#Graphics : Designing the final ‘face’ you’ll see – Update #105

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If you have kids you’re probably already familiar with the strange fact that there’s zero economies of scale, in fact quite the opposite.

Two kids are more than twice the work of one, most folks find, and so it is with simultaneously developing half a dozen products that have to be perfect together.

Each is a naughtly child in its own right, each makes us very proud!

Anyway this week I’d like to show you another area of the work we’re doing that you’ve probably never thought of, and which we had, but reasonably thought was a few hours work and turns out to be 10x harder to do really, really well without economies of scale!

It’s the product graphics – yup those markings that are printed on the surface – and are critical to determining whether using a product is delightful or confusing.

Take a look at what we’re doing and share your thoughts please!

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