Over the last several years, people have become more and more dependent on smartphones, tablets, and other devices to get them through the day, both at work and home. They have also come to rely on another, often less desirable device: the portable charger.

By now, most people living in this modern, ever-connected society have discovered that it’s all but impossible to get through a busy workday without needing to recharge their smart devices, especially when they get older and their batteries become less capable of holding a charge. This has led to a massive number of charging devices becoming available all over the world, providing large battery packs to keep people from missing important business calls, make sure they know the route they need to take to get home safely or keep them entertained during a long, slow commute.

However, many chargers are bulky and cumbersome. The batteries in them don’t last, they aren’t well manufactured, and they rarely give you the power to charge multiple devices simultaneously – something that comes up more often than not.

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