Long Lasting Portable Charger Guide 2022

Have you ever been using your smartphone’s GPS when the battery has died? Cut off mid-meeting when your iPad has run out of juice? Running out of power always seems to happen at the most critical moments. With people working remotely now more than ever, keeping the battery topped up on your device has become essential.

While there are accessories to make our lives easier when it comes to powering up on the go, it’s simply inefficient to carry countless cables and various attachments. Furthermore, hunting for a plug socket or USB is often like searching for water in a desert.

Fortunately, a long lasting portable charger is the answer. Dynamic charging solutions allow you to stay connected when your battery dips into the red. With a myriad of portable chargers on the market, it can be hard to decide on the best product for your needs. This new wave of portable power products offers built-in cables, fast charging, Qi wireless charging and even the ability to jump-start your car … more on this later.

What should I be looking for in a portable power pack?

With so many variables to consider, it can be hard to settle on the best portable charger for your needs. Below, MAGFAST highlights the most important points to consider and breaks portable power down into digestible chunks to help you make an informed decision.


There is a common myth in the tech world that the bigger the portable charger, the higher capacity you get. However, this isn’t true. With the number of devices some of us carry, we’d have to transport a portable power supply around on our backs. The reality is that portable power should be compact, not cumbersome. Furthermore, the mAh (we’ll cover this later too) is not dictated by the size of a portable charger.

MAGFAST Life is a great example of a seriously powerful portable charger in a bite-size package. Your everyday charger, MAGFAST Life is the portable power supply you can always keep with you. Its sleek and compact design means it can easily be stowed away in a handbag, briefcase, or carry-on without any issue. Palm-sized, looks can be deceiving. MAGFAST Life boasts four ways to get power in and five ways to get power out, including Qi wireless charging. This super charger has the magical MAGFAST connection that makes our products so unique, meaning you can snap on an accessory – like MAGFAST Air – and turn your portable charger into a simple yet sophisticated charging stand.

MAGFAST’s products allow you to create your dream portable charger. You can use the magnetic connections to build a bespoke portable power pack or simply slip MAGFAST Life into your bag and you’re set for the day.


While size is important your portable charger should pack enough power to keep your devices charged for however long you need. Whether you’re about to board a flight halfway around the world or will be off-grid hiking in the mountains, you will require a product that can keep your battery life topped up throughout.

MAGFAST Extreme is a super-charger with the power to boost your device’s battery life for days. It is also the world’s first portable charger with three Qi wireless charging stations – ideal for all your devices or when sharing with friends.

Like MAGFAST Life, Extreme has four ways to get power in. However, it boasts six ways to charge your devices. The added bonus of Extreme is the 12volt 500amp outlet. This means you can use MAGFAST Extreme to jump-start your vehicle over, and over, and over again. Simply invest in MAGFAST’s 12v Jumpers to accompany Extreme and you can rest assured you’ll never be stranded with your vehicle.

Although Extreme has the endurance to provide you with power for days, there are different portable power banks available with MAGFAST to suit your longevity requirements.

On the go

Portable stems from the Latin word portare, meaning ‘to carry’. When it comes to sourcing the best portable charger for your needs, you will need to assess your lifestyle. Do you spend a lot of hours driving? Do you catch flights frequently? Are you often in situations where a mains power supply isn’t available? Investing in a portable power solution you can carry easily while traveling is critical.

While MAGFAST has a range of products that are suitable for the home or office, we also specialize in portable power banks too. For those who clock up the miles driving, MAGFAST Road is a savior. This beautifully compact charger plugs into your car’s 12v socket and provides four USB outlets, an always-ready flashlight for emergencies, and a MAGFAST base station. You can also grab-and-go MAGFAST Road to use as a powerbank, perfect for when you’re on the road and outside your vehicle.

