This week’s update:

#PowerUp More questions answered – Update 89

This week Seymour gathers our awesome Customer Service team to respond to your questions and comments.

Previous updates…

#FactoryFresh Quick Clips from the Factory Tour – Update 88

Seymour shares some comments live from the recent factory tour.

#Awesome Latest from My Visit to Shenzhen – Update 87

Seymour spent a very intense week in Shenzhen – ‘felt like months of work in just 4 days’ he told us. Watch this video post just before he jumped on the 16 hour flight home!

#EncorePresentation Computer Talk Radio – Update 86

 We mentioned last week that Seymour is overseas at the moment - very excited to be working with the team on the ground in Shenzhen. A lot will happen over the coming days and we’ll report in full, right now however Seymour is still completely jetlagged and there are no burning updates or questions [...]

#Q&AonAir Answering Your ‘Air’ Questions – Update 85

Today, we got the team together to go over some of the key questions you raised amid all the positive feedback about the upgrades to the design of ‘Air’…

#TimeScoop Design Language Matters – Update 84

Thank you for the fantastic feedback on our evolution of the design for Air. This week something much subtler that’s kind of important too. Plus Seymour’s headed East…

#RisingAir Design Upgrade for AIR? Input Please – Update 83

An important idea came in about a week ago requesting an upgrade to our 3-function Qi wireless charger: AIR. Please check this 3D video model update with Seymour & give your feedback…

#frozen News from Shenzhen (after nightmare flight) – Update 82

Chief engineer Shawn Herzinger got stuck in the plane at Goose Bay Airport, a frozen airforce base in Canada. Stuck solid for 15 hours on his way to Shenzhen! But we’ve got some updates anyway from the trip…

#SanjaSpeaks Shenzhen IoT Cables Q&A – Update 81

A full update with Q&A this week, much of it around, of course, the updated cable design…

#2019 No Words – Weekly Update 80

Doing our best at the start of the New Year. Can you help us out, with three things, please?

#NightB4Xmas BIG Cable Tweak + FREE Gifts + Treat – Update 79

Christmas is days away and suddenly Apple have thrown up a challenge – see our solution and give your comments. PLUS let us give you some MAGFAST goodies to give to others this holiday. And what on earth is going on in that picture?

#GorgeousPackaging Awesome Sneak Peek – Update 78

We just got the first previews of our new packaging designs and we feel really good about them. Please take a look and let us know what you think. How can we make them even better?

#TrustAndSafety 9 Ways We Keep You Safe – Update 77

MAGFAST has a series of programs behind the scenes designed to make sure you’re safe with us as a visitor or customer. Seymour outlines 9 of them here…

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