#ThreeQi Extreme Just Got Way More Extreme – Update #103

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We hope you are enjoying the summer and surviving the heatwaves.

As you know, we rarely take time off from MAGFAST but Seymour’s brother, his wife and their hilarious 5-year-old twins are in Vermont visiting from London this week, so if you’ll forgive us Seymour is taking Saturday and Sunday off for a Road trip with Hudson to make some memories.

This week’s update video is a little longer than usual. In it, we are finally revealing a secret we’ve been bursting to tell you for months. It’s all to do with MAGFAST Extreme – the high capacity power bank that will jump-start your car.

As you know no-one has ever built a charger with such a phenomenal feature set before, and fitting it all in, particularly the battery, has been a major challenge.

We’ve made one compromise that will make very little difference 99.9% of the time… but tripled one of the features. (That’s not a typo… we have literally 3Xed one of the best things about this charger!)

So please relax and watch this when you’ve got time now. We believe you’ll be as pleased with Extreme’s evolution as we are.

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