Time portable charger for Apple Watch

All of MAGFAST’s products are compatible with iPhones. However, for our customers on the go, MAGFAST Time has been a god-send for Apple Watch owners. The small and efficient Apple watch charger has a state-of-the-art motorized charging platform and enough power to recharge your watch time and time again for up to two weeks. How’s that for capacity?

If Apple products are your thing, all of MAGFAST’s portable power products can be used to charge not only your iPhone and Apple Watch, but also iPads and MacBooks too. This is facilitated by all of MAGFAST’s products having Qi wireless charging technology, but also USB-C and USB-A ports neatly tucked away within the product too. And don’t forget, with MAGFAST Extreme, you get the added 12v supply too! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, MAGFAST can take your Apple product’s battery from zero to 100.

Qi wireless charging

Qi is the most popular type of wireless charging and it is the universally agreed global standard. This form of wireless charging technology has been widely adopted by many tech giants, including Apple and Samsung.

Qi wireless provides consumers with the ability to charge their devices anywhere, any time. Qi devices and Qi chargers are undoubtedly the most popular technological advancement in recent times as people shun cables for a more hassle-free way of powering up. You can find out more about the most popular cell phones throughout time, including their different capabilities, by reading our comprehensive guide. Qi wireless charging means you can top up your battery at home, in the office, or car, while also providing the ability to power up on the go in coffee shops, at hotels, and airports.

What makes MAGFAST’s products so unique is they offer all the above in terms of Qi wireless charging, while also being completely portable. Simply ensure the portable charger of your choice is fuelled and you’ll be able to take advantage of ultra-convenient wireless charging on the go.

Fast charging

Want your battery topped up as quickly as possible? Fast charging has accelerated the speed at which your battery can reach full capacity. Manufacturers can make a device charge faster by varying the voltage or boosting the amperage in order to increase the total wattage. The higher the wattage the quicker the charge.

Keep in mind that your device will only take in as much power as quickly as the charging circuit is designed for. A smartphone with a circuit designed to handle 5V/1A will not charge faster with a 5V/2A – it simply cannot hack the wattage. You will be able to check the fast-charging standard of your device by checking the product specifications or user manual.

If you have one of the latest smartphones you may have noticed that the accompanying charger has ‘fast charge’ printed on it. But what if you want to charge quickly, but wirelessly? What happens if you want to fast charge when out and about? Fortunately, all of MAGFAST’s portable power banks are equipped with fast charge technology. This means not only can you boost your battery on the go, but it will also be super-fast if you have a compatible device.

What is mAh?

Also known as milliampere, the mAh capacity value refers to how long a battery can sustain a constant discharge of electricity. To put this into practice, a 5000 mAh battery could power a device drawing 100 mA (milliamp) for 50 hours.

Being aware of mAh is important when considering portability. Who wants a power bank that won’t deliver optimum charge for the length of time needed? Typically, the higher the mAh rating, the longer the run time. However, it will depend on the voltage of the device you are charging.

The battery on an iPhone 12 is 2,815 mAh,. MAGFAST Extreme holds 18,000 mAh. This means that you would be able to charge time your iPhone 12 roughly nine times when using MAGFAST Extreme. MAGFAST Life packs 6,000 mAh into its handy pocket-sized shell. Using MAGFAST Life to power up an iPhone 12 would give you somewhere between two and three full charges.

Input output

When it comes to portability there is often an emphasis on investing in a wireless charging solution. The ability to travel with minimal kit that provides appropriate power for your charging needs is key. However, power banks need charging to perform their job. Furthermore, not all our devices facilitate wireless charging. In these circumstances, it’s important that the portable power supply chosen has the input and output ports that you need.

Today there are a multitude of ways to get power in and out of your portable charger. MAGFASTs power banks are very easy to charge, and you won’t need countless wires to do so. There is the wireless charging function, as well as the ability to plug in a USB-C cable or micro-USB. Lastly, you could magnetically snap a product – such as MAGFAST Life – to the likes of MAGFAST Road to charge up your portable power supply on the go via the 12v car input.

