Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyday life – at home and at work – but the technology behind charging has become as sophisticated as the devices themselves: wired, Qi-wireless, USB-C, USB-A … it can all get a bit confusing!

So, we thought, why not produce a range of easy-to-read, comprehensive guides that tell you everything you need to know about chargers … and not just MAGFAST products, but the whole world of charging!

And here they are! The topics we’ve covered so far are: Portable Charging, Wireless Charging, Power Banks, Connection Types and Chargers & Flying.

In these guides, we answer questions like: What kind of chargers can I take on a plane? How many times will an average power bank charge my smartphone? What is Qi-Wireless charging? What’s the difference between USB-A, USB-C, USB Micro, USB Mini?

We’re sure you’ll find them interesting and useful – we’ll be adding more in the future!

Connection Types

Everything You Need to Know About Charging Connectors and USB Cable Types

Charging has evolved exponentially over the years. Older cellphones took around 10 hours to charge, providing only around 30 minutes of battery life.
Today, all kinds of day-to-day devices require mains charging. The tech revolution has transformed charging over the past two decades.

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Portable Charging

How to Buy the Best Portable Charger in the World.

Have you ever been using your smartphone’s sat nav and the battery has died? Been cut off mid-meeting when your iPad has run out of juice? These days, with such an increase in remote working, keeping your battery topped up has never been more essential.
Portable power removes the problem of carrying around countless cables and attachments and hunting for a plug socket or USB.

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Wireless Charging

Ultimate Guide to Wireless Charging: Is My Device Compatible?

Developments in wireless charging have enabled a safe and convenient way to keep battery life in the green. However, the market is now brimming with wireless chargers and it can be difficult to know where to begin.
The MAGFAST guide below will help you understand wireless charging, but also provide you with solutions to help you create a convenient method of keeping all your devices powered up.

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How To Really Understand Power Bank Capacity and Efficiency

Battery anxiety is a real thing; the fear of being without power. It’s no wonder as mobile devices have changed the way we work and play beyond all recognition. Having spent a fortune on low quality charging devices for every scenario, these inevitably have a shelf life and end up letting you down.
Enter, power banks.

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Flying with MAGFAST

Can I Take a Portable Charger on a Plane?

Passenger safety is paramount when flying. Consequently, the restrictions around what can and can’t go in your hand luggage can seem overwhelming. Luckily, MAGFAST has compiled everything you need to know about travelling with a power bank.

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