This week’s update:

#SanjaSpeaks Shenzhen IoT Cables Q&A – Update 81

A full update with Q&A this week, much of it around, of course, the updated cable design…

Previous updates…

#2019 No Words – Weekly Update 80

Doing our best at the start of the New Year. Can you help us out, with three things, please?

#NightB4Xmas BIG Cable Tweak + FREE Gifts + Treat – Update 79

Christmas is days away and suddenly Apple have thrown up a challenge – see our solution and give your comments. PLUS let us give you some MAGFAST goodies to give to others this holiday. And what on earth is going on in that picture?

#GorgeousPackaging Awesome Sneak Peek – Update 78

We just got the first previews of our new packaging designs and we feel really good about them. Please take a look and let us know what you think. How can we make them even better?

#TrustAndSafety 9 Ways We Keep You Safe – Update 77

MAGFAST has a series of programs behind the scenes designed to make sure you’re safe with us as a visitor or customer. Seymour outlines 9 of them here…

#Crowdfunding 101 – Update 76

This week, founder Seymour does a 101 on crowdfunding. Why its so powerful for growing companies… and protecting customers!

#FREEupgrades Confirming 3 FREE USB-C Upgrades – Update 75

We're doing this update on an odd day this time, so that even taking one off for the Thanksgiving break its still not too long between updates. This update has important news. Today we're confirming 3 FREE upgrades for you. We are making these as a result of reviewing - thanks to you - how [...]

MAGFAST Backers Overwhelmingly Vote to ‘Lean In’ to USB-C – Update 74

Last week we asked you to vote YES or NO on whether we should take a little extra time after Apple’s USB-C announcement. The results, to be honest, shocked us…

MAGFAST Chargers Update 73: Your VOTE needed re: #USB-C

On Tuesday you might have felt a small, yet seismic shift in the world of charging. It’s all good, and we’d like your input on strategy as a result please…

#EasternPromiseWesternTech – Update 72

This week news from the Far East, the Back End, and a new system called Intercom, to help us all stay in touch 🙂

#OneChargerOne? About the amazing difference you’re making – Update 71

  We’re doing something just a little different this week. As you know, our long-term goal is to make The World’s Greenest Chargers and together with the folks at Trees.org: Trees for the Future we’re planting a tree for every MAGFAST charger ordered. And it’s not just some promotional thing – its a permanent commitment […]

#TIMEofYourLife Damian flies East + Apple Watch Q&A – Update 70

  We’re really pleased with the momentum now. Last week we told you about a tough decision to switch out one of the factories we’re using and immediately we’re seeing results. Damian Krause – a good friend and chief of our manufacturing partner P3 – is flying to Hong Kong right now. There’s a big… […]

#lifeLIVE Team Live Q&A is Back – Update 69

  Thank you so much for your kind comments after last week’s note. Anyway after a short break our team Q&A is back this week as promised. We give a quick update on the prototypes and answer questions you’ve sent in about MAGFAST Life – it’s the handy power bank you want to take with […]

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