When applying the MAGFAST ® logo, be aware of sizing.

If a logo is too small, it may not be legible; too large, it will be perceived as unprofessional. Follow these guidelines for sizing
our brandmark for general print applications.


The MINIMUM size of the brandmark for optimal reproduction is 0.25 inches ( 6.4 mm) high, 0.6 inches (15.2 mm) wide. Sizing the logo smaller than this will make it unreadable, and is not recommended.


The MAXIMUM size of the brandmark should adhere to guidelines for clear space. There should always be half the height of the logo icon around all edges of the logo. Special cases may be made for large-scale items such as banners, POS and trade-show displays and signage. This type of usage is rare, however, and requires written and/ or digital approval from Seymour Segnit or Amy Rau Segnit.

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