How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster [Infographic]

Many of us routinely put our phones on charge before we go to sleep and think nothing of it. The horror of waking up to a phone that is below 100% can leave many questioning whether they need a new device. Equally, it is very frustrating when you’re due to leave home or the office and your phone battery has only crept up a few percent.

If slow smartphone charging is an issue you’re facing regularly, read on to learn more about fast charging and how you can remedy issues with both Apple and Android devices.

How to make your Android phone charge faster

Even if you’re ‘Team iOS’, there’s no denying that Android smartphones have taken the market by storm. Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel handsets are popular, but other brands such as LG and Motorola are also used by US residents.

Whilst Apple accounted for 46% of US smartphones used last year, the remaining 54% were Android handsets.

Given that over half of the population uses an Android-operated smartphone, MAGFAST wanted to discover the different ways you can make your Android phone charge faster.

Android fast charging tips

  • Ensure your smartphone is not too hot or too cold
  • Minimize the power the phone is using whilst it charges or turn it off
  • Ensure you have the strongest possible electrical current going to your phone

If you’ve already carried out these steps, consider the following.

1. Charge via a wall socket

Whilst utilizing the USB port on your computer or laptop is convenient, these different charging ports only output between 1 and 2.1 amps. Charging your Android phone using a wall socket, such as MAGFAST Wall, is going to give you much more power and a quicker charge. Most current Android smartphones are fast-charging compliant, meaning a fast-charging charger can be used to achieve 100% battery in around two hours.

2. Put your phone on Airplane mode

Switching to Airplane mode when jetting abroad is advised but did you know it can be used other than on a flight? When you enable Airplane mode, you disable your phone’s ability to connect to a cell network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – all huge drains on your phone’s battery. Your phone will charge faster in Airplane mode as it’s not delivering updates, messages, and e-mails. They will all appear when you exit Airplane mode.

3. Get a premium charging cable

Most out-of-the-box chargers and their accompanying cables facilitate fast charging. However, upgrading to a premium charging cable means much more data can be carried, meaning your Android will charge faster.

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4. Invest in a portable power bank

If you find yourself running out of battery when on the go, a powerbank will be the answer. Think of a long lasting portable charger as a battery that you can pop in your bag and plug into your phone when it needs charging. All you need to do is ensure the power bank is charged before your leave your home or office.

How to make your iPhone charge faster

Whilst there’s no magic trick to boost your iPhone’s battery to 100% in the blink of an eye, there are a few savvy ways to ensure you’re not hindering its charging capabilities.

As a starting point, ensure your iPhone isn’t overheating, your charger is correctly plugged in, and there are no live apps draining the device. If you’ve carried out these steps, take a look below to see how you could get a faster charge.

iPhone fast charging tips

Like with our tips for Android devices, turning your iPhone off or not using it whilst it is charging will help boost the battery quickly. Using a wall charger instead of a USB computer port will be beneficial too. However, there are some tips specifically for iPhones also.

1. Turn on iPhone Low Power Mode

Even if you’re not using your iPhone whilst it’s charging, there will be a lot of apps and functions whirring away in the background that can take a toll on the battery. Enabling Low Power Mode halts these actions so you can have an efficient charge.

To turn on Low Power Mode, head to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Battery’ from the menu. You will find Low Power Mode at the top of the Battery menu. Switch it on whilst charging or set Low Power Mode to turn on automatically when your iPhone hits a certain battery