#DiamondsAreForever Our approach to design: Timeless – Update #101

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Thank you so much for the outpouring of support in response to last weeks Update #100. We’re proud of the team you met…

And even more proud that this project has attracted such an amazing group of supporters.

MAGFAST is not a conventional crowdfunding, nor a conventional company, and in this weeks update which Seymour recorded after dropping off two team-members at the airport – he is expanding a little on our approach to design.

The classic approach that most companies and crowdfundings take is to line up a bunch of specs and crank them out as fast as possible. Its fine, but it’s just not what we’re doing here.

If you remember when we first met at the demo where Seymour showed you our plans, he introduced MAGFAST by searching Amazon for ‘chargers’ and showing you the insane number of search results.

Look above. He did that search just now and it’s still the same story – over 90,000 results.

The point he made then and believe more than ever now, is that the world doesn’t need any more of the kind of ‘meh’ chargers we already have.

From its inception, the whole point of MAGFAST is to leapfrog the competition – to make a family of products way, way better than anything out there today.

We think taking the time to build a system you’ll love for the next decade, (rather than the industry’s usual stuff) is worthwhile. That’s the promise we made (along with Weekly Updates while we do it!).

So – this week’s video is all about how truly great design lasts forever… and crappy designs are disappointing right out of the box. Seymour is actually unboxing a crowdfunded charger he ordered so long ago he’d forgotten about it so you can !

Thank you again for your kind, unwavering support.

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