A. MAGFAST photos must always show off the glossy surface. New work must be created and rendered by Filip Spasev, retouched and approved by the art department, and saved to Assets Libary.

B. The white of the glossy reflection must always be pure white—and the only pure white in the picture. Any ‘white’ text should be made 5% black, and other highlights similarly should be adjusted so as not to outshine MAGFAST products’ highlights.

C. MAGFAST should NEVER be shown next to white and rarely against light surfaces. The darker the background, the brighter our white looks.


When creating artwork, it is crucial that images meet our high-quality standards. High-resolution images, constructed at 300dpi, should use natural lighting, vibrant colors and interesting compositions.

Be sure that the product always stands out, without any distracting elements competing for attention.

Make sure that all photoshop files have a separate layer, which could be turned off (transparent) for easy masking and background color replacement.


At times, we will need to incorporate stock photography into our ad materials. When choosing stock art, please make sure it doesn’t look “canned.” Always be sure to consider usage rights on a case by case basis.


Product images are provided and have been adjusted for general use. Please be aware that artwork may need to be resized or tweaked for your specific application. Make sure images show enough contrast in relation to the background color chosen for your individual project. Highlights must be as bright/white as possible, and in printed pieces, those areas should have 0% ink applied (on screen, #FFFFF).

All images and animations must include “glossy reflection”. Always.

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