#NewFeature Sandwiches Anyone? – Update #107

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Thank you for all the fantastic feedback for Fingerprint (almost accidental alliteration). We’re thrilled you’re so are excited by what Fingerprint can do for you and share our vision of the future of charging!

This week Seymour is demonstrating the latest ‘Life’ prototype – and yes it includes charging via the MAGFAST connection that wasn’t ready for the demo a few weeks ago.

AND it includes a new way of using our ‘bilateral Qi charging’ (which means wireless charging both in and out and simultaneously) that we hadn’t really thought of before.

We think – especially combined with the new upgraded Extreme – it will make a huge difference to the ease with which you’ll have always-ready power in your home or office.

To be honest when we realized what Seymour will show you in this weeks video update, it was a bit of a slap-the-forehead, how-come-we-never-realized-that-before moment.

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