This week’s update:

#Fingerprint A Unique Secret Feature Unveiled – Update #106

Be one of the first to see MAGFAST Fingerprint, our impressive new system for making sure all your MAGFAST products are authentic and can easily be returned to you if lost…

Previous updates…

#Graphics : Designing the final ‘face’ you’ll see – Update #105

Yet another of the things you’d never think of until you have to do it, is to design a graphical ‘dress’ that looks great across all products in the family. Seymour shows you how we’re doin’ it…

#ExtremelyPleased Your Feedback on Extreme’s Design Evolution – Update #104

After last week’s major announcement about making MAGFAST Extreme even more so, Seymour responds to your feedback.

#ThreeQi Extreme Just Got Way More Extreme – Update #103

Ever since May, Seymour has been bursting to tell you about a very significant upgrade to the specs of Extreme… now he spills the beans. This is big…

#LogoRefreshed We let out the outlet. Now feel the curve – Update #102

In this week’s video Seymour’s taking you through the careful, deep thinking and feeling that has gone in to developing our new, permanent MAGFAST® logo. It’s more interesting than you think…

#DiamondsAreForever Our approach to design: Timeless – Update #101

Seymour makes a quirky but really very relevant comparison between architecture and product design… from a remarkable forgotten building buried in a famous airport!

#Team MAGFAST Update #100 = Changing Charging For Good

Meet the amazing folks building pretty, powerful chargers for you…

#BoxUponBoxUponBox New Packaging Designs – Update 99

Packaging is an entire product development project all by itself. This week Seymour shows off some of the latest computer mockups of the remarkable system we’re developing…

#LifeItself Life Prototypes are Here… and Stunning – Update 98

They’ve been a long time coming but at last the prototypes for MAGFAST Life are here and they’re everything we’ve all hoped for and more. Watch Seymour demo them in detail now…

#BloombergLive Atlanta Austin Bloomberg More – Update 97

Seymour’s in Atlanta & Austin this week, and was even briefly interviewed by Bloomberg Live!

#Road This Road is a Trip – Update 96

Join us as Seymour unveils the revised and upgraded MAGFAST Road with sign

#GlossyWhite See Gorgeous LIFE Exterior Case – Update 95

Take a look at this. At last we’ve got the first physical exterior parts for LIFE in hand. They’re gorgeous….

#LotsOfLeaves Latest on the Forest You’ve Built – Update 94

Whether you’re one of our major supporters who joined us on day one… or you only just found MAGFAST recently you’re probably the kind of person who understands ‘there is no Planet B’ and that’s why we have our permanent program to plant a tree for every charger.

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