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Good, and we’re rolling — Live.

Hello, Welcome. I’m Seymour Segnit. I’m the inventor and founder of MAGFAST. Thank you for investing your time to be here today. I think you’re really going to love what we’ve got for you. So welcome, you know, listen if you have devices that always seem to need charging — if you know that you love gorgeous design and if you’re ready to experience and be there at the start of something really amazing — you’re in the right place because today, together with your help we’re going to make some charging history. I think we’re going to: Change Charging. For Good. And even though this is something that you’ve never seen before I think by the end you’re really going to get this.

So thank you, just for being here. We’re putting you in our thousand dollar draw to win your choice of some awesome premium electronics, including some of the game-changing new MAGFAST products that you’re about to see today.

I really think you’ll love them. Everyone seems to love what we’re doing here. We locked ourselves up on trustpilot recently, and it has over 2000 reviews there now of what you’re about to see.

Rated Excellent. So we’re thrilled about this. Here’s a typical comment from Paul42Nato.

Paul is one of thousands who have followed and supported us right from the get-go.

And as you can see.

Thank you Paul. That’s very, very generous indeed and thank you to all our tens of tons of early supporters. People just like you who saw what you’re about to see and jumped on board.

And a huge thank you to our amazing team. Let me put my headset on and say “Hi” to our amazing team.

Here and all around the world — Hi guys — who’ve made today possible.

You guys are incredible.

Thank you for jumping in and committing everything to this project. You’re just amazing.

Now please get back to work. We want to be shipping, shipping, shipping.

If customer service can just stay back for just a second. I want you to meet these guys because they are the kind of the heartbeat of everything we do around here. First of all, my beloved wife Amy.

Darling, Thank you so much. We really really could never do this without you.

Please say hello to Brittany. Hey, Brittany who joined us a little bit more recently in customer service and is just doing a fantastic job.

Kate, hey, Katie, many of you know. C’mon say hello!

There you go. Many of you know from our from our weekly updates and is going to help me with a Q&A in just a minute, after we’ve been through the main body of this.

And Sanya, runs the whole operation don’t mess with Sanya. She’s the boss of customer service and she’s responsible for the fact that this team responds on average twice as quickly as a customer service in general.

But I would say and Kate you will confirm this, when we do an event like this it tends to get a bit busy and customer service, so please be patient with us if you get in touch with us after this it can sometimes take a little bit longer because there’s so many people here.

The questions can kind of pile up but I mean seven days a week, right Kate?

Yes, seven days a week.

Terrific and what I would like you to do, please if you would be so kind is to just gather together some folks questions and we’ll do a Q&A session towards the end. Is that good?

Yes, of course! All right. Thank you Kate. She’ll gather all the questions together and we will see her a little bit a little bit later on.

Alright, so here’s what we’re going to do. First of all, I want to tell you a little bit about MAGFAST, how we got to where we are today and what we’ve achieved so far. A little bit of the back story.

Then we’ll meet this remarkable family of MAGFAST products and fair warning — they’re pretty awesome. If you stay here, there’s a real danger that you’re going to fall in love as many, many others have done.

Then I’ve got something pretty special for you to say, “Thank you for being here and for checking us out.” and giving us giving us your feedback.

And then as you heard just now, we’ll wrap it all up with a Q&A.

Kate will come back and we’ll do a QA.

Just one more thing before we start — what you’re about to see is the sort of culmination of years and years of work.

Working to create something really special.

As you’ve seen the people who pay attention to what we’re doing are really super excited about it.

So this thing, this project is for you.

If you love that feeling, that feeling of being a part of something really amazing and really special. If you love being with a team that’s going above and beyond to create something truly special. That kind of thing is for you, I really think you’re going to enjoy today.

So a lot has been written about us a recently but in case you don’t know the backstory despite the funny accent.

I’m actually American by birth and live in New York.

But yes, I did grow up in England. I went to school in England, studied engineering at Oxford University all those years ago and actually have a pretty decent talent for engineering.

I was not a very diligent student, that I used to send my tutors absolutely crazy.

And after college actually didn’t go into engineering. I worked for a couple of the big advertising agencies in London.

Then three or four years in radio winding up presenting radio shows at Capital FM, London’s Capital FM, which at the time was the largest commercial station in Europe. That was a pretty amazing, pretty amazing experience.

Then lived overseas for a few years and worked on some big product launches or one for Coca-Cola in South Africa and also for Virgin, a Virgin Atlantic, we launched the London to Johannesburg service. And while I was there I got involved with a new kind of business software that wound up taking me to California where I worked with a bunch of startups and learned a whole load of critical, critical business skills before winding up on the other coast right here in the Hudson Valley in New York.

Where I met a girl married my beautiful sweetheart Amy, right by the Hudson River and we had a very beautiful and very funny baby who we called Hudson. Here she is on her first birthday right in front of the river same name and here she is 11 years later in front of the river. They grow so quickly.

Anyway, one day my amazing Amy and I were — have you ever done one of those projects. What’s her name?

Marie Kondo? Have you ever tried to Marie Kondo your home? Where you to get everything all sort of super cleared out and organized we were doing that and we kept on finding all of these crazy charging cables and I started to think how could we have a really neat system for charging and in the middle of this light bulb went off and I had this idea — dashed down into the basement and an hour or so later I came back up with this.

What you’re looking at right now is the first-ever prototype of the first-ever charger I invented. You can even see that old iPod connector on the top there all glue and paint but a really simple charger you can just plug in and allowed you to keep your Outlets free to use and pop your device right on top. Now we’ve come a long, long way from — as you’re about to discover. But the thing is when I showed this to people friends and family went crazy for it. They said hey, this is great. Good luck!

Normally when you come up with an invention people go. Yeah, good luck with that. But they were like, none of this is great. You’ve got to get this thing made and this was just at the time that sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are starting to get noticed allowing not just companies, but anyone, like you or me to come up with an idea and launch it and allowed the crowd to support it if they think it’s a good idea.

We tried to get a little bit of advice. I wanted to experts looked at what we were doing. This said yeah, you know the maximum you’ll ever raise is fifty, fifty thousand dollars, which is very very little for a project of that kind.

But within a few weeks, we’d raised almost 650,000 dollars. And at the time it was one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and for a while it was even the number one crowdfunded mobile accessory of all time. So we’re really, really thrilled really proud of that. And in fact, it was considered so successful at the time that I was invited to speak at a crowdfunding like an entrepreneurs Retreat hosted by virgin founder Richard Branson, which was kind of as amazing as you probably thinking.

There’s Richard there and that’s me.

You don’t believe me insufficient evidence. Okay. Try this.

Yes. I confess. I wound up getting a little too much into the spirit of things and wound up dancing around the campfire with him and others in the middle of the night, but it was a truly amazing, amazing experience.

Anyway, that first invention went on to ship over a quarter of a million units. The quality was absolutely fantastic and to this day — almost every week. Someone says, I love that charger I still use it every day.

The trouble was that in late 2015 that business grew so quickly 400% in 2 months at one point, which is insane.

It had the classic cash flow problem the businesses often have when things move too fast and you’re not ready to scale and we wound up losing the business. So 2016 was incredibly painful. I think it was probably the toughest thing that I have, truly the toughest thing that I’ve ever experienced.

But through it all I’d learned a lot of lessons had also discovered that there was just this amazing opportunity in charging.

Because most of us, as we’ll see in a minute most chargers just really aren’t that good. The chance to do something truly, truly amazing in the charging market. So I spent that winter locked away burning the candle at both ends. This is the actual shot of the effort side of our house that winter with the window where I would work.

Analyzing everything that we’d learnt and developing the foundations that have now become MAGFAST and after several months of very intensive work, we decided to test launch it to see if anyone would actually love our ideas about the future of charging. It was really exciting. We invited an email list of — I forget the exact number of tens of thousands of people and we figured if just like seven, eight, nine hundred folks make the decision to jump in and back us today, then we’d be able to go ahead.

Our team was all gathered in a kind of Zoom, Zoom Room Conference Mission control, all feeling excited for this incredible event.

And I don’t know if you’re familiar with Google analytics for people who run websites as a way of seeing what’s going on on the website. It looks like this all kind of graphs and numbers and stuff and this big total readout of the number of people on the site. Now the truth is, if we’d seen a total number like this we’d have been kind of nervous great on it. Using on any normal day but for launch, it just looked like it wouldn’t have been enough a lot more folks have been invited and we needed eight or 900 actual customers to go ahead and back us in order to be successful and have a good launch.

But Google wasn’t showing us anything like 5,000 more like five or six hundred.

