This week’s update:

#Road This Road is a Trip – Update 96

Join us as Seymour unveils the revised and upgraded MAGFAST Road with sign

Previous updates…

#GlossyWhite See Gorgeous LIFE Exterior Case – Update 95

Take a look at this. At last we’ve got the first physical exterior parts for LIFE in hand. They’re gorgeous….

#LotsOfLeaves Latest on the Forest You’ve Built – Update 94

Whether you’re one of our major supporters who joined us on day one… or you only just found MAGFAST recently you’re probably the kind of person who understands ‘there is no Planet B’ and that’s why we have our permanent program to plant a tree for every charger.

#InsideAwesome: Seymour Opens Up Your Life (!) – Update 93

 You’ve given us some amazing feedback the last few weeks as I’ve been taking you in and around the 3D models in these updates. This week we got in what is pretty much the final, ready for tooling prime time model of MAGFAST Life, the charger that pretty much defines what MAGFAST is all [...]

#BeColorBlindPlease The Geometry of AIR – Update 92

After the incredible feedback you gave us for Update 83 where Seymour introduced a radical upgrade to MAGFAST Air the teams been hard at work. So this week, an update on our most popular ever update!

#FineDetails Inside Scoop Inside the Scoops – Update 91

This week Seymour spent 3 or 4 hours with Christos our DFM (design for manufacturing) guru… just working on some tiny curves most folks will never even notice.

#Awful2Awesome How it all began – Update 90

Its six years since our founders had their first idea for a charger. Seymour looks back on that original thinking.

#PowerUp More questions answered – Update 89

This week Seymour gathers our awesome Customer Service team to respond to your questions and comments.

#FactoryFresh Quick Clips from the Factory Tour – Update 88

Seymour shares some comments live from the recent factory tour.

#Awesome Latest from My Visit to Shenzhen – Update 87

Seymour spent a very intense week in Shenzhen – ‘felt like months of work in just 4 days’ he told us. Watch this video post just before he jumped on the 16 hour flight home!

#EncorePresentation Computer Talk Radio – Update 86

 We mentioned last week that Seymour is overseas at the moment - very excited to be working with the team on the ground in Shenzhen. A lot will happen over the coming days and we’ll report in full, right now however Seymour is still completely jetlagged and there are no burning updates or questions [...]

#Q&AonAir Answering Your ‘Air’ Questions – Update 85

Today, we got the team together to go over some of the key questions you raised amid all the positive feedback about the upgrades to the design of ‘Air’…

#TimeScoop Design Language Matters – Update 84

Thank you for the fantastic feedback on our evolution of the design for Air. This week something much subtler that’s kind of important too. Plus Seymour’s headed East…

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