Is this Crowdfunding? How does that work?

Yes.  This is a crowdfunded project.

Crowdfunding relies on the the crowd (that’s you) to help a dedicated team of people (that’s us) transform an idea into the coolest charging system available (that’s MAGFAST).

When you make a pledge toward MAGFAST products you set into motion an amazing process. Your pledge (along with many others) springs into action and is used to build the tools that make the MAGFAST family, manufacture and assemble the products you’re pre-ordering, and have them tested and certified and then packaged for shipping to you.


Have you done Crowdfunding before?

Yes, and we learned many valuable lessons that we’re bringing to MAGFAST.  We’re taking all the lessons, painful and amazing, and using them to make our project as successful as possible.

If you want to learn more about our prior crowdfunding work, please drop us a line.


My outlets are sideways, upside down, “different”– Will MAGFAST work with them?

If you have a North American B style outlet, or a European C or D style socket, or United Kingdom G style socket then MAGFAST will work.  Look at the pictures when you’re choosing your MAGFAST, if the outlet shown doesn’t match yours, then it may not work.

If you don’t see your outlet or socket shown, then with 5 ways to get power in and 4 ways to get power out ALL of the other devices in the MAGFAST family are still fantastic options.  You’ll love them.


When will you ship?

There are many steps that go into making a project like MAGFAST a reality and we’re trying to make reasonable estimates for how long we expect production to take.

MAGFAST ships: see timeline

How will you ship and what will that cost?

We will be shipping at cost – that means that you only pay exactly what it costs us to get your product to you.


Are you doing a ‘Final Checkout’ before you ship?

Yes – so you get the opportunity to add any cool stuff that we’re able to create between here and there.

On top of that, we know that many people move in a year.  By waiting to collect your addresses until we can ship we can make sure that we send your product to you at the right place and for just the exact cost of shipping.

Also, many places require us to charge taxes at the time of shipping and since governments are picky that we get it exactly right, we have to do that when we ship.


I don’t like waiting. Can I get a refund?


Crowdfunding depends on your contribution to make production possible. Refunds can tank a project like this so once you’re in, you’re in. The project makes immediate payments once you pledge. A single backer demanding a refund or creating a credit card charge-back wipes out the benefit to the project of 4 or 5 other supporters . If you’re not truly a supporter – a real backer who’s there to see us succeed and enjoy the journey and spread the word, you should not support this project.


But I chose the wrong item and I really need to change it!?

Of course.  Just email us at Hello@MAGFAST.com.

Is MAGFAST MFi Certified?

MAGFAST is a licensee of Apple’s MFi program so we’ll be working with Apple on TimeCharger and on the Lightning Adaptor Tips & Cables


Will it work with my device?

Yes.  We are compatible with microUSB, USB-C, Apple Lightning, & Qi wireless charging.  We also have USB-A on all and USB-C on most of our devices so that you can plug in a proprietary cable if your device uses something more unusual.


Why should I help you?

Because you’re awesome. The only way to make that happen is to have a little faith, join the party and select your ProKit.