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Two MAGFAST Walls™ neatly charge an iPod®…and a Samsung Edge®… and a MAGFAST Life™ ; powerbank… and a MAGFAST Extreme™ super-powerbank…

Or you could always stick with the arrangement on the left.

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Meet the MAGFAST Family

Left to right here’s MAGFAST Life Extreme, MAGFAST Life, a couple of MAGFAST Walls and their micro-adjustable adaptor tips, MAGFAST Road™, MAGFAST Air™ and MAGFAST Time™ for Apple Watch®.

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Awesome in the Kitchen

There’s a MAGFAST charger for pretty much every situation.
Left to Right:
– MAGFAST Wall makes a great base-station
– MAGFAST Extreme and MAGFAST Life are the perfect portables
– MAGFAST Road is a Star in the Car
– MAGFAST Time is the best way to charge your Apple® Watch
– MAGFAST Air is the super-flexible, elegant family wireless home for any device

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You’ll charge MAGFAST Life just about anywhere.

Like all MAGFAST Family powerbanks it takes power in via MicroUSB and USB-C and Wirelessly… as well as from our own fast, magnetic, delightful MAGFAST connection.

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Here’s MAGFAST Air fast-charging a wireless phone right on top of MAGFAST Wall.

When you’re mobile just snap any MAGFAST powerbank on the back.

(It has an integrated kick-stand too so you can use it wired at your desk).

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Keep a MAGFAST Road in your car all the time. You can grab it for several phone charges and as a flashlight in an emergency.

And day-to-day it does double-duty both as a 4-USB power-hub and a charger for its brothers and sisters like MAGFAST Life, MAGFAST Time and MAGFAST Life Extreme.

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MAGFAST Time’s raison d’être is to keep your wearables wearable – or at least worth wearing – for up to two weeks.

And as a MAGFAST Family member it shares the DNA with that super built-in cable, and lots of other ways to get power in and out to any device

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It’s not really a lifestyle shot… but we just love this picture so much.

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Individual Products


MAGFAST Life is the portable powerbank you’ll want to keep with you every day.

Easy to keep charged, and to charge anything—it feels great in your hand, and packs enough power for 4-5 charges of any smartphone.

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MAGFAST Extreme is like MAGFAST Life on steroids. Packing a whopping 27,000mAh, Extreme literally has ‘the maximum power allowed by law’ — FAA law that is; the maximum permitted on a plane.

Extreme is no slouch on the ground either. Add the optional jumper cables and MAGFAST Life Extreme can jump start your car!

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Plugged into your 12v outlet MAGFAST Road gives 4 USB outlets for family charging, as well as the MAGFAST built-in cable and wireless charging.

MAGFAST Road also banks enough energy for 2-3 smartphone charges, so you can grab it as you leave the car, and keep powering up.

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A stylish charging stand for devices that support wireless charging.

MAGFAST Air stands on its own on any desktop powered by a USB cable, combines any MAGFAST powerbank or sits neatly atop MAGFAST Wall – perfect in the kitchen or office.

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Our upgrade to one of the world’s most popular charger designs now has MAGFAST charging top and bottom.

The gorgeous new tips still store neatly in the back, and now have micro-fine height adjustment from the button right on the front.

And there’s two USB outlets underneath.

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The best way to charge your Apple Watch.

MAGFAST Time starts as a powerbank with the full MAGFAST Family feature set – then adds a neat hinged charging platform to keep Apple Watch going for up to two weeks.

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