In other words. There was less people on the site than the actual number that we needed to back us. So we were kind of freaking out Google might as well have shown us.

This you know, like awful feeling when you have a party and no one shows up and back in Zoom Mission Control. The team was freaking out. It was truly, truly terrifying.

Amy and I had personally put everything on the line and it really looked like the whole thing was over.

But then, just after the kind of 35 minute mark into the presentation, something amazing happened because it turns out that if people stay on the site, too long Google forgets about them and the numbers had been wrong.

And on our website we had a counter to show the total number of people who’d backed – who jumped in to back us and it is we opened up pre-orders for the first time the number started to grow like crazy.

Suddenly from zero it just climbed and climbed and climbed. It was incredible. One of the most remarkable experiences of my life from thinking it was all over to kind of soaring within just a few minutes of truly, truly extraordinary. And you can imagine the feeling of excitement right now as that was happening. We got, we wound up with about a quarter of a million dollars in the first 15 minutes, which must be some kind of a world record. And within 12 hours almost 2,000 people from all around the world had backed us to something over 600,000 dollars. Just to put that in perspective Apple now one of the most valuable companies in the whole world, reported only a bit more revenue — 774,000 for the first 12 months after their founding, so we’re not quite Apple. It’s not an apples to apples comparison. We have a long, long way to go and a lot of work to do and I’m certainly not suggesting whether the next apple.

But it’s kind of a fun comparison and I’m incredibly proud of our team. Thank you guys again for what they did to get MAGFAST off the ground and the steady and solid and amazing work since that day to today building this amazing foundation of company and products that’s now ready to scale.

I also want to say a huge thank you to you. If you’re one of the people who was there on that on that first day. I know, I know, I know many of you guys are here today.

We truly couldn’t have done it without you. You got us off the ground and you also know what a long and tough journey it’s been so thank you for your generosity of spirit — it’s infectious.

We literally couldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and you’re just, you’re incredible.

If you’re with us, first time right now.

Welcome. Thank you for your decision to join us today.

So why is everybody so excited about MAGFAST?

Today, the average household — I’m sure you can relate — has 13 or more connected devices. Can you believe that? 13.

And not all but many, maybe even most of them are mobile.

Just think about that for a second. The trouble is as everyone was selling you those devices with all those chargers and all those cables. No one thought about the impact that it would have. And it’s kind of crazy.

It doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t work for you because we can become a slave to charging, a slave to wires.

This is my daughter Hudson, and I’m sure that I’m sure the feeling.

The cables are terrible. They break all the time. Yuck. It kind of sucks and you deserve a lot better connection.

And to feel connected you got to be charged.

That’s why we have all these devices for that feeling of connection. And that’s why we always need charging. So it’s really to keep that feeling of connection that there are these things called portable power banks. Portable power banks — these blocks you carry around usually with a cable, of course to charge your device when you need to. And there’s a lot of these things out there, there’s a lot of them. You search Amazon for power bank and look.

Whoa, over 2,000 results come up and we looked at some of them to try and distill what’s out there.

They’re all USB. So there’s a little bit of compatibility but design, you know, there are some decent ones but overall they’re either going to really dull like this looking thing. This is from one of the industry leaders. Or that kind of silly, you know cheap novelity throw away things.

Here’s one from a very very famous battery brand. We actually photoshopped their name off to save them the embarrassment because, yeah it look at first glance. It looks great built-in cable how great is that? We love the idea of it.

But most that have a built-in cable like this one — hard were the cable in and the cable isn’t very good. It’s permanently fixed there. So when it inevitably breaks, you have to throw out the whole charger.

The other problem is, when you try and actually plug this thing into your a phone the plug doesn’t fit half of the cases that are out there because you can’t fit a square peg into an oval hole — it’s ridiculous.

And that’s typical of the industry today. All sorts of stuff that’s designed to be cheap to make, convenient to manufacture, but really not awesome to own at all.

Always designed for the convenience of the manufacturer and not the convenience of you, the user. All cheap plastic, careless quality, it just isn’t that great.

Plus the cheap stuff just breaks all the time, cost you a fortune to replace and most just wind up being in landfill in no time at all. Really costly for you, have a horrible environmental impact. The United Nations published some data recently, nearly 50 million tons of electronics waste, e-waste they call it.

Full of really nasty toxins. Is discarded every year, much of it just lands right on top of some of the poorest communities in the third world. It’s really, it’s really disgusting.

All right, what else about the industry.

Innovation is pretty limited too — we don’t think that just slapping pretty patterns all over a junk charger is innovation.

It’s really just a sales gimmick.

So really, the industry today, the charging industry today with very few exceptions kind of sucks.

There’s a bit of compatibility because of all the USB. It’s actually, you can connect things together if you if you can put up with the wires, but overall product designed for the industry is lousy. So that’s a fail.

Quality often not at all.

Most are pretty inconvenient and fiddly.

Innovation is really limited as well, so that’s a fail.

And very few have wireless charging done right. And that’s a big no because the future is wireless charging. This is where everything is going. It’s a big big fail. And the last one is the one that makes a difference to you every day. What’s the impact, what’s the impact on your life and the planet. Is at a joy to own and enjoy to use or is it just yucky and you’re throwing it away in no time at all and winding up in landfill.

So you’re left with this lousy experience you’re carrying this thing around half the time you didn’t charge it because it was too fiddly to get it charged. The other half of the time you don’t have the right cable with you so there’s no power for you when you need it and you might as well be carrying around a brick.

But if you’ll choose to get involved now, I think we can make a real difference leap frog products that completely take over the competition. A transformational system that checks out like this.

A family of next generation chargers that are compatible with everything, have gorgeous design, premium quality are so convenient and delightful to use you’ve just got to have them.

Super innovative, built right from the ground up for the age of wireless charging and the new USB-C standard that’s taking over.

And that has a positive impact on you and your daily life and perhaps even the planet as well. I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment.

So how do we do this?

Well, power banks are all about power. You need to get power into them easily, so they’re charged when you need them. And then you’ll be able to get the power out easily when you need it. If we make a kind of business school 101 chart of how easy or hard it is to actually get the power in and how easy it is to get it out, most chargers today are down here in completely the wrong quadrant hard to get power in hard to get it out, horrible old micro USB cable to charge them and even if they do use the newer USB-C you still have cables in a tangle. You have to carry cables around with you wherever you go if you want to get the power out. The whole thing is so inconvenient that often you never get around to putting power in or you can’t get it out and you wind up with this.

Which is just painful.

What you need is a system, a family of products that lives here, in this quadrant.

Super easy, to get this to keep charge. Super easy to get the power out. Super easy to have this in your life. So that’s we’ve designed and I think we’ve nailed it. A new class of connection that’s magical, magnetic and fiendishly fast and we’re calling it.


A revolutionary new family of wireless, magnetic chargers that just connect beautifully and as you’ll see — change charging for good.

Now this family is a complete charging system, designed to cover everything that you do. At home — in the office —in your car — when your mobile or traveling. We’ve even got MAGFAST for international markets too. And every MAGFAST charger works with every phone, every tablet, every device from every brand. That means that whatever you’ve got today — MAGFAST chargers it. So how do we do this?

You know, I think it’s time to meet the family.

Let’s open up the special secret brief right now.

You know, we honestly believe these are the best chargers ever designed.

And they have this unique patent-pending feature that no one else can touch.

It’s the magical, magnetic, superfast snap to charge MAGFAST connection and it works like this.

It’s that easy, boom. Isn’t that great? One more time.


The perfect amount of magnetic attraction so you can break it apart easily, but look how firmly holds that. I can pull down really quite nice and hard.

Isn’t that great? And all MAGFAST family products have this incredible magnetic connection. You just snap to charge any two members of the family, snap to connect like this to charge or be charged. It’s really great and no one else in charging has this.

MAGFAST lets you stack multiple items together look isn’t this terrific?

The connection is instant.

It’s all done without wires.

Yet fast, safe charging.

Everything docks together perfectly.

The magnets automatically repeal bad connections. They just push them away.

It works like magic and boy only patenting it.

So here’s what MAGFAST means for you. Instead of living like this.

You get to live like this.

I’m serious — count them up.

Typical charging mess here. Three items your smartphone, a couple of others, here we’ve got power banks here charging in this mess of wires.

And here’s the same setup with MAGFAST, your smartphone and to power banks all charging neatly on the right.

Except with MAGFAST it gets even better because we still have the USB connections, and enough power you can plug in anything you want, including a laptop or anything else.

So let’s look at the products one at a time. First amongst equals. Is this guy.

