Invest in Heathrow.

Invest in Heathrow.

A radical new approach to travel.

A radical new approach to travel.

Introducing MAGFAST Heathrow

A family of super-light, ultra-strong, aluminum suitcases, featuring eCarry-On with the MAGFAST Extreme charger on board.

Special benefits when you pre-order this month.

All Heathrow pre-order offer packages include a 7-night stay at a luxury resort and multiple complimentary products.

The unique, patent-pending Safe Enclave™ is a world-first innovation available only in the new Heathrow eCarry-On.

The Safe Enclave™ holds your Extreme powerbank securely out of harm’s way, yet makes it instantly available for charging or airport security. The snap-on Toughcover™ is available for even greater protection.

When you’re done, Extreme stows securely in seconds with a single simple snap.

The ultimate charger for travel

MAGFAST Extreme has all the power you need once you reach your destination and more than enough while you travel.

Easily get power IN via wireless (Qi), fast USB-C, older Micro-USB or MAGFAST's patented snap-to-charge system.

And there’s 11 (yes, eleven) ways to get power out. We’ll count them lower on this page.

No one else has Extreme and the Safe Enclave, so now they’re patent-pending.

All MAGFAST Heathrow suitcases come with our limited Lifetime Warranty. We’ll fix it or replace it at low or no cost depending what happened.

Lockdown… for your things.

Dual TSA-approved combination locks secure your eCarry-On (or Carry-On). Triple locks on Heathrow Medium and Large.

A Hidden Compartment. Perfect for Secrets.

Dual TSA-approved combination locks secure your eCarry-On (or Carry-On). Triple locks on Heathrow Medium and Large.

MAGFAST Fingerprint® Security

Fingerprint is a MAGFAST-only ultra-secure QR code assigned to every product. Scan with your smartphone for a series of benefits:

FREE Lost & Found Service, Product Instructions, Confirmation of Authenticity, Manufacturing Data & Recycling Information.

The corrugated contour cross-section of Heathrow’s anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, re-inforces the inherent strength of the underlying lightweight, heavy-duty chassis.

Light weight. Heavy duty.

Forged from an industry-leading anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy so light and strong, Heathrow’s chassis and shell are the secret that makes our lifetime warranty possible.

We’re talking strong.

The corners are triple-layered and quad-riveted. You can knock that.

One-touch trolly handle.

A single press to release the handle to adjust up or down or stow. Heathrow’s heroic handle has it all.

Rubber-lined 360-degree ball-bearing SPINNER wheels for excellent traction, ease shock absorption and silent, smooth-rolling…

Building products that last a lifetime means understanding the challenges they will face. Handles and wheels are the most vulnerable part of any suitcase, so Heathrow’s are both strong… and easy to repair or replace.

Every Heathrow suitcase includes a lasered nameplate. Shortly before shipping you’ll choose up to 30 characters to personalize yours.

Inside, even the zip-pull received special attention. A unique, strong, beautiful, custom MAGFAST design.

With this much care over such a small detail, can you imagine what these suitcases are really like?

Extreme both by name and nature…

We recently jump-started a Ford F150 with a stone-cold dead battery over two dozen times with the Extreme. With the truck’s battery disconnected Extreme jumped it over 70 times on a single charge.

But most of the time you just want reliable power for lots of devices at once, which is where Extreme excels. Let’s count the ways…

Gorgeous by design…

While Extreme lives up to it's name you’d never guess it from the elegant patent-pending design.

And while the jump-start surge is stunning when you need it, most of the time you just want reliable power for lots of devices at once. That’s where Extreme excels. Let’s count the 11 ways to get power out…

The Ultimate Charger… is the Ultimate Charger for Travel

As well as all the flexibility in getting power OUT, Extreme is easy to charge too - via USB-C, Micro-USB and even Wireless Qi. Add the optional jumper cables at shipping time and Extreme can even jump start almost any vehicle - a boon if you're ever stuck with a rogue rental car.

Three Sizes. Four Suitcases.

With the Safe Enclave
eCarry-On - that's e for the Safe Enclave for MAGAST Extreme. A small suitcase. A portmanteau of power.

Classic Design
There’s Carry-On in the same size, guaranteed to fit all major airlines. Plus Medium & Large suitcases also featuring light-weight heavy-duty construction, superior interiors, spinner wheels, custom handles and lifetime warranty. Check them all out today.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

At 21.5″ x 14.2″ x 9.4″ Heathrow is the perfect size and guaranteed to fit all major airline overhead bins, perfect for trains and car trips too.

FREE Vacation Anyone?

To celebrate the launch of Heathrow we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s top distributors of premium, but under-booked, luxury resort accommodations.

Included with each of the three Heathrow launch offers is a 7-night stay for four at your choice from any of thousands of gorgeous luxury resorts.

Watch the video now to see just one of these amazing resorts, and see some other examples below.

Heathrow Pricing

Heathrow list pricing looks very fair when you compare with the competition. But this is our launch, so when you pre-order today you're helping to bring the entire project to life.

So you deserve something very special…

For around $97 down today you can become one of the first in the world to own a Heathrow eCarry-On. The suitcase is $102 off and both Extreme and Toughcover are included FREE - for a total savings of $400. 

Add Heathrow Medium – itself with a $202 saving – and we’ll include Heathrow Large as your gift. Pre-order payment plans from around $197/month.

Think of Offer #3 like this… Add Offers #1 & #2 together and get an additional $999 bonus, the Heathrow Classic Carry-On suitcase.

Classic is the same great size and quality as eCarry-On, just without the Safe Enclave system for storing Extreme. Pre-Order payments start around $297/mo. 

We're hard at work getting Heathrow into mass production and the schedule says we'll ship for the holidays. If we don't we'll give you $100 Heathrow gift voucher by way of apology.