In terms of using MAGFAST’s portable power banks to charge your devices, there are a minimum of five ways to boost your battery. There’s also an added extra with MAGFAST Extreme. Along with Qi wireless charging and the magical MAGFAST accessory connection, there’s also a built-in cable that comes free with any power bank.

The neat USB-C cable flips out of the MAGFAST casing and snaps perfectly back into position due to a magnetic closure, ideal for when not in use. USB-C was important to include as it is the most common output connection for the majority of modern day devices. Furthermore, the built-in output cable can be plugged into the MAGFAST USB-C fast charging outlet, should you need a longer cable. There’s also the USB-A output and the 12v hi-intensity supply that can jumpstart your car (MAGFAST Extreme only).

What sets MAGFAST apart compared to all other portable charging manufacturers is our dedication to producing products that are compact, without scrimping on power. Our chargers can hold incredible amounts of energy to keep your devices powered up without the need to carry around countless cables when commuting, traveling, or working remotely.

Where can I use a portable power bank?

Long gone are the days of charging your smartphone or tablet overnight, only for it to die later in the day. Then the panic sets in, you’ve left your charger at home, or there’s no power supply on your train journey. For many of us, it’s critical to be tuned into our devices at all times. Client calls, proofreading, thesis writing, meetings, checking in for a flight, using a GPS—there are an immense number of scenarios when we need our devices to remain charged.

To detail just how dynamic MAGFAST’s range of power banks are, we have highlighted how our chargers can be utilized when on the go.

Portable charging in the car

So far, we have only briefly touched on MAGFAST Road. Let’s now take a look at why this portable charging solution is so unique. This charger is a must for anyone who is behind the wheel daily, uses a smart device as a GPS system, or simply wants the option to charge on the go. While MAGFAST Road may look like a refined and modernized version of a common 12v in-car charger, it’s really so much more. Don’t let its compact design and beautiful detailing fool you; this portable power supply packs a punch. It has all the MAGFAST family features that you need, from the built-in cable and USB-C and USB-A ports to the extra USB outlets for multiple users or devices.

The whole point of MAGFAST Road is to provide a ‘grab and go’ charging solution for when you’re on the road. Portability and power were merged to create an agile product for drivers who need to remain connected.

Charging devices on and between flights

Packing light is essential, particularly when catching flights. Many of us opt for hand luggage on shorter excursions to make getting through the airport quicker. Having countless plugs and wires compromising your space is not optimal. The MAGFAST family has two incredible power banks that enable easy charging whether in the airport or on a flight.

Hunting for a plug socket in an airport can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you do manage to find a free point, you may not have the appropriate adapter for different international sockets.

MAGFAST Life is the portable power bank ideal for the everyday. Super easy to keep charged and compact enough to pop into your pocket when your flight is boarding, Life packs enough power for multiple device charges. This means, even if you drain your battery when airborne, you know you can boost it on the go. Furthermore, it’s not just Qi wireless charging that is supported. There’s the handy built-in cable, as well as USB-C and USB-A output. We have all the accessories available to support whatever type of charging you need.

If you require even more power than MAGFAST Life, MAGFAST Extreme is your ultimate flight partner. The super charger can provide power for days, great for those long-haul flights or stopovers in foreign countries. Extreme’s extended form factor and high-intensity power offer two features that have never been offered in any single product. MAGFAST Extreme boasts three Qi wireless fast charging ports and a total of five USB outlets. Like all of MAGFAST’s products, Extreme is unparalleled in both design and power supply.

Portable power in hotels

The length of time you’re visiting a hotel could influence the charging solution you require. If you’re staying for over a week then slotting a couple of MAGFAST products into your suitcase could be a great idea. However, being able to charge up outside your hotel room is a must, particularly if you’re exploring on a holiday or conducting meetings abroad for work.