MAGFAST Life. And the first thing is, it just feels so great in your hand.

You want to charge with it all the time. It’s called Life and you wanted in your life.

It’s really really gorgeous.

It’s a beautiful life and get this brilliant LEDs right along the front here. So you always know how much charge you’ve got to give today.

So in order to not be a brick remember has to be super easy to get power in and get it out. So how do you get power out of MAGFAST life? Well, the first thing is it’s got this beautiful, look, this beautiful little built-in cable.

Isn’t that spectacular?

Now, you’re free to carry around a messy cable with you wherever you go if you want but you no longer have to and this little cable is removable and replaceable, which is great if you switch phones or if today’s the day to give someone else a boost and it’s available in all the flavors you need on the left the fantastic new universal USB-C as for most devices today and we think for the next decade or so. It’s the new industry standard. It’s absolutely fantastic and it’s standard right across the MAGFAST family of products.

A mini cable is also available as an apple m-fi certified lightning for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and so on. And we also have it in the old micro USB for compatibility with older devices and together they cover the past. the present, and the future of wired charging and if your best friend borrows it and destroys it you can replace it in two seconds flat.

So this is really great. Anytime your device needs a boost just flip out the cable for a charge and you’re getting it fast. Look like this, any phone, any tablet, any reader as I said from any brand and just look at those breathing LEDs.

I drove the engineers crazy asking for these LEDs that all humans can understand. I’ll show you the LEDs. I’ll show you LEDelicious in just a moment. The other thing about these cables is that they’re actually useful, you can use them for other things.

Here’s the mini cable connecting your laptop and your phone. It’s nice, right?

Isn’t that great.

And forget that dumb square ended cable that you saw earlier MAGFAST built-in cables connect with our beautiful patent pending dome tip design.

Fits all phones, from all brands in all cases – guaranteed.

And this is such a small detail that makes all the difference that this tiny micro magnetic system embedded right in the tip of the cable.

So instead of flapping around the cable just snaps right back into its home in the scoop.

It’s a really nice detail. Look trust me. We’ve put more love into the tip of these cables and the other guys put into a whole charger.

Remember, this is how some guys are doing the built-in cables.

And this is how we’re doing them at MAGFAST.

Countless hours spent crafting it from every angle, so now MAGFAST mini cable is patent pending.

And remember, it’s removable swappable and replaceable.

So let’s remove it now and look, there’s two more ways of getting power out. A USB-A outlet the kind of use for years and to get the best out of your old cables we’ve included fast charge technology on all our USB A’s.

And the new future-proof USB-C outlet.

MAGFAST USB-C supports the critical industry fast charging standard called PD, Power Delivery.

You’ll see this logo popping up all over the place with us. PD is really an entire presentation in its own right but it is the industry standard for premium USB-C, Power Delivery.

It’s a really great standard that maximizes the safe charging speed of any device. Can take loads of data at the same time and it is blazing, blazing fast.

All right. What are we up to? Three — the fourth way of getting power out is our magical MAGFAST connection.

You can just snap MAGFAST products together like Lego and just combine them and stack them in any way you want.

Super simple snap to charge.

It took months to get this electro mechanical interface just right.

The secret is this array of precision magnets that align and connect perfectly with just the right amount of force.

It’s really, really nice. You’ll just snap to charge any two or more MAGFAST products together. Like MAGFAST Air — oh love Air — i’ll show it to you in just a minute.

Or snap to give a booster charge to one of your other MAGFAST power banks of it’s running low. And we can just yeah if we can just zoom in here and look, you see how that breathing LED intuitively tells you how fast power is going out.

And look on the other one.

You easily can tell both that it is being charged as being filled up and it’s already at three out of ten thirty percent full we’ve trademarked this LEDelicious system and we’re patenting it. It’s one of the features we think you’re really going to love and in fact, can we get the LEDelicious of film on standby, please because I want to run that for you in just a minute, okay?

And we have some stunning new top-secret surprises in the pipeline. They’ll be announcing soon as a customer you’ll get to hear about first of course.

And they all have the special fast magnetic MAGFAST snap to charge connection. So that’s four ways of getting power out.

The fifth, well the fifth is Qi Wireless, Qi is the universal industry wireless charging standard.

It’s backed by Samsung and Apple and over 200 other top brands including Huawei and LG and Google, Belkin, Ikea.

All the big brands worldwide including MAGFAST. And Qi works just great.

Whether or not you already use it your phone almost certainly has Qi. You’ve likely seen these discs, kind of like a charging puck around the place.

They make an electromagnetic charging field like this, and you just plunk your phone down.

You can keep the case on it starts to charge immediately super convenient.

And this symbol Qi, Q-i is the mark of the industry-standard so all Qi products work with all the others and if your phone has wireless charging it almost certainly does, then it is Qi certified. Qi is appearing all around at places like Starbucks, it’s great. You just place your phone right there on the counter.

You can even get furniture and other products with Qi built right in. Here’s an Ikea lamps called the RIGGAD.

Which we hold in high regard and again, you put your phone right down, starts to charge.

Notice how Qi lets you keep the case right on your phone when you’re charging.

A lot of people ask about that — just keep your case on and put it down. It works absolutely great.

So the fifth way of getting power out of MAGFAST Life is Qi wireless.

Just pop your device right down on top like this. It’s instant and it’s really, really nice and MAGFAST is a member of the wireless power Consortium.

So all our wireless chargers are fully Qi certified to take full advantage of every other Qi chargeable device out there.

So this is wireless Qi and it’s your fifth way to get power out. Let’s count them. Our beautiful mini cable, USB C with PD Power Delivery, fast charge USB-A, our fast magical magnetic MAGFAST connection for accessories and for sharing and for boosting, and of course, Qi certified wireless.

Only MAGFAST has all these ways of getting power out of your device. Only MAGFAST.

So what about power in.

Doesn’t matter how convenient it is to get power out if you never got charged in there in the first place.

Well, of course, we’ve got the MAGFAST connection.

Boom. Just snap to charge just drop any of our chargers onto any other and you’re charging instantly, one-handed no fiddling with messy wires and you can stack two or three at a time if you want.

The second way to get power in, is micro USB, yeah the same as ordinary power banks. Not a huge fan of micro USB, it is very old standard, it’s a bit fiddly, but you want this today for compatibility with all those cables you already have lying around your house.

Look micro USB just plugs right in.

The third way — this is actually the fastest way — is USB-C.

Our USB-C in also has power delivery circuits to make sure that we can receive, that we can take the fastest possible charge in from whatever source you’re using whether or not you’re choosing MAGFAST.

Take a look at the back of the product here, you see this Qi symbol right in the center? Well right behind it there’s another Qi coil for bringing power in wirelessly as well.

So that means that any place you can charge your phone wirelessly, you can charge your MAGFAST power banks too.

And because we have both Qi in and out you can even stack multiples together like this.

Boom. Isn’t that amazing? Look you can even do this.

Well, so you can see we’ve made it really easy and convenient to get power in and out. In with magical MAGFAST at any Qi wireless charging station, like Starbucks, with the awesome USB-C standard and even with that old-fashioned micro USB.

Only MAGFAST has all of these and we’re just getting started here. Let’s put up the chart and I think you’ll agree.

We’ve blown the rest of the industry away by making it so easy to get power in and so easy to get power out.

So what MAGFAST means for you is that you’ll always have power when you need it.

And there’s a couple of other unique MAGFAST features, inventions really that are core to the brand that I think you’re going to love and one of them is the LEDelicious LEDs that I started talking about just now we’ve made a little film about them. And if I may I’d love to show it to you now.

MAGFAST first patent pending LEDelicious system represents a radical rethink of how all our products clearly communicate with you.

We’ve taken the time to design a simple system of LEDs that tell you everything you need to know, in an easy way that you may notice you already intuitively understand.

First gently, firmly touch the power symbol to turn your charger on and see exactly how much charge you’ve got. Each LED has a number so eight white lights means an 80% charge. Easy.

And each charging outlet is also numbered and as you use it, the matching LED breathes a gorgeous glowing green.

Look slower charging, fast charging, perfect power delivery for your device and as charging completes its safely slows until it stops.

When the time comes no matter which of the many ways you choose to charge your MAGFAST charger, your LEDs dance continuously so you always know you’re getting the charging you want. The MAGFAST LEDelicious display.

Simple. Beautiful. Intuitive.

You know, there’s a big, big difference between making ordinary, everyday products and ones that are still delightful after years of use.

