How Are Multi-Device Charging Stations Helping Us Work Remotely?

Remote working has always been a thing, with many of us splitting our working week between the office and home. Many businesses have seen and continue to see it as an essential way to help drive productivity. During the pandemic though, remote working became the only way to work for some people. Before, remote working meant you could simply turn up at the office as and when necessary; the pandemic meant that was no longer possible.

As we edge our way cautiously out of the COVID bubble, many people are returning to their desks to work. However, there are still many companies that continue to embrace the more flexible approach to work.

This has been met with supportive voices in many sectors. Some have seen it as a way to encourage positive mental health, others have seen it as a way to get a truer work-life balance. Overall, with a few critics aside, it has been met with support across the industries that can incorporate it.

How many of us would love to complete a few hours of work sitting in the garden with the laptop and music for company? Or perhaps visit a stunning park to enjoy the scenery as you complete reports?

Maybe you would prefer a hot-desking opportunity, giving you the chance to be around fellow professionals but in a new environment.

Whichever of those options ticks your boxes, you need to remain connected, and sometimes there is only one answer.

Using multi-device chargers

Whilst you get to enjoy the slightly different pace and environment to your workplace when working remotely, you do fall short of a few things too. In the office, you are plugged in and ready to go from the moment you arrive. Working from a park bench, you are not!

When working remotely, you need to make sure you have the power to keep you going. One minute you might be on the laptop, then taking a call on your phone, next you might need to use your tablet. The problem here is the charge. You might have remembered to charge one device up to 100% the night before but forgot about the other and left the cable for another back at home.

That is where the multi-device chargers come in. You can keep all your devices charged throughout the day, meaning they’re ready to use whenever you need them.

What is a multi-device charger?

A multi-device charger is exactly what it says it is: a piece of tech kit that can charge multiple devices at one time. Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with a variety of chargers. Some can let you connect multiple cellphones at one time, others allow for a combination of tablets, phones or laptops to be sent a surge of power to keep them running.

Basically, anything with a compatible port can be plugged in, charged up and be good to go. The awkward thing though is the portability. Many of these multi-device chargers aren’t portable at all and require a mains supply to keep the juice flowing through your tech.

A long last portable charger/a> would be perfect. You could work completely remotely, never run out of power and even enjoy the fresh outside air, the warmth of the sun and the flexible working life you crave.

Before we go into how such devices are great though, perhaps we should uncover why remote working is actually a good thing in the first place.

What are the benefits of working remotely?

As we mentioned at the top of the page, remote working has been seen by many businesses as a way to increase productivity. So much so that some companies have come out of COVID and abandoned the office altogether, instead just organizing monthly meet-ups to keep the face-to-face element of work ticking over. Below are just some of the benefits to come from remote working:

  • Improvements to health – without the grind of the daily commute, it can be massively beneficial to work remotely. Both mental and physical health can be seen to improve, resulting in better levels of productivity.
  • Work-Life balance – being able to manage your time and your life demands means that you are rarely in a rush and dealing with the stress of having to balance the two sides. You benefit from more family time, fewer workplace politics and are able to take breaks when you need to.
  • Lack of absenteeism – for the employer, it has been noticed that absence due to sickness has reduced significantly when remote working is implemented. Where someone feels a little under the weather, being at home has meant they have continued to work where possible, whereas otherwise they may have called in as sick and lost the whole day. Less stress has also contributed to less time off sick.
  • Loyalty to the company – loyalty can be born out of flexible working. Many people are now looking for benefits when looking for a place to work, and remote working is a big draw. Companies that can offer flexible working are likely to see less staff turnover.
  • Communication – being in the office less could be seen to mean that there is less communication between teams. In fact, it is the other way around. Working remotely has led to people making more effort to communicate, chatting via messenger tools and getting to know people better as they all share their ‘WFH’ experiences.
  • Cost saving – the lack of expense on work travel, the canteen lunches and the after-work drinks means more money in the pocket. Add to this the costs of workwear, parking costs and any other additional spending and soon the disposable income you once lacked starts to increase. This can help create a more positive and proactive person as some of the financial stresses previously endured may now be reduced. The company too can find remote working saves them money, offering the option to move to smaller premises and save money on overheads.

Why are multi-device chargers benefitting remote working?

We mentioned the overall benefits to remote working on both a personal and business level in the previous section. At the top of the page, we touched upon the use of multi-device chargers – but what makes them so useful for remote working?

Portable fast chargers

Well, picture this: you have in your hand MAGFAST Life, the best in the portable fast-changing power bank world. With MAGFAST Life, you can choose where you work and not only fire up that tablet but give your cell a pump of power too.

It incorporates wireless Qi charging as well as giving you the benefit of USB-A, USB-C and Lightning charging. This means that the park, the beach, a diner can all become your office. It gives you the option to work wherever you want to, and that can only be a good thing as you benefit from a change of surroundings that remove you from the office and the house.

Giving the whole team the power to work together remotely

Perhaps COVID restrictions are no longer in place where you are, but you still work remotely a few times a week.

This would be a great time maybe to get a cluster of the team to work together somewhere other than the office. Imagine it’s a sunny day and you have a task list as long as your arm. Why not let teamwork make the dream work by creating a co-working plan and taking it outside?

Let us set the scene: your team of four has a deadline, with just a few finishing touches needed to complete the project. Pack MAGFAST Extreme (our powerful portable bank) into your laptop bag and benefit from all of you being able to keep working when the battery hits ‘LOW POWER’. With its world first of three wireless Qi charging pads, plus the ability to charge via USB-A, USB-C or Lightning cable, you can keep the team together outside of the workplace.

What is even better is that if you have a larger team, it’s no worry – MAGFAST has made everything so much simpler. Just grab your other MAGFAST powerbank and simply connect it to another one using our unique snap-to-charge technology. Power will flow seamlessly between the power banks, meaning more of you can be connected at the same time. And that member of your team, the one that has the car that always breaks down? We’ve got their back too as MAGFAST Extreme will even jump start a car!

Long-lasting power banks for working remotely

MAGFAST has utilized the need for long-term power across our whole range. We know that you need to stay connected for the day no matter where you are. That is why our fast-charging power banks give you enough of a boost to keep you online and operational all day. Most power banks on the market are set to a standard dependent on size. For example, a standard small power bank may pack 1,000mAh, whilst medium versions may give you up to 5,000mAh. The larger products usually operate with around 10,000mAH.

MAGFAST flips the script on these stats. Our smaller device, MAGFAST Life, packs an incredible 6,000mAH, meaning you could charge an iPhone from 0-100 twice over without topping up the charger!

That’s not all though. Remember the other product we mentioned: MAGFAST Extreme? This is our beast of a power bank, and holds a phenomenal 18,500mAH. This means you can get all of your gear fully powered up all day – and not just for you, but for your colleagues too.

Working remotely has never been so easy, so fun and so future-proof.

MAGFAST has revolutionized the charging world with products that are benefitting those in all working environments. Whatever devices you or your colleagues have, MAGFAST has the answer when it comes to keeping you connected. Want to see how we do it? Just watch our free demo and become part of the future of charging technology. You might even win $1,000 worth of top-of-the-range tech gear!

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