168: MAGFAST Extreme - a power bank that can JUMP-START YOUR CAR - yes, really!

MAGFAST Extreme is powerful … so powerful, in fact, that it’ll jump-start a car. But how many times can it do so before it needs recharging? Enter our competition to guess exactly how many times for a chance to win MAGFAST Extreme with Jumpers. But be warned: the answer may surprise you (it certainly surprised us)!

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167: MAGFAST chargers arrive in May

So the packaging and the product collateral is ready. All we need now are the products themselves. Good news — the first batch of Life and Extreme hit the US in May. We’ll be shipping very, very soon!

165: Manufacturing Extreme – latest factory footage

We’re really picking up the pace on manufacturing now, with tooling almost complete for Life and Extreme, plus Air won’t be far behind. We have more ‘live’ footage from our manufacturing plant to share with you – as you’ll see, the first of our ground-breaking range of chargers will be shipping REALLY soon!

164: Life & Extreme – Getting Better, Getting Closer!

The pace of development is really starting to pick up now, with our tooling processes nearing completion for Life and Extreme, and with Air following closely behind. New ‘behind the scenes’ footage from our manufacturing facility demonstrates that we’re building what will undeniably be the world’s best chargers … and they’re just around the corner!

163: MAGFAST Product Enhancements

The MAGFAST product range was already revolutionary when we first started developing it. Now, after many months of constant improvement, and a passion to build the best chargers money can buy, we think we’ve really achieved it. Find out more about how MAGFAST chargers just keep getting better and better!

162: Perfect Packaging? White Box Sample Photo

You’ll love this weeks update in The Upgrade. Kate and Seymour have brilliant work in from the packaging people – vital because, of course, packaging is the definition of ‘first impressions’.

161: Meet Damian: A Key MAGFAST Partner

Meet the man behind the making of MAGFAST. For seven years, Seymour has worked with an individual who has decades of experience in the consumer electronics business. Join them both for a fireside chat and go behind the scenes as MAGFAST’s manufacturing process comes to life.

160: Say Hello to Previews and Reviews

We’re at #160 of updates for you, our amazing customers. While we’re sharing milestones … this week we’ve reached 4,000 Trustpilot reviews. Celebrate our progress and the details on the exact products shipping directly to your doorstep.

159: Manufacturing | Special Guest and Tooling

In Episode #159 of The UPGRADE, Seymour, Kate and our special guest talk about jello, olive oil, EDM and DFM — BUT it’s not what you think. All these elements (in some form) appear this week and we’ll explain how they all apply to the tooling process for MAGFAST products.

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