That’s what we’re working to do here and it’s a lot harder and it takes a lot more time. I’ve personally spent hundreds of hours just on that feature just on LEDelicious and the team overall is into thousands of hours.

I’ll tell you when we first wanted to do this the factory thought we were completely crazy.

Everybody else just asked for four LEDs. Yeah, just make ’em flash — we don’t really care. They were like, why do you want to do this? 10 LEDs you’re insane.

They’ve come around to it now and we’re really, really proud of this work.

LEDelicious is standard right across the MAGFAST family and we’re just really, really proud of it — giving you something that’s intuitive and delightful and easy to own.

Something else we’ve done that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry —you may have noticed this on the back panel on the info panel of our chargers.

It’s called MAGFAST Fingerprint.

Fingerprint gives you enhanced security and enhanced service, customer service.

How? Well there’s a billion different combinations to this code. We engrave a unique one onto each charger and you just point your smartphone camera at it like any other QR code. Very simple to use, see?

It confirms the product is genuine MAGFAST brand and protecting your privacy at all times, who it’s registered to.

And then there’s options both if you are the owner or if someone just found your charger and scanned it.

For you as the owner, you get quick access to stuff you need like instructions.

It’s so simple to use you won’t need those but also to the warranty, recycling information, again, you’re not going to do that for for years and years and a free lost and found service because others get rewarded for returning it to you as well as an invite to come join our family and if they choose to go ahead and become a customer you’ll get rewards for referrals.

So MAGFAST fingerprint is included free on all of our products.

Your privacy is protected at all times and it gives you security and service that other brands can only dream of.

Only MAGFAST has Fingerprint only MAGFAST has LEDelicious.

So it’s a pretty amazing feature set. And once we figured it all out, we decided to develop a charger for every part of your life.

Each is designed to be outstanding in its own right “Best in Class” in its own category.

You already have a good feeling of that from just seeing MAGAST life and yet has to be even better when it’s part of the MAGFAST family. Families are always stronger together, right? So if I may, I’d love to quickly show you the other products and how beautifully they’re going to fit into your life.

So here is MAGFAST Road for your car or truck and you see this little sort of snout on the end here. It plugs right into the 12-volt power socket in your vehicle.

Yes modern vehicles do sometimes have a USB outlet or two, but even in premium cars, they’re often pretty lame just not very high-powered.

But by tapping into the 12-volt outlet, we can safely move a lot of power.

How much? Enough to power a road trip for six? I’m not kidding.

Six people all powering their devices simultaneously and here’s how we do it. Right on the end, there’s four USB outlets to USB-As with fast charge to USB-C’s the new standard, of course with PD Power Delivery.

And then look on top you’re getting another fast charge USB-A and another C with PD Power Delivery.

No other product I’ve seen can handle six like this. A few have four, none have six in a really beautiful neat package like this and most of the time you won’t be using those top ones. So you just pop in your mini cable.

Road has the beautiful mini cable that you can swap in and out. It’s ready as always and it carries a nice boost charge as well. So you can just grab it out of your vehicle and go with it at any time. Here it is charging a Samsung but like every other MAGFAST charger it’s optimized to fast charge a device from any brand. Here it is lightning charging an iPhone.

And of course Road has our MAGFAST connection too, so you can use it to charge your other MAGFAST products on the move like this. It’s it Great?

And remember this tip that plugs into your car’s 12-volt Supply?

Well, it’s tucked away safely while you’re driving but always ready, look. A flashlight right in the tip. A powerful quad LED flashlight.

So you’re always ready on the road. Isn’t that great!

Boom, you’re always ready and because of the MAGFAST magnets, it snaps look right under the hood of your car right above the engine bay or anywhere else around your home like the fridge or a filing cabinet.

So Road is perfect for emergencies small and large alike.

And of course, it’s MAGFAST so there’s loads of ways of getting power in, MAGFAST snap to charge, the 12-volt snout, micro USB, and USB-C as well.

And one last thoughtful detail.

You see how these two USB-A’s in the middle, see how they mirror each other let’s so it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in your brain will always know the little bar is always in the middle. I had to fight tooth and nail with the engineer’s to get this for you, but it’s worth it because you’re going to be using Road for years and years to come.

So that’s MAGFAST Road. A star in your car, road trips for six.

Thanks to three fast charge USB-A outlets and three even faster USB-C outlets with PD Power Delivery.

Got our beautiful built-in swappable mini cable.

Four ways to get power in. A nice power boost on board for your phone if you need to grab it and go.

Our awesome built-in flashlight, nobody else has that.

And all the MAGFAST family features including fingerprint and the gorgeous LEDelicious system.

Next, remember how I showed you earlier that you’ll be going from this to this.

Well, right at the center of all that is MAGFAST wall. We’ve kept the simple design, the interchangeable tips, the outlets that stay free to use, everything that you, that people loved about the original design and made it a bit bigger outside for big upgrades inside.

And it was already pretty great product in the first place. Let’s take a look.

So first of all, super simple to install. You just plug it into any regular outlet, takes five seconds.

There’s two ways of charging your phone on the top.

A Qi wireless way, that’s the easiest, I’ll show you that in just a few minutes.

And our special precision tip system that gives you charging at wired speeds, but without the messy wires.

It’s available as USB-C as a lightning tip certified by Apple’s MFi program and a micro USB for any of your older gear.

And the female end of each of these tips is USB-C the new standard, right so you can use these tips as adapters for the new USB-C cables you’re starting to get as well as in your MAGFAST wall. You just get a cable and pop the tip right on the end. See it’s a really nice neat little adapter.

Plus you got to admit it, this tip design is kind of cool. Looks like something from NASA or SpaceX. Isn’t it awesome?

And the tips store neatly right in the back of wall. So they’re always there when you need them. You keep the main one in the top and the others in these special teardrop shaped scoops.

All right, let’s look at some of the other phases of the product. On top first at the front — here’s where the tip goes, apple lightning, old micro USB or USB-C with power delivery and if we just pull back — it’s easy to miss this — let’s just highlight it for you. A full MAGFAST interface where you can snap to charge any of your MAGFAST power banks or accessories.

On the front your regular outlet stays free to use.

Remember this is the alternative and if ever you miss it, I guess you can plug all that junk right into the front of our outlet too.

And on the other side on the bottom another MAGFAST connection that’s great for In your kitchen, your garage or your den you can kind of set up a whole kind of charging station.

And out of sight but there when you need it two USB-As with fast charge on our regular model or like most people you’ll probably want our double a power upgrade which adds two USB-Cs with power delivery, enough to charge any device and can even replace the charger for tablets and most laptops.

So that’s MAGFAST wall your outlets stay free has MAGFAST snap to charge on top and on the bottom, micro, lightning and USB-C tips are available.

They store neatly in the back. Your outlets stay free as we said on the front.

It includes MAGFAST Fingerprint and LEDelicious systems and with USB-As underneath in case you ever need them on all models.

And on our double the power model, we call it SP2X, double the power add to USB-C outlets underneath with PD Power Delivery.

And today for the first time we’re announcing a third even more powerful model Quad Power SP4X with a total of a hundred watts available from one of the outlets. That’s more than enough for even the hungriest laptops running at full tilt with graphics and video editing. This thing is a Powerhouse.

So if you use a lot of power you want to look at SP4X Quad Power, Wall Quad Power.

So as you can tell I’m really proud of wall. It has a special place in my heart. It’s evolved from that original invention all those years ago. And all this time i’ve been working on it with a dear friend of mine animator, Filip Spasav.

He put together this really fun little animation. I just want to show you now with MAGFAST Wall showing you just one of the ways that you can use it for a rapidly charging your Air Pods. Here they come, neatly in and — Hello? Where do we go?

Oh, that’s it.

Next up is MAGFAST Air.

Air competes in the premium desktop wireless chargers market. Here’s a couple of them on the left pretty nice-looking. Actually the one on the right folds for travel.

That’s cool. But an SD engineering is really exceptional. It means that it won’t be quite so stable and solid when you’re using it. Now, both of these are hundred seventy-five bucks on Amazon when I checked earlier. We think that’s far too much money and they don’t solve some of the important problems of the category.

First of all they’re called wireless chargers, but look they always need wires which is nuts.

Second, if you have the wrong wire, the wrong USB cable, the thing is useless.

If you need to keep your workbench, your kitchen counter clear, I think just sits there in the way with its cable trailing waiting for an accident to happen. What If you’re simply someplace whether it actually isn’t anywhere to plug in. Well, we’ve thought this through and we think we’ve got some better answers than the other guys. First of all cables.

