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For over three years our team has worked on a remarkable secret new product and now we're revealing all… and transforming travel forever.

Changing charging.
For good.

A ground-breaking family of wireless chargers designed for every part of your life.

Unparalleled portable, wireless charging

MAGFAST is a revolutionary new family of six high-performance, patented device chargers. Designed for every part of your life, MAGFAST chargers allow you to top up your device battery wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, at home or away. MAGFAST is truly versatile as its ground-breaking technology can be used with old, new, and future devices.

Incorporating the very latest Qi wireless charging technology means MAGFAST chargers deliver convenient, high-speed power. With no wires and the ability to link individual MAGFAST products together to create your own unique charging station, MAGFAST really is the only charging family you’ll ever need.

MAGFAST Lux is now
America's highest-rated smart phone cable ...
 4.9 out of 5  
gorgeous fast-charging luxurious kink-free premium feel
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Our MAGFAST family.

Let there be LUX

premium charging cable

MAGFAST chargers are
all you'll ever need.

The MAGFAST Family
A comprehensive suite of six ground-breaking chargers that can be used at home or on the go

Unique ‘snap to charge’ MAGFAST technology means every charger works with every other, everywhere

Charge any smartphone, any tablet, any reader, from any brand with a MAGFAST charger

Unbeatable build quality, unbeatable performance, unbeatable versatility, unbeatable reliability

Unique transparency ‘fingerprint’ is your guarantee of product authenticity


The perfect introduction to
the MAGFAST family of chargers.

MAGFAST Hello Kit is the answer.

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The MAGFAST difference

MAGFAST chargers are compatible with all devices

Never worry about whether you have the correct cable to charge your battery. Unbeatable MAGFAST® connectivity means you can charge any device, old, new, or future.
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Magnetic wireless chargers

MAGFAST chargers have ‘snap to charge’ technology. Magnets enable each MAGFAST product to snap together with any other with a family-safe low voltage connection. You can build a bespoke MAGFAST charging station or use the chargers on their own.
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MAGFAST is a wireless charging solution

MAGFAST enables you to charge completely wirelessly. Incorporating the latest Qi-certified wireless charging technology, you can boost your device’s battery without any cables.
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A MAGFAST warranty that offers total peace of mind

All MAGFAST chargers come with a three-year warranty. With the MAGFAST Care warranty you will receive a full and immediate refund upon return should you be disappointed with your MAGFAST charger. Upgrade to MAGFAST Care+ or six-year MAGFAST Care++ for increased cover options.
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#232: Investor Special Bonus Q&A with Netcapital
Today we are holding a very special Q&A just for our current and prospective investors. Join the MAGFAST team as we feature your questions and provide answers alongside our partners at Netcapital!
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