#Crowdfunding 101 – Update 76

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We get quite a bit of mail from folks who love what we’re doing but somehow haven’t ever experienced a pre-order/crowdfunding company or product launch before.

So this week it’s just Seymour and the whiteboard and a quick 101 on why this new way of doing business is so powerful for customers & young companies in an age when banks won’t take any risk at a small business level (despite playing lottery with the global economy not so long ago!) and venture capitalists turn their noses up at anything less than the next Uber or Google.


PS: Just to reiterate it’s ALL good news on the USB-C review and upgrades we undertook thanks to you. I’ll go over them again soon, but let me confirm again, we still do and will always support all the main charging methods (Lighting for Apple, Micro-USB and the new USB-C) but now we’re going to have you even better set for the upcoming ‘decade of USB-C’.

Let us know at Hello@MAGFAST.com with any questions or comments.

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MAGFAST - Changing Charging For Good!MAGFAST - Changing Charging For Good!