You’ve got all all these old cables now you’re getting the new cables. It’s such a simple answer Air accepts either, your old micro USB cables. You’ve got loads of them or the new USB-C so you’re fine whenever you want to plug in. What if you need to keep it off the counter?

You just drop it right on top of Wall.

This is so great in your kitchen keeping your stuff away from spills.

It’s great in your office, your den, your garage — Apple or Android, any brand with wireless charging and what about when you have no outlet and no USB cable?

Well Air just snaps right on to MAGFAST Life just snaps on to charge Life or any of our other power banks. It’s so neat and easy to miss — but look, there it is. There’s life snapped right on the back of Air to charge.

Isn’t this great? So we’re really excited about MAGFAST Air. So excited, we made another little film about it. And if I may I’d love to show it to you now.

MAGFAST Air reimagines what’s possible it Qi wireless charging.

Beautiful, glossy contours enclose a powerful dual coil Qi certified, premium wireless charging system for all your Android, Apple and other devices.

Place one horizontally or vertically and instantly our induction system communicates with it to maximize power delivery and ensure a safe, fast charge.

Designed for lifetime durability and fun, this stand doesn’t fold down or flip out it snaps firmly, magnetically and fast.


Both onto the back for simple storage and underneath to stand on your desk or countertop.

Airs precision geometry is calibrated to position your devices at a perfect 69 degree viewing angle to maximize your productivity.

By now you already have many micro USB cables like this, but the future is USB-C like this. So Air accepts either, when you want to pair it by itself.

And Air of course is MAGFAST Air, so like every other MAGFAST family product. It works magically with all your other MAGFAST chargers too.

Snap on any of your MAGFAST power banks for a super stylish, truly wireless portable charging stand.

Or keep your phone away from big spills and little fingers by snapping Air right on top of your MAGFAST Wall for one of the world’s first outlet mounted Qi wireless chargers.

So air is awesome on its own perfect with all our power banks and wonderful on MAGFAST Wall.

And of course we plant yet another tree for every MAGFAST charger ordered.

MAGFAST Air reimagines what’s possible in Qi wireless charging.

So we feel really excited about MAGFAST Air now. Qi anywhere on your desk on your wall or anywhere else you need it.

Now next… Do you recognize this?

Yeah, it’s the best selling watch in the world, the Apple watch and whether or not you own an Apple Watch, you’re going to love the next few minutes because you’re going to see how beautifully we’re able to extend your MAGFAST system into all kinds of other areas.

Now Apple watch charges with this cable. And as you know MAGFAST we’re all about sorting out the messy cable problem. So we thought about this really long and really hard.

We wanted to come up with a design that’s beautiful, simple and surprising. It took a long time, but I think we’ve cracked it. We took MAGFAST Life and evolved its classic design to a special Apple watch edition like this.

With precision cable lugs that allow you to keep your cable all nice and neatly stacked…

I’m kidding. I’m kidding we could never do this.

Forgive me, but we did actually evolve MAGFAST Life. We just did it like this.

Perfect for Apple watch. Look. Isn’t this beautiful?

And we’re calling it MAGFAST Time, made for Apple watch.

And because it’s MAGFAST Time it snaps to charge, beautifully, magnetically right in the stack.

It has its own lithium polymer battery on board so you can snap to charge on air and any other MAGFAST family products.

Holds enough power to keep your Apple watch going for up to two weeks.

It ships with a lightning cable, Apple MFi certified, of course, and in fact, the entire product is certified through apples rigorous MFi program certified for Apple watch and the cable made for iPhone.

And time has one more feature that no one else can touch.

Isn’t that amazing?

MAGFAST Time has a precision, servo motor powered extending platform. No one else has this and it’s really awesome.

It automatically detects orientation and extends the platform to match the perfect 45 degree display angle when you’re horizontal and a solid safe 90 degrees when you’re vertical. Look. See? A perfect 45 degrees on your desk or your nightstand, 90 when your vertical, for instance on top of MAGFAST Wall.

Isn’t it gorgeous? You just place your watch on. The face is perfectly presented to Apple specifications.

All the different bands work great and your watch is always secure and presented perfectly.

So that’s MAGFAST Time made for Apple watch first with more to come.

Time ships with a certified lightning mini cable, all the MAGFAST family features you fall in love with. Up to two weeks of power for your watch.

Apple MFi certified made for Apple watch and of course, it has our amazing Servo motor powered extending platform and we think MAGFAST Time is just the best way to charge your Apple watch.

And finally for now at least is MAGFAST Extreme. And this thing is a beast. Loads, I mean loads of power.

8, 10, even up to a dozen smartphone charges and 11, 11 ways to get power out. That is not a typo 11 ways to get power out. Come on. Let’s count them. Number one, of course is our gorgeous MAGFAST patent-pending mini cable, peel it away. And again, you’ve got two and three that’s a USB-C with power delivery on the left and a USB-A with fast charge on the right.

Nice. Okay, let’s turn it. Take a look at the other end.

That first one is actually power in from a micro USB. That’s for getting power in we can’t include it in our count here, but it’s super convenient when that’s the only cable that you can find.

For power outlets continue. We’ve got another USB-C with power delivery, that’s four and two fast charge A’s that’s five and six we’re over halfway there now.

Seven of course is our magnetic fast MAGFAST snap to charge connection extreme snaps right on to power or boost the power of any of our other products. Here it is snapped onto Air, that’s seven. What else?

Well, we’re all about wireless, of course. So right there in the middle of the top face. We’ve got a Qi certified wireless charging port. Number 8, we looked at it. We thought you know, there’s a lot of space on top there because of that big battery and a lot of real estate. We wondered could we maybe could, we perhaps fit more wireless charging capacity on there and it turns out that… Yes.

Look at this thing. It’s like an aircraft carrier with some careful engineering and power management we fitted not one, not two, but three, three Qi certified charging ports on there. You can charge three devices simultaneously even with their cases on.

Here’s how the coils look inside. There’s eight, nine, and ten and here it is in your kitchen.

Look, your phone and wireless earbuds are charging. Still want to spare, isn’t this great. And because we have Qi wireless charging in on life and the other products you can even do this.

We believe it’s the world’s first consumer power bank with three Qi wireless charging ports. It’s going to make a huge difference for families, it’s going to be great for business and travel for everyone.

So that’s 10 ways of getting power out. But I said 11. Did I miss count? Was it a typo after all?

Well, no, did you notice this on the end? You see this?

What happens if we take off this silicon insulating cap?

Well, it turns out the 11th way to get power out of MAGFAST Extreme is here and it’s a doozy.

Look at this. A powerful 12-volt outlet that can deliver up to 500 amps peak.

That’s a lot of power.

So these orange orangey-red insulators there. To give you a second layer of safety.

500 amps. Why what does this mean for you? It means that MAGFAST Extreme is so powerful it can jump-start your car.

I’m not kidding over and over again.


MAGFAST Extreme is quite simply a new class of power bank.

Utterly uncompromising in every way.

Extremes extended form factor and high intensity power source allowed to extraordinary features that have never before been offered together and in a singular beautiful product.

First, arranged perfectly, symmetrically, along its top surface.

MAGFAST Extreme has not one, not two, but incredibly three fast Qi wireless charging ports.

Second in addition to offering all that wireless power and a total of five USB outlets, the battery inside is so powerful it can jump-start your car.

And up to two dozen of your neighbors on a single charge.

MAGFAST Extreme.

Extreme wireless charging. Extreme wired charging. Extreme car starting.

Isn’t that something? And Extreme can jump-start petrol/gasoline cars up to five liters diesels up to 3.

So that is MAGFAST Extreme.

All that power and 11 ways to get it out. It’s the world’s first charger with 3 Qi wireless charging ports and it can jump-start your car. Isn’t it amazing? I tell you once you’ve seen this you just can’t live without it. It’s truly, truly incredible and several people are going to leave this presentation today with one of these for free.

So please stay around and decide if you’re going to be one of them.

Now MAGFAST Extreme is part of Pro Kit. Pro Kit is right for you. It’s your choice.

If you know you really want to get all of these chargers. It’s a special bundle of our most popular designs.

MAGFAST Wall. That’s the upgraded, double the power model with surge protection and double the power and now USB-C as well.

You’ll be getting two of those in the Pro Kit so you can set up a couple of you know, like charging stations, base stations around the home.

You get MAGFAST Road with power for six and the flashlight in the tip.

MAGFAST Life, the one you want to carry around with you every day and you know in your pocket or your purse.

MAGFAST Extreme as we just discussed.