While MAGFAST Wall and MAGFAST Air are perfect for your hotel room, MAGFAST Life and MAGFAST Extreme will truly provide the portability you need. A great answer for all your travel needs would be to invest in the MAGFAST Pro Kit. This family of MAGFAST essentials is designed to cover every part of your charging life. The kit contains:

  • MAGFAST Life
  • MAGFAST Extreme
  • MAGFAST Road
  • 2x MAGFAST Wall

The collection also contains all the MAGFAST add-ons, such as a combo pack of all three MAGFAST Adaptor Tips, USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB. With the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit your holidays and business trips are covered should you want to charge in your hotel room or on the go.

How to power up in the great outdoors

If you enjoy cycling, hiking, or camping holidays, one of the biggest dilemmas can be how to keep your devices charged. Connecting with nature is good for the soul, but keeping in contact with the real world can be a matter of safety as well as a desire. Making sure your smartphone has ample battery, should you need to make an emergency call, is extremely important when out in the wilderness. It will also give you peace of mind too that, should you experience any issues, you can connect with help.

Portable charging is the answer. Being outdoors does not mean you cannot charge your devices as if you were at home. MAGFAST’s portable power banks give you the freedom to enjoy outdoor pursuits without the worry that your smartphone will die. There’s even MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch, so you can keep your wearable tech charged and keep track of your activity.

Dynamic long lasting portable charger

MAGFAST is changing charging for good. We have eliminated the unnecessary wires and developed a family of chargers that will stand the test of time. We know useability is key for our customers, which is why we dedicated part of the MAGFAST development journey to producing stunning, compact and extremely powerful portable power banks so that you can charge your devices wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. If you are looking for the best portable charger, MAGFAST has the answer.

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Portable Power Pack FAQs

What is a portable power pack?

MAGFAST’s portable power banks give you the chance to keep the battery of all your devices topped up on the go. Whether you’re camping in the forest, driving to the office, or catching a flight, our family of portable chargers enables you to charge your devices without the need for a traditional mains supply. We have cut out all the unnecessary wires and adapters, providing you with a concise solution. However, each product still has all the various input and output features you need, as well as Qi wireless charging functionality.

Portable chargers vary in price. You can pick up a cheap portable charger almost anywhere, but the chances are it won’t pack the power you need, will break after a few uses, or potentially damage your device. Opting for a portable charger from MAGFAST gives you thepeace of mind that you’re investing in a portable solution that is technologically and visually perfect.

MAGFAST portable chargers range in price, from $99 for MAGFAST Life to $249 for MAGFAST Extreme. Because all our products are designed to work cohesively together, you have the scope to create a bespoke portable charging solution for yourself. The MAGFAST Family Pro Kit contains Life, Extreme, Road, Air, two Walls and a plethora of other accessories and goodies while the Hello Kit contains … If you’re serious about charging and require part of your charging solution to focus on portability, the Pro Kit is undoubtedly the answer.

All MAGFAST’s portable charging solutions are compatible with Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. There’s even MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch, a portable charging solution dedicated to the popular wearable tech from Apple.

MAGFAST’s portable power chargers are suitable for use with Samsung and all other Android devices. Wireless charging is only available for smartphones and other devices that have this functionality. If your Android does not support wireless charging, you can use one of the inbuilt ports to charge your Samsung or other device with ease.

Having a portable charging solution is incredibly handy for on the go, but there is little point if the charger doesn’t meet your expectations. The devices you want to charge and the time period you will be away from a mains power source will determine the type of power bank you need. A long-lasting portable charger means you will have the freedom to charge on the go for days at a time. Then it’s a simple case of recharging your portable power supply.

Without question – MAGFAST combines a perfect magnetic pull with a family-safe low voltage connection. Each MAGFAST family component can be connected with another to create your own bespoke portable charging station. You can use your MAGFAST chargers separately or together. Regardless, you will be delivered the same unmatched power wherever you are.

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