Can I Bring a Wireless Charger on a Plane? Flying with MAGFAST

Airport and aircraft security may seem tedious. However, safety of passengers is paramount and what may seem like an unnecessary procedure is there to help keep you safe. The rules and regulations surrounding what you can take on a flight, or in your hand luggage, may seem complex. Luckily for you, MAGFAST has put together everything you could need to know about taking power banks on a flight, including our MAGFAST chargers.

Can I take my portable charger on a plane?

Some airlines offer charging ports for phones and other devices when in your seat. However, many do not and you may also want to boost your battery whilst in the airport. Not all airports have accessible plug sockets or you may not have packed a socket adapter, meaning it could be a long wait in the terminal if your devices run out of power. For this reason, power banks have become an essential travel item. But what are the rules around these when boarding?

Power banks typically use lithium-ion batteries – these allow you to recharge the battery of the charger between uses. Li-ion batteries can malfunction, causing fires and even explosions. Although cases are rare, flight operators ban power banks from the hold as this area is inaccessible during the flight and could be catastrophic if a fire were to break out. Whilst it goes without saying that a fire in the cabin would be dangerous the crew could quickly put it out with extinguishers.

Can I take my MAGFAST charger on my flight?

You can take your power bank wherever you’re jetting off to. However, there are conditions in place that you should remember:

  • your portable charger should be stored in your hand luggage
  • devices need to have the Wh output visible on the casing
  • devices with batteries between 100 Wh and 160 Wh will need a special permit

All MAGFAST’s chargers can be taken and used on an aircraft as long as it is stored in your carry-on and not used during take-off or landing. Even MAGFAST’s super-charger, Extreme, can be used during the flight as it has a 68 Wh battery. All MAGFAST’s power banks can be taken on board and the Wh output is visible on each product.

Charging your devices at the airport

Whilst we know that charging your smartphone or tablet whilst cruising at 30,000 feet is important, the airport can be a tricky location to navigate if you run out of battery. Sure, you may spot sockets dotted around where you can plug in a regular charger, but they may all be taken, don’t actually work, or you may need an adapter. Furthermore, if you’ve packed light, you may only have a USB cable with you at most.

The MAGFAST family has two incredible power banks that will enable you to easily charge your devices whether in the terminal or on the flight. MAGFAST Life is the portable power bank that is perfect for those who need to grab and go. This compact wireless charger can be popped into your pocket or carry-on should you need to get to your gate quickly and it packs enough power for multiple device charges. Running out of battery during your flight? MAGFAST Life can have your battery to 100% in no time at all. It’s not just a Qi wireless charger however, Life has USB-C and USB-A output too.

For substantial journeys, MAGFAST Extreme offers unbeatable power. It’s the ultimate flight partner, ensuring you have enough power to charge devices for days, which is useful for long-haul flights, stopovers, and transfers. Extreme is the only portable power bank on the market to have three Qi wireless charging ports, as well as a total of five USB outlets.

We have all the accessories you need to support whatever type of charging you require when travelling. If you own an Apple Watch don’t even consider jetting abroad without MAGFAST Time which has enough capacity to enable Apple Watch charging for two weeks via the motorized charging platform. MAGFAST Time can also double up as a charger for other products too, via the fast USB-C connection.

Can I charge my devices when I am driving to the airport?

It’s not just onboard your flight or at the airport where MAGFAST can save you from running out of battery across your devices. Forgotten to charge your devices overnight? Drained your battery whilst doing your last-minute packing? Been at work before your flight? When your devices run out of battery before you even get to the airport, it can be a nightmare … particularly if you are using your smartphone’s sat nav to direct yourself to the airport!

MAGFAST Road could be your lifeline in this situation. Whilst MAGFAST has a range of products that are suitable for life on-the-go, Road is a beautifully compact portable charger that plugs into your vehicle’s 12v socket. Charge on the go and then, once you arrive at the airport, pop MAGFAST Road into your carry on so you can use it as a power bank to keep your freshly charged battery topped up during your flight.

Are you getting a lift to the airport? Taking public transport? Hopping in a cab or an Uber? Road can be used in these locations too – it’s a portable power bank with six USB outlets (three USB-A and three USB-C). However, Life and Extreme would also be the perfect companions when travelling to or from the airport, regardless of which mode of transport you take.

Arriving at your destination

Whether you’re heading overseas for business or pleasure, MAGFAST can keep you powered up wherever you are in the world. All our portable power banks are perfect for charging on the go, so don’t panic if you run out of battery whilst out and about. Furthermore, you can keep your MAGFAST chargers topped up easily using one of the many input connections available. You can find out how to charge your phone faster via our guide too.

If you’re working abroad, or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, there are MAGFAST products that can be used in your villa, hotel room, or workspace. What may appear as a regular charger, MAGFAST Wall is a serious upgrade. Not only does Wall offer two sockets, but it also boasts two quick charge 3.0 USB outlets and you can utilize our adapter tips (Micro-USB, USB-C and Apple’s Lightning connector) to create a tailored charging point. You can also snap on another MAGFAST charger to create your own bespoke charging powerhouse.

If you require a Qi wireless charging stand for when you’re abroad, MAGFAST Air needs to be packed in your carry-on. It can be snapped on to other MAGFAST products or used independently: just plug a USB cable into the back (USB-C or Micro-USB) and you’ve got the perfect Qi wireless charging stand whether you’re at home or away.

So, there we have it, you certainly can take your MAGFAST products onboard a flight – just ensure they’re stowed away in your carry-on. Whether you’re traveling to the airport, in the terminal, on the plane, or overseas, MAGFAST will keep you connected wherever you are.

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