Air the premium wireless charging stand for Qi anywhere, plus three adapter tips for wall and a total of five cables — you get a USB-C cable one of the many cables with each the power banks and then we give you a micro and a lightning as well. So you’ve got all of your bases covered.

Pro Kit has been incredibly popular in pre-order. Over 20,000 people have discovered MAGFAST just like you’ve done and pledged their support by pre-ordering Pro Kit. It’s amazing.

20,000 is enough to fill the Staples Center Arena without social distancing.

So if you feel your love what we’re doing in a minute, I’ll do something really special for you on Pro kit.

If you know that you want to be one of the first people to own this.

And by the way, what you’ve just seen is only the start we’ve got a bunch of other top secret products i’ll show you in a few weeks.

You’ll really want to see this. You really want to see these if you love entertainment, if you love the movies, if you love TV, and if you can’t wait for the next time you’re going to travel. And each of these new products makes the MAGFAST ecosystem the MAGFAST family even more valuable to be a part of. All right, so I promise I’m going to do something really special for you in a moment, but to do that I really want to give you an idea of how we approach value and pricing if I may. As I said earlier the world doesn’t need any more sort of cheap junk electronics. The reason there’s so much at the moment is that most manufacturers try to churn out the cheapest stuff they can, they can get away with — we think that value is much more important than price. There’s plenty of people doing cheap stuff. We want to deliver incredible value. That’s why we’ve designed such extraordinary features into these products, but it isn’t possible to deliver all of that for cheap. It just isn’t, but by being really thoughtful it is possible to deliver by far the best value in the industry.

Let me give you an example, as you know by now nothing out there compares to MAGFAST Extreme, but let’s see how much it would cost you to assemble the main features.

Well, first of all, you need a power bank that can do a jump start. There’s a few of them out there quite a few of them out there. Here’s a typical one at a hundred bucks. You can get some form or some for less. But this is a decent one for a hundred bucks.

Next you need not one, not two but three top tier Qi wireless charging stations, right? Cause we have three all along the top.

This is the only one that we were able to find that allows you to stack power banks the way that the way that we do.

Then you’ll need another power bank to get some more outlets because we got all those different ways of getting power out. And maybe one of those kind of “return this to me tags” in case you lose it. You total it up — It’s over 300 bucks.

So to that cluster and it is indeed a bit of a cluster.

We add MAGFAST snap to charge, goal flash-gold plating on all the USB connections, didn’t even tell you about that before.

Fingerprint, LEDelicous LED system, our brilliant mini cable, all the benefits of being part of the family the system that grows with you. Two years more warranty and we package it all beautifully together with world class design. Heaven knows how much all that should add, yet we do it for 50 bucks, for more than 50 bucks less. It’s a really, really great value.

And stay right there because I said there’s going to be a way that you can leave here today with one of these incredible MAGFAST Extremes for free. And it’s the same all the way across the range — premium products, way better features, way better value than the competition. Look — MAGFAST Life the power bank you want to have with you every day and it’s going to serve you for years to come. It’s just 99 bucks.

MAGFAST Air, the only wireless charger of its kind in the world to use on your wall and your desk or anywhere — costs way more to make Air than the others I showed you earlier — priced way less, 99 bucks.

Then there’s Road with a crazy power for six on a road trip — beautiful flashlight so you’re always ready on the road.

Again just 99 bucks.

MAGFAST Wall, phenomenal upgrade to one of the world’s most popular chargers — $30 for the base model and just 59 for the incredible double the power surge protection and double power.

Here’s a couple of items that aren’t in the Pro Kit, but you may want to pick these up as well.

Jumper cables are just 24 bucks. Just imagine the feeling of security from having those with you. And MAGFAST Time for your Apple watch is a very strong, very strong competitor. You’re getting the MAGFAST family features, two weeks of power for your watch that amazing precision servo motor powered extending platform is incredible value 169.

Today it’s even more competitive at 129 if you preorder it with a Pro Kit today.

So MAGFAST Pro Kit is a complete charging system, maybe in some cases these will be the last chargers you ever need. MAGFAST Life, MAGFAST Extreme, MAGFAST Road, MAGFAST Air, two MAGFAST Walls each with double the power by the way. So six premium chargers plus accessories to cover every part of your life. And the MFi certified and PD premium tips and cables for all your Apple Android and other devices old and new.

Each is a great value as I showed you, together it’s a total retail value purchase separately of 749 bucks. But of course anyone who buys a bundle that big. We give you a break. Our everyday price for Pro Kit is just 597.

Pro Kit includes our three year MAGFAST Care warranty as standard.

It warranties not only any fault with your MAGFAST products, but also any damage that’s caused to devices that you plug in. It’s not going to happen but it’s one of the best warranties in the business not for six or 12 months, but three full years and for a few bucks extra you can upgrade to MAGFAST Care Plus which adds priority support and express replacement service.

And get MAGFAST Care Plus, Plus which will double your warranty — the duration — from three to six years and enjoy protection in the case of accidental loss or accidental damage as well. You know, we build MAGFAST chargers to last and last and last why on Earth wouldn’t we guarantee that they do.

Many competitors chargers wind up in landfill in six months. We warranty ours for up to six years.

All right. So as I said, we’re going to do something special for you for a couple of reasons one you kind enough to stay and really listen to what we’re doing. We’re not like others — shipping countless products no one really cares about — we’re trying to do something really different and really special and that takes time to explain and I’m grateful to you for staying while I was able to all I was able to do that. The other reason that we want to do something special for you is just a business reason ads are really expensive and you’re here right now. So the economics of this for us, especially as a start-up is it’s way better for us if you jump in now then if we have to run ads chasing you all over the internet. And we’d much rather go give you a discount then give more money to Facebook and Google and Co.

That said we’re a start-up we manage our cash very carefully.

So you’ll only get this with all of the bonuses i’m about to show you if you jump in the next 30 minutes, we’ll put a counter up on the screen. Please if we can do that?

But jump in and next 30 minutes if you love this and you want to do this.

So here’s what we’ll do — if you will by these three MAGFAST Life, MAGFAST Air and MAGFAST Road.

We’ll give you Extreme, we’ll give you the two walls, we’ll give you all the tips and cables.

It’s a total of just $297.

I want to say again — you by Life, Air and Road, a total 297.

I will give you MAGFAST Extreme, both of the Walls with double the power, the USB-C upgrade and all of the tips and cables. That’s over 400 dollars of value in the extras total of $749 a total value.

Just 297.

As I said, it’s kind of nuts. You can buy the exact same products right in the shop on our website right now for 749 bucks. We’re a young company. We love the extra cash if you would, but I promised you something very special for your decision to preorder today.

So there it is.

Okay. So let’s check out we’re doing here. You know, I think we’re really running the board. We’ve leap frogged the other guys, but I do want to take a moment if I may to talk about impact.

First the impact on you. Well I hope by now you can tell that we’re working to make that an amazing experience, amazing impact. But what about impact on the planet? Most charging brands really don’t give this a second thought we don’t think it could be any more important.

I told you a few years ago. I was really fortunate to join a small entrepreneurs group and met Mr. Richard Branson, the brilliant billionaire founder of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile, hundreds of other Virgin businesses.

Mr. Branson, I think kind of gets it. I think he understands business better than most people on the planet and I find this quote of his really striking.

“It is no longer an option business must become a force for good.” And with that in mind today, we’re doing three things with your help. I tell you this force for good thing really sticks with you now that you’ve got the bug. First of all, we’ve set up MAGFAST modeling a new kind of entity called a benefit corporation, a benefit corporation. You can feel the difference right away a regular company’s legal responsibility is really just to produce a profit but a benefit corporation as well as a profit, is charged with creating positive impact on everyone involved and the environment.

And we spelled out these core principles right in the company by laws.

Basically by law we have to give a damn.

Our second initiative is that we’ve joined famous companies like Yahoo, and Yelp and TripAdvisor and thousands of other forward-thinking companies and signed the 1% pledge, donating one percent of our company, our time, eventually our profits to make a difference and we’re really excited about this. And the third Way is were working to make your MAGFAST family the world’s greenest chargers. That’s the goal. When you order any MAGFAST charger today, we plant a tree with our friends at Trees for the Future.

Go ahead and get the full Pro Kit now and we’ll plant an extra one, making a total of seven trees.

Those Seven Trees, they clean the atmosphere, right? They clean something like 350 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

Well how much atmosphere is that? Well it’s a lot we calculate it’s the equivalent of cleaning not one but 40 giant advertising blimps full of atmosphere.

Seriously, every single product ordered is going to make a real impact and together we can make a massive difference.

