#ExtremeVideo A Peek Behind the Curtain – Update #110

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Seymour mentioned last week that we’d been prepping for a critical meeting in Berlin with our key manufacturing partner from Shenzhen.

It’s no secret that the scope of the MAGFAST project is significant and we’ve told you before that we’ve fired two teams who couldn’t meet our standards.

The team we have now are terrific – we just need the work faster and Berlin’s meeting was with their CEO, Paul. Like you and us, he has too much to do and can only focus on so many things: our objective was to make MAGFAST his top priority.

It went great and Paul has now committed to personally managing MAGFAST to the finishing line. That’s a stunning development, because we’re tiny compared to many of their other clients (think, er, the largest retailer in the US, for instance).

To support the meeting and remind Paul of MAGFAST’s stunning potential we prepped all kinds of material, but none more important than this one minute video.

As you know, MAGFAST Extreme has evolved way beyond what we first showed you. It’s now a truly ground-breaking design, and we wanted to showcase this in a world-class way.

So please watch this now. After a minute of setup Seymour shows you the film (itself just 75 secs long) and then if you’re interested stick with me while he gives you the backstory of how we pulled it together.

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