176: Seymour on his travels with Life and Extreme, how auto-detect works, plus a guest appearance!

Three topics in this week’s Upgrade: Seymour takes Life and Extreme on his travels, Rich explains how the auto-detect function works with MAGFAST chargers, and Damian, the President of P3, our engineering partner, unboxes his own Life and Extreme units!

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172: Want to see the first Life and Extreme units to come off the production line? Well, here they are!

In this week’s Upgrade, we showcase the very first Life and Extreme units to come off our production line. Our production partners P3 – who have been developing consumer electronic products for over 30 years – say they’re the highest quality production validation units they’ve ever seen! Now we’ve reached this landmark, we can gear up to shipping units in real volume. Watch this latest episode to see them in the flesh!

171: What’s the perfect travel companion for a long weekend away from home? It’s MAGFAST Extreme!

Leaving home on a trip? There’s one thing you really shouldn’t forget to pack: your MAGFAST Extreme! There’s no better solution to all your device charging needs when you’re on the move. Extreme gives you tons of high-speed power, wireless and wired charging, the ability to charge multiple devices together, and a battery which feels like it lasts forever — and all in an amazingly portable, convenient device. Don’t leave home without it!

170: Keen to get an update on our Road, Time & Wall chargers? Well, here it is.

Life, Extreme and Air are the first MAGFAST chargers to come off the production line … but we’re hoping that the other three products which make up the innovative MAGFAST ‘family’ – Road, Time and Wall – won’t be far behind. Here we explain all the key features of those three products, how they fit into the range and why you’re really going to want to own them!

169: The Extreme power bank test – how many times can it jump-start a car?

We’ve always known MAGFAST® Extreme was powerful … really powerful. In fact, with our Jumpers, it’ll jump-start a car. So, to find out exactly how powerful, we recently ran a real-life test to see how many times it could do so before it needed recharging. And to make the test as tough as possible, we used a 5.4-liter truck, not just any old 2-liter family saloon! Watch this video to see the results of the test – but prepare to be amazed because the results are truly astonishing. We were as surprised as you will be!

167: MAGFAST chargers arrive in May

So the packaging and the product collateral is ready. All we need now are the products themselves. Good news — the first batch of Life and Extreme hit the US in May. We’ll be shipping very, very soon!

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