So if you will join us now and others follow it can maybe even be a tipping point for the industry. Isn’t this is insane? This is what 40 blimps looks like the amount of atmosphere you’ll be cleaning up if you decide to jump in today and get a Pro Kit.

And by the way, this isn’t someone off promotion, it’s a permanent part of the way we are and what we do — one charger, one tree, always and forever. It’s part of MAGFAST and will even send you an e-certificate.

Customers love this and they keep on sending us pictures of themselves, selfies with their e-certificates. I think this one’s my favorite, Teresa.

Thank you so much. Thanks to you and to tens of thousands of other kind and generous people like you we’ve already planted over 253,000 that’s over a quarter of a million trees.

That’s more than 10 times the number of trees in Central Park, New York City. So together we’re off to an amazing start and we’re really really proud of this.

Oh and we’re joining other major brands and not including junkie cables and power banks in the box. It’s pure waste 99% of the time you’ve really got drawers full of these things.

You already have everything you need to use our products. And if ever you don’t just get in touch with customer service, we’ll sort you out.

So to celebrate our environmental commitment in addition to our beautiful Alpine white finish. We’ve been showing you, we’re adding this beautiful rich forest green as an option.

Isn’t that gorgeous.

You know over time there’s more we can do there’s a lot more we can do. But we’re starting by making both products and packaging that you’re just not going to want to throw away and planting a tree for every charger.

Feel excited now to be a part of this and giving a little something back. It’s important because as Richard Branson’s team says there is no Planet B, and if you think about it there really is no Planet B.

Do this now and I’ll throw in a bunch of bonuses. First of all, we’ll pay for shipping if some of the items are available first and you want more than one shipment will just ask you to chip in it cost which we think is think is very fair, but the main shipment is free on us. Second is will double the number of trees from 7 to 14 per Pro Kit. So if you love what we’re doing and you know, you love breathing — today’s the day.

And the next couple of things just for the next 30 minutes. First of all jumper cables for MAGFAST Extreme are free for 30 minutes.

If you want the world’s best charger made for Apple watch we’ll give you 40 bucks off of MAGFAST time.

Okay, so free jumper cables, 40 bucks off MAGFAST Time for the next 30 minutes.

What else? Oh multiples if you want to get multiple Pro Kits if you’re in the mood to go a little nuts and double up and go for two Pro Kits we’ll add two more MAGFAST Airs into the mix for you for Qi wireless charging anywhere. Kate let’s run the air film again in just minute. Air is great on your desk, on your nightstand, wonderful on top of Wal, any place like your den or kitchen. And of course, it’s snaps right onto my MAGFAST Life as I showed you earlier on, see, see how beautifully that goes.

And it comes in really gorgeous packaging. So if you don’t need the extra two for yourself, I think you will want to use them for yourself. But if you don’t then it makes for a really wonderful gift and this next thing is really completely nuts. But when we’ve done it before we’ve been thrilled how many people have decided to go ahead and take advantage of this.

Order three of these special three Pro Kits and you’ll get another whole Pro Kit, another whole special package with all of the bonuses for free.

I’m not kidding. I know it sounds insane.

There’s obviously no additional margin, no additional money in it for us because the deal is simply too good for you. What it does do is it helps us to increase the orders that we place at the factory which over time will help us to drive down manufacturing costs. And that really is the only reason we do it because I say, there’s no there’s no extra, any money in it for us for us today.

So you may choose three get one free at the checkout. In fact, let me show you how I’m going to do this.

Just follow the orange buttons, you’ll get to this page where you get to build your Pro Kit.

It’s really nice. You just go and choose, you want alpine white or forest green. I think I’m going to pick forest green there.

You’ve then got a choice of a payment plan or paid in full.

How many — this is where you pick your three get one free or the two Pro Kits with the special, special two extra MAGFAST Airs.

Then jumper cables are free if you come in the next 30 minutes, okay, and I’m going to grab a quick time there.

And yeah, you know what? I’m gonna go for the six, six year warranty.

So nice and simple that. Let me just talk for a second about payment plans.

Look, we’re not a bank but we want everybody to have a chance to do this. So if you can spread the payments with your credit card, then please do that. If not, we have a payment plan. It’s a bit more because to be honest the administration of following up on payment plans and everything is quite a lot for a small company, but we wanted to have a way that everybody who wants to go ahead now and get involved with MAGFAST and pre-order with us is able to do so — to jump in and join us join us on this journey. All right, Kate I think it’s on standby. Let me just put this thing in.

Seymour: Kate, are you there?

Kate: Hello?

Seymour: Okay. Hey, so we’re running long. We need to do this Q & A as a lightning round, please first question — Go!

Kate: Okay, this is from Henry. “If I order a Pro Kit will that include cables for all types of USB equipment?”

Seymour: Yes, it will.

Each individual product, each of the power banks comes with a USB-C cable.

All right, for non Pro Kit customers it’s an option to get the lightning and the micro lightning a micro are included in the Pro Kit question. Number two. Next question, please.

Kate: Okay. Could you run through the offer one more?

Seymour: Yes, I will do that as we’re winding up in a couple of minutes, next.

Kate: Okay, this is from Nancy. She says, “If I preorder some of these specials now can I preorder more later?”

Seymour: Yes, but it’ll be whatever offer prevails at the time the stuff we’re doing right now is some kind of crazy, early pre-order, early customer pricing. So I can’t promise what will be available then. We will always do our very best for you, but I can’t promise that this will be available at another time in the future.

Kate: Okay. Next question is, “Can I pay over time?” — which you just answered.

Seymour: Yeah, we covered that a minute ago. There is six pay available too, or you can use your credit card to spread it out if you want.

Kate: Okay, our next one. “Why are you asking me to pay now rather than at shipping time?”

Seymour: Because it’s crowdfunding.

It’s really simple by doing this by jumping in now, you’re joining tens of thousands of other people making this whole project, this whole company come to life and if that isn’t for you, we completely understand but we would love to have you with us on the journey.

Kate: Is shipping free?

Seymour: Yes, we will include a shipment for free with your pro kit pre-order.

As these, as each product beomes ready some people will choose like I don’t want to wait for them all to be ready — I want to get the first one as quickly as I can. We can’t pay for multiple, multiple shipments, but we will just do that at cost will be very fair with you about that. We’re not interested in making any money out of shipping, but we will pay for shipment and then you can chip in if you want more than one shipment, how about that?

Kate: Okay, and this is from Jerry.

Seymour: Hey, Jerry.

Kate: He says, “Will the 3 Qi Extreme charge Apple or iPhones?”

Seymour: Yes, like I think he’s just checking that the Qi wireless is compatible with essentially all wirelessly charging devices from all manufacturers.

Basically, everybody has got behind the Qi standard. All the big brands, all of the small brands. So the answer is yes, and beyond wireless every MAGFAST charger can charge your device. All right, because we’ve got the tips and the cables. So basically whatever you have from the last 10 years or the next 10 years MAGFAST can charge it.

Kate: Okay, this is from Dee. She says, “How many watts on the charger and I’m not sure which one she’s referring to.”

Seymour: Sure, it’s kind of its kind of pretty much the same answer across the range for the USB-A outlets, that’s the older one, the one that you use for years that looks like a letterbox. That’s 10-watt charging. That’s about as far as USB-A goes. We use fast charge to make sure that whatever the fastest is your device can take.

So 10-watts maximum there are we do 18-watts on most USB-Cs.

On Wall some of them go 30 and sometimes beyond and wireless again were within the Qi standard. The Qi standard allows for 10 watts. I just want to say something about wireless charging, which is that it is fantastic as an all-day charge. You speak on the phone, you put it down. It’s charging a little bit. You pick it up, you put it down. It’s not no nobody does Superfast Qi charging, I guess in the future it will become faster, but it’s a fantastic — is what collect drip charging — like a little bit all the time. I work at my desk, put it down, charges for a few minutes, make another call put it down. So my phone is always charged. It’s really, really fantastic.

Kate: Okay, and this question is from Tara. She says “How many times could you jump a car battery with the large one before it could no longer hold a charge?”

Seymour: I think she means Extreme doesn’t she? MAGFAST Extreme, up to a couple of dozen we say. The thing about electrical engineering is it’s complicated and equations in this that and the other but the thing about jump-starting a car is it’s a lot of power for a very short amount of time.

So with the kind of battery size that we have, if you have you know, smaller vehicles in reasonably good condition a couple of dozen maybe. If you have larger vehicles that need more power it may be much smaller number but it’s a hell of a bolt 500 amps that you get out of this thing.

