mail I send to the MAGFAST family is responded to in short order. This charger system will be amazing directly because it is taking a long time to design and engineer. I am totally satisfied with the lengthy process.”
– Richard O.
“My Goodness, What a very special company ! By accident one day a couple of months ago, I was intrigued by the ad that Seymour, the owner, had posted on Facebook inviting everyone to a special video about the company having developed a new business and forthcoming product line. So, I took him up on it, and fell in love “head over heels”. The products, now in the beginning stage of production, are for sure have never been seen or produced by anybody, or any consumer. An exquisite line of accessories for all of your charging devices. Seymour and his team has asked for early investors so that they can continue producing the very best of its kind, and from what I can see, it’s going to happen. Seymour has taken meticulous amounts of time to cover every single detail in the production of each of his items. They have used such imagination, artistry, and creativity, much of which I’ve never seen in all of my 73 years on this earth. Since I did order several items in the line, not only for my needs and satisfaction, I’m also helping to invest in MAGFAST’s production of their full product line. Obviously you see that I have not gone into any description of Seymour’s new product line, cause I wanted to leave it to you and your curiosity. I trust that I will have accomplished that purpose. I’m just telling you, that Seymour is going to have a line of product very soon available to all of us that will literally “stun” the living delights out of his competitors. I can’t wait to receive my items, and, if I were you, I would just take Seymour up on his offer, and click on his video to see more. Trust me, even if you decide not to purchase any of these items, I can bet that you will be extremely impressed with what is going to be soon available to the world !!!! I applaud you, Seymour. You and your amazing team should be extremely pleased with what you are planning to share with all of us hopefully “much sooner than later”.”
– John W.
“I have no problem with the time it is taking to ship the final product. I feel that everything was sufficiently explained up front. We were not just purchasing a product, but were funding the production of the entire line. As for the updates, I truly appreciate knowing how things are progressing. I feel that Seymour has done a great job of letting us know where things stand.”
– Gayla K.
“When I first heard about MAGFAST, several years ago, I jumped on board. I have several of the original chargers and love them. Since then, I have invested in their new model and look forward to receiving it when it is perfected, as it will be. This is so exciting, to see a startup company go through all the steps and come out with such a great charger and more.”
– Lynn H.
“Despite others saying it’s taking too long and crying about it. I think this LLC is great! Everything they are putting into their products and all that certifications they are getting that they aren’t required to do, but are doing, is awesome! Not to mention for every product sold they plant a tree. Or 7 if you buy the bundle and since I bought in early they are planting double… Thats 14 trees! Not many companies offer anything like that.”
– Karmen F.
“I started with this company when they first came out with their first product [charger by Seymour and Amy] and I use that product every day to charge my, phone, my wife’s phone and my wife’ friend phone. The product has worked non-stop for close to two years and I have never had a problem with it. So when they started their next project I believed in them and what they were doing and invested in them. I cannot wait to get my hands on their new products and unitize all of them knowing the quality of their first product. I even gave my wife’s friend a spare one I had since it was in my bookshelf for her and her daughter to use with their phones and she loves it.”
– Jose R.
“I backed the original charger system, and love it, so when the opportunity came around to back their current system, I jumped at the chance. I do wish it didn’t take so long to receive the system, but I understand that quality takes time and haste does make waste, which is not what I nor MAGFAST want. I look forward to the release of the new system.”
– Terri H.
“Have the original charger and then got involved with the beginning of all the new products. This company is one to watch as our digital world changes they are always one step ahead of the latest and greatest. It with great anticipation that we await the final product production.”
– Eileen R.
“MAGFAST is such an outstanding and upstanding company. I discovered them at the beginning of the year, and since them, I have been on this journey with them of developing the world’s best chargers. I have been impressed with their dedication to excellence and customer service. I originally pre-purchased the Wall charging unit, and in the months that followed, I have so enjoyed watching their process of making an uncompromising product without cutting corners. I started seeing other units that I wanted, and realized that I just wanted to pre-purchase the Pro Kit. I contacted customer service and told them my wish to get the Pro Kit and put my initial purchase price towards the kit cost. They didn’t hesitate, and took care of the situation quickly and graciously. They have also been open to supporter suggestions as they strive for perfection in the products they are creating. I know it’s taking longer than they anticipated to get the products out, but excellence can’t be rushed. I appreciate the time they are taking to get it right. So many people these days just want to get a product out there and make money. Not MAGFAST. They want to create the best product possible, no matter what, and they doing what needs to be done to succeed.”
