#PowerUp More questions answered – Update 89

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Hope you’ve had a great week. We have here at MAGFAST!

It’s been a few weeks since we gathered some of the team together for you – so in this week’s update we go over a bunch of questions you’ve sent in over the last few days.

One of the questions leads to a discussion about how we should program the power button on the power banks. The button has a couple of very simple functions.

First, it turns on the strip of 10 LEDs so you can see what percentage of power is remaining.

Second, it turns on all the wireless and wired charging outputs so they are available for use.

Then after a while both turn off. They use very little power, but still, we want to shut them down if not in use. The question is around timing and I’d love your thoughts about this if you have time to watch this now, please.

As always thank you for your phenomenal support and please keep your questions and ideas coming!

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