#magnets Strong Progress – Strong Magnets – Update #112

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Seymour told you – soaked to the skin from the foot of Niagara Falls – last week that after the Berlin meeting earlier this month, Paul and his team together with P3 have shaken things up and there’s now accelerated progress across all of the products.

To be honest standing under Niagara Falls, or maybe and least ‘drinking from a fire-hose’, is a good metaphor for the rate at which countless issues large and small have been coming this week.

An important one – not least because we are after all MAGFAST – has been to do with the magnets.

When Seymour showed you the Air model a few weeks ago  he said he wasn’t happy with the strength of the magnets. What we didn’t understand then but do now was the underlying issue.

It’s actually pretty fascinating and Seymour is going over it in full in this weeks video update here. Please check it out.

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