– Sue M.
“I was an early adopter the first time around. The chargers are still going strong. I am eagerly awaiting my prokit and considering buying a couple more!! The updates are timely and interesting. Looking forward to the summer!!”
– Matthew D.
“I have been a big Fan of MAGFAST from the start and can; wait to get the Pro Kit in my hands some time next year.”
– Cor T.
“I absolutely love the designs especially the reason behind why the usb-a ports are situated the way they are. I also love interacting with the MAGFAST staff, they are attentive to every detail and care very much about their mission. So happy to be following and a part of their growth. Good job, super excited for production to be complete and receive my MAGFAST family.”
– Jennifer C.
“This product is the only truly wireless charging system out there, and the Company us fantastic. During production they have asked everyone who has purchased a set what types of adaptors we want, given us a choice of colors, informed us of any delays and why, and update everyone each week. One of the chargers is powerful enough to even start a dead battery in your car! Amazing! I love this company and hearty recommend it to all!”
– Andrea H.
“The ability to be able to charge your phone anywhere with no power sounds awesome and being able to carry a mega Power bank that can charge for phones at once and you can also use it to jump start your vehicle That’s unheard of without needing someone else there with their car.”
– Trevor K.
“I absolutely love the designs especially the reason behind why the usb-a ports are situated the way they are. I also love interacting with the MAGFAST staff, they are attentive to every detail and care very much about their mission. So happy to be following and a part of their growth. Good job, super excited for production to be complete and receive my MAGFAST family.”
– Jennifer C.
“I was a supporter of [their] product years ago and am still using it to this day, the product is excellent and I invested in the new products and eagerly await receiving the shipment. The weekly updates are very informative and useful although I am sure annoying to have to do, but appreciated. I have full confidence in this company, the staff and their products. ****** **”
– Sharon C.
“I have been following and have pre-ordered the most awesome charger that you will ever have to buy. It does everything and it is slim and very futuristic, it can accomodate the new c type charging, a type, and wireless charging. Right from the beginning I have been keeping up with any changes they are making along the way, they send out videos showing you any new changes and how they work. I have never seen such a small company pay such close attention to detail and their future customers, I am so excited because they are getting so close to finally releasing their product, but they won’t release it until they are 100% percent that they are happy with the final product. I would recommend this product to everyone I know, you can find them at, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. *****”
– Janet S.
“Something caught my eye almost 2 years ago while scrolling through social media. There was a this guy named Seymour talking about this new magnetic charging system … this stuff has always fascinated the heck out of me!! He was inviting people to attend an online meeting so he could share his ideas and excitement about something he and Amy had been working on since back in 2013. First time I had ever been involved in crowdfunding and I was so drawn in by the energy, excitement and passion that I witnessed that day. I felt I was definitely witnessing the birth of the MAGFAST Family!! The excitement and passion are still as strong as ever to this day !”
– Ron Z.
“…I have purchased and have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the MAGFAST Pro Kit. I have been getting your emails and have been watching your video updates, etc. Your family is really great and I admire your attitude and enthusiasm… I think it’s all great and I am sure that your products will be well received and as long as you can continue to be flexible and adapt your products to work with the way new phones and other new devices are charged, the family of products will continue to grow. Your [first-generation chargers by Seymour and Amy] are well built devices and everything about them is strong, sleek, good looking and can handle charging so many different devices. It’s a great product period. I had the electrician who does all of the electrical work in our buildings in my office a while back, and as soon as he walked in, he spotted one of the [first-generation chargers] that was plugged into one of the new outlets he had installed a month earlier and he slowly asked, “What is that?”
– Paul F.
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