#Team MAGFAST Update #100 = Changing Charging For Good

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So it’s Weekly Update #100 this week, and it happens to coincide with a ‘first’ for MAGFAST – an actual gathering of our team, in person, to pause for 48 hours from the usual hectic daily grind-but-we-love-it… and consider how we can do things even better in some cases, and just plain better in others.

Like many modern companies MAGFAST is virtual, meaning we can get great people regardless of location. We meet and collaborate for many hours each day… it’s just all in video conferences like Skype & Zoom, so we don’t get to be in the same room very often.

And like when any great family gets together it was a lot of fun… and led to some spirited debate about how we can serve you better!

If you’ve been with us for a while you already know this, but it’s important to understand not just that crowdfunding is different, but that MAGFAST’s approach to crowdfunding is itself a bit different.

We don’t know any other team, for instance, that does weekly updates, and most don’t seem to be anywhere near as fanatical about creating something world class. And that’s fine, it’s just that we are and it makes for a much longer and more demanding journey.

Actually we’ll talk about that a bit more next week – the difference between designing a product merely to have a set of functions, vs being delightful to own for years…

For now – please take a couple of minutes to see your wonderful team – almost all a bit camera-shy – say hi and tell you a little bit about why they choose to be on this journey with you and me….

Thank you for being a part of this. Have a wonderful 4th July, from our family to yours.

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