#FREEupgrades Confirming 3 FREE USB-C Upgrades – Update 75

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We’re doing this update on an odd day this time, so that even taking one off for the Thanksgiving break its still not too long between updates.

This update has important news.

Today we’re confirming 3 FREE upgrades for you.

We are making these as a result of reviewing – thanks to you – how we should respond to the industry’s recent ‘tipping point’ as Apple adopted the (fantastic) USB-C standard for iPad Pro.

Before we go any further let me be clear:

ALL charging standards are still and will always be
supported by MAGFAST

It is simply that in a world where Lightning and MicroUSB connections will be less and less important to you, and the (far superior) USB-C connection will become more and more important it is critical we make final design decisions that will be the very best for you for years to come.

This is about having you love the choices we make now even more in 2021 than you do today!

So here’s the 3 upgrades we’re confirming now, with some notes on why each is cool:


1: All our power banks (MAGFAST Life, Life Extreme, Road and Time) will now ship with a USB-C cable as standard instead of the (awful old) MicroUSB.

USB-C is the connection standard for the next 10 years, so this is the cable you’ll want, whether or not you know it yet!

Remember, the cables are swappable, so you can swap out a ‘C’ for a Micro in 3 seconds any time.


  • If you’ve pre-ordered a Pro Kit you’re getting Micro (and Lighting) included anyway.
  • Many who pre-ordered individual power banks also requested the cable twin-pack – that will now have Micro+Lightning… so you’ll get what you wanted – the flexibility of all 3 cables.

If you pre-ordered before we announced this upgrade and are one of the minority who’ll need an extra Micro or two because of this, let us know and we’ll make sure you get what you need.


2: MAGFAST Road will now have an additional USB-C outlet (or two) right on the end by the flashlight, for easy access.

USB-C allows much, much more power and flexibility.

Road already had the one USB-C outlet tucked in the side like all our power banks, but now we’re adding one right on the end by the flashlight, so it’s super-easy to access in the car. If we can fit two on there and maintain quality and usability we will, engineering is working on that now.

This means that road will now have wwo USB-A outlets (the past) and at least two USB-C outlets (the future). We feel really good about this upgrade.


3: MAGFAST Air will have dual MicroUSB and USB-C inputs on the back, instead of just Micro

As you know we’re anti-cables at MAGFAST. The only ones we plan to make are the (gorgeous little) swappable ones mentioned above. You already have a house full of cables, no need for us to contribute to that stockpile!

If you recall, Air works 3 ways:

1: On top of Wall
2: Snapped on to a power bank like Life
3: With a cable in the back, maybe on your desk.

You already have cables, lots of them… but here’s the dilemma:

Most people have lots of MicroUSB cables gathered over the last 10 years, so Air needs to accept power in that way so you can use it wired if you wish from day one.

However, MicroUSB is really awful and the future is USB-C – that’s the kind cable you’ll be accumulating over the next 10 years.

So because we don’t want you stuck in the past, don’t want you to have to buy new cables and DO want you able to use your gorgeous Air with a wire, if you wish the day it arrives, we’re going to put both inputs on the back.

OK so that’s it for now.

It’s becoming quite a long list of upgrades we’ve announced… and I promise there are a few more surprises on deck.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this. So many products have to make terrible compromises. Your support and encouragement is allowing us to make MAGFAST the best it can possibly be…

And for that we are very, very thankful.

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