#TIME Ingenious Evolution to Pass Complex Regs – Update #122

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Thanks for the fantastic feedback on the packaging designs Seymour showed you in the last update. It’s thrilling to know you love these designs so much as we work to set a new standard across the board with these products. (If you want to see last week’s update it’s here)

This week we’ve done a video showing how we solved a very significant challenge with one of our products over the holidays.

You probably know that business these days is David vs Goliath – with the big tech companies writing the rules and a single change can be devastating.

A few weeks ago a MAJOR challenge came up with a rule being imposed on one of our products, a rule which frankly completely blocked the design.

If you’ve been with us for a while you know we’ve faced this kind of thing a couple of times before… and our strategy is always the same: don’t think of it as a roadblock, but as a chance to create an even better design.

We believe we’ve done that here and would love you to take a look, please.

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