It’s pretty great to have with you when you’re out and about. But it is multiple charges and we’ve done demonstrations where we’ve charged multiple cars one after they disconnect the battery of the car. If you want to charge them one after another, after another, after another it’s fantastic.

Kate: Okay, this question is from Gretchen. She says looks great. Thank you. Quick question, “With all these magnets will it be necessary to keep the MAGFAST products away from computer hard drives, etc.”

Seymour: Not especially, their tiny little magnets are like four millimeters by four millimeters by 10 millimeters.

Fractions of an inch. I mean 10 millimeters is what, it’s like like that much. It’s like a four, 4/10 of an inch.

Like they’re tiny little things and you’ve got magnets all around you anywhere in your life, in speakers, in headphones. You’ve probably got some magnets on your refrigerator door and in your computer and your cell phone, oh, they’re all over the place.

But as with any magnet, you know, you do need to be careful next to the stripe on cards.

So just anywhere that you would normally be cautious with the magnet be cautious with these.

Similarly, we should always just mention folks have like pacemakers and that kind of thing follow your manufacturers advice. But ours are just really good, very high quality, little magnets, strong little magnets probably — I should say know no special handling needed compared with the other magnets in your house.

Kate: Okay. This one is from Eileen. She asks, this is a two-parter.

She asks, “How long does the charger hold a charge and how do you know when it needs recharging?”

Seymour: Okay, the first part how long, how long would hold a charge. It’s kind of impossible to answer because it depends on first of all, I’m not sure if she’s asking like how long will it last or how long I think she said hold a charge. So how long will it will the charge stay in there.

Many, many, many months under the best conditions a smaller number of months under less good conditions.

You know, you don’t store it too hot — we’ll give you all of the details and obviously in the package. You don’t want to store it too cold, and it also depends on the age of the battery.

But suffice to say we are sourcing the highest quality batteries that are out there. So we will outperform a pretty much everybody else who’s out there. You will get a long and satisfactory, beyond satisfactory use of these things. And remember there’s a three year warranty on it.

Battery batteries do decline a little bit with time. We’re not saying it’ll perform as brilliantly after six years as it does on day one, because that is physically, physically impossible. There is no physics that allows that, but these are really, really, really great batteries.

And then her other question was about, how do you know when it needs recharging LEDelicious is the answer to that. You’re just going, to just going to touch on the surface like that. Boom and immediately you see the number of LEDs lit up. It’s really, really, really nice.

Kate: Okay, Tracy says, “I know you have geared the watch charger. So it’s compatible with Apple watches, is it compatible with Samsung too?”

Seymour: Okay, so the extending platform is only for Apple iWatch at this time. We want to do some other ones in the future, but the iWatch out sells the others by a large margin, so that’s why we’re doing that one first. But of course like all of our chargers you can plug any USB into it so you can charge any wearable just using the little cable that came with the wearable. You can plug it, you can plug it right in.

Kate: Okay “Is MAGFAST MFi certified by Apple?”

Seymour: Yeah, I mentioned that earlier. This is Apple certification to make sure that everything meets their standards.

So you’ll see the, Made for iPhone, Made for iPad, Made for iPod symbols all over the place and also made for Apple Watch. We’re also electrically certified it’s commonly called UL, but we’re certified with ETL which is the the same the same standard UL, ETL certified and also all of the wireless products which is pretty much all of them are certified by the Wireless Power Consortium Qi certified.

Kate: “So what’s fingerprint and how does it work?”

Seymour: So fingerprint is a sort of service and security system that’s comes for free. It’s part of every one. Here, it is on the look on everything on this is something that’s the shape of a fingerprint. It’s actually a QR code that you can scan with any, any camera you just scan it. it will immediately verify that it is a genuine MAGFAST product rather than a counterfeit, which is very important for safety right? Because counterfeiters they don’t care about your safety though, they’ll make anything at all. So it’s it gives you safety from that regard. It also gives you immediate access to all of the information about your product, its age, it’s warranty status.

The end-of-life years from now, you’ll be able to get some recycling information there. And if someone else finds your MAGFAST product, cause you leave it in the coffee shop or something then they can scan it and arrange to return it to you while still guarding your privacy.

So we’re pretty excited about Fingerprint.

Kate: Okay, this person asks ” I want to know what’s going on. How do I get the updates?”

Seymour: Okay. This is really easy. You go MAGFAST.com/Updates and you will always be able to find the latest information there.


Kate: And we emailed updates as well.

Seymour: I mean, yeah sure and we email the updates, we keep you in close touch, please rest assured you will get you’ll get plenty of information about what’s going on. We’ve done at I think we’re now over a hundred and forty updates, video updates that we’ve done for the people who are supporting us. So we’re pretty up we’re pretty on top of that.

Kate: Okay, “If I change my mind, can I get a refund?”

Seymour: Here’s what we do we want to be super, super, super fair about this and we want you to be super fair and recognize that this is crowdfunding, which is only possible with you know by you jumping in with us. Here’s what we do we do which is very common online. We do a 72 hour no quibble, you know after watching all this couple days from now you think you know, that’s the this isn’t perfect for you.

Then we do a refund then we then ask you to stick with us, please. Please, please until you have the products in your hand and then if you don’t love them, if you’re not thrilled with these products, please we want to give you a refund. We don’t want anybody holding our products who isn’t really, really delighted and we have our sort of total delight guarantee approach to that.

Kate: Okay. This one is from Mandy. She asks, “What is the warranty?”

Seymour: Okay. This is gonna have to be the last one.

So three years warranty included as standard. Alright that’s against any manufacturing anything that we get wrong.

It’s also covers up to $10,000 if there was something wrong with one of our products and it hurts something that you plug into it.

Okay, that’s a pretty amazing warranty, three years. It’s called MAGFAST Care. We have MAGFAST Care Plus to which we add priority support and express Replacement Service, okay for a few extra dollars.

And then we also have MAGFAST Care Plus Plus which is a really, really a significant extension. It doubles it to six years, doubles it to six years and also gives cover in case of accidental damage or accidental loss.

Okay. So if you lose or accidentally damage, in other words something that’s your fault. You can get in touch with us. We don’t do free replacements, but we will we will help you out with a very, very low cost replacement in the case of damage or loss.

Kate: Okay. Well that was that was all the questions I had here, but please if you have any more just contact us in customer service.

Hello@MAGFAST.com and we will get back to you very quickly.

Seymour: I just want to say Kate and the team there are absolutely incredible. You’re amazing Kate, it’s a privilege having on the team, it really is.

And yeah, so Hello@MAGFAST.com after we do an event like this it tends to — because there’s a lot of people here — it tends to go a little bit crazy for a day or two. I will tell you that on average Kate and the team respond about twice as fast as the industry average.

Sometimes it slows down a little bit after an event like this because as a good few people getting in touch, but will get back to you. And we do, people sometimes go I’ve written in and you haven’t replied. You need to check your spam folder. We reply to every single ticket, far faster than anybody else, personally more politely and Kate is it not the case that your job description is — Everybody must leave happy, right? That’s your job. Yeah. Kate: Yes.

Seymour: Terrific. Okay. Well, I think we need to wrap this thing up now. It’s pretty nuts.

You preorder these three Life and Air and Road and I’ll give you MAGFAST Extreme and the two walls with double the power USB-C upgrade of course and all the tips and all the cables that’s over 400 dollars of extra value.

As I said, it’s kind of nuts, but you can buy exactly the same products on our site right now for $749.

We’re a young company. We’d love it if you do that and give us the extra cash. But I promise you something very special for your decision to pre-order today. So here it is you go ahead and order Life and Air and Road.


I will give you MAGFAST Extreme to jumpstart your car, all those 11 ways of getting power out. The two MAGFAST Walls with the double the power upgrade and all of the tips and cables an extra 400 dollars in value right now.

And yeah, it’s just two hundred and ninety-seven bucks and we can’t wait to welcome you to the MAGFAST family. All right Kate. I think that just about wraps it up. Yes?

Kate: Yes, and I will be here if anyone has any questions.

Seymour: You and the crew and Kate are going to be in customer service and what we will do now because I know that some people watch this and it’s like it’s a lot to take in. We’re going to roll the tape back on this whole thing. If you want to stay here. There’s something that maybe you think that you missed just stay right there. We’re going to roll the tape back and go through all of the products again, you get this is gonna be a repeat of what we saw a bit earlier on. But for now, for me, it’s Thank you so much for being here. It means the world is you can tell we’re really, really proud of this project and goodbye from me and buy from Kate.

Kate: Bye!

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