Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyday life – at home and at work – but the technology behind charging has become as sophisticated as the devices themselves: wired, Qi-wireless, USB-C, USB-A … it can all get a bit confusing!

So, we thought, why not produce a range of easy-to-read, comprehensive guides that tell you everything you need to know about chargers … and not just MAGFAST products, but the whole world of charging!

And here they are! The topics we’ve covered so far are: Portable Charging, Wireless Charging, Power Banks, Connection Types and Chargers & Flying.

In these guides, we answer questions like: What kind of chargers can I take on a plane? How many times will an average power bank charge my smartphone? What is Qi-Wireless charging? What's the difference between USB-A, USB-C, USB Micro, USB Mini?

We're sure you'll find them interesting and useful – we'll be adding more in the future!

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