Getting the Most from Your GoPro Battery: How Long Does a GoPro Last?

A GoPro is a fantastic device for capturing video when you’re on the go. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, surfing or skiing, the GoPro records high-quality video so you can capture the moment and relive the experience over and over again.

So, it’s vital that your GoPro has the power to record, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. It’s been noted by some that the GoPro doesn’t have the strongest battery. This is due in part to the smaller size of the camera, which is great for convenient and discrete use when you’re taking part in an activity but does mean the battery itself is also small.

As tech experts, MAGFAST has put together this guide, exploring how long a GoPro battery can last and what you can do to extend the battery life.

How long does a GoPro battery last?

GoPro states that most cameras will last between one and two hours. Most GoPros use lithium-ion batteries, but different models will have different battery capacities, with different recording times.

How you use your GoPro will also affect how long the battery lasts. For example, recording in high-resolution will drain the battery faster than recording in low-resolution. Also, recording at a higher frame rate will use the battery faster than recording at a lower frame rate.

Below are some average times for how long the battery will last for various models of GoPro, recording in different resolutions:

GoPro Model Battery Capacity Time Battery Can Last in 4K Time Battery Can Last in 1080p
GoPro HERO4 1160 mAh 65 minutes 90 minutes
GoPro HERO5 1160 mAh 90 minutes 150 minutes
GoPro HERO6 1160 mAh 95 minutes 100 minutes
GoPro HERO7 1160 mAh 85 minutes 85 minutes
GoPro HERO8 1220 mAh 74 minutes 81 minutes
GoPro HERO9 1720 mAh 105 minutes 145 minutes
GoPro HEROX 1720 mAh 76 minutes 120 minutes
GoPro Max 1600 mAh 78 minutes (at 5.6K) 115 minutes
GoPro HERO11
(with Enduro Battery)
1720 mAh 88 minutes 137 minutes

How to make your GoPro battery last longer

There are many adjustments you can make to the way you use your GoPro so you can extend the battery life.

Set your specifications

GoPro cameras have lots of different settings and features. The best way to conserve battery in your GoPro is to make sure everything is set to get just what you need out of the camera.

Think about what you require from your GoPro. For example, using GPS will log where you took the videos, but it will also drain the battery faster. WiFi is one of the biggest drains on the battery, and so you should only use this if you really need it. You should be aware that the WiFi button is usually on the side of the camera where it can be easily turned on by mistake, and so be careful to keep it switched off.

Some GoPros use voice commands, so you can use your camera hands-free, but this will also use the battery quickly. The voice recorder will work when your GoPro is turned off, using the battery even when you’re not using the camera. If you don’t need this function, make sure it’s turned off.

Choose your video performance mode

GoPro introduced Video Performance Mode to enable users to quickly set their camera to focus on what is most important to them. There are three Video Performance Modes available: maximum video performance, extended battery, and stationary video.

Maximum video performance should be used by those who are aiming for the best image quality from their recording. This mode will record at the highest possible frame rate and resolution, which will mean the battery will drain quicker than other modes.

Extended battery mode focuses on exactly what you might think it does – extending the battery. It chooses the best frame rate and resolution whilst also maintaining the battery life. If your priority is for the battery to last as long as possible, this should be the mode you pick.

Stationary video should be used for those who are using a tripod or recording in a stationary setup. This mode uses the optimal resolution and frame rate to record when there is no motion.

Keep your GoPro away from extreme temperatures

Both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures can cause your battery to degrade quicker. Using the GoPro in hot weather can cause the battery to overheat, which can lead it to lose capacity, reducing its lifespan.

Similarly, using your GoPro in cold weather can also cause it to drain faster. The battery will use more power to keep itself warm. The cold weather can also reduce the activity of the ions inside the battery, which is what gives it power.

If possible, you should keep your GoPro at a medium temperature. So, if you’re in cold weather, try to keep your camera warm by keeping it wrapped up when it’s not in use. If you’re using your camera in warm weather, try to give it a chance to cool down, and keep it away from direct sunlight where possible.

Some GoPro models come with the Enduro Battery, which has been designed for colder weather. According to GoPro, the Enduro Battery can extend the recording time up to 38% in moderate temperatures, when compared to previous battery types. If you plan to use you GoPro in colder temperatures, switching to the Enduro Battery will help to make your camera last longer.

Record shorter clips

Recording one continuous clip for a long time will drain the battery quicker than recording multiple, shorter clips. This is because the battery doesn’t have a chance to cool down when it is continuously recording. When the battery overheats, its capacity will be reduced.

When you record, try to aim for shorter clips rather than one very long clip. This can help to keep the battery going for longer.

Replace old batteries

All lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time, no matter the type of device with which they’re used. So, if you’ve been using the same battery in your GoPro for a while, it might be time to replace it with a new one.

Most GoPro batteries are replaceable. It’s best to buy replacement batteries from GoPro, rather than ‘compatible’ makes, to ensure the best performance. If you find your battery is draining fast, try using a new battery instead.

It can also be helpful to carry one or two spare batteries with you when you’re using your GoPro, to ensure you don’t run out of power. Alternatively, make sure you carry a premium power bank, such as MAGFAST.

How long does it take to charge a GoPro?

There are various ways you can charge your GoPro. The quickest way is via a wall outlet. You can also charge it via your computer or a power bank.

Most of the newer GoPro models will charge with USB-C cable, which can usually deliver the quickest charge. Older models use a micro-USB connection, which will charge slightly slower.

On average, a GoPro will take one to two hours when charging via USB-C using a wall outlet. When using an alternative power source, such as your computer, it can take up to four hours to fully charge your GoPro.

Keep your GoPro charged anywhere with MAGFAST

Whilst charging your GoPro via a wall outlet will give you the fastest charge, it’s not always possible. When you’re out and about, in the forest or up a mountain, you won’t have the luxury of plugging your GoPro into an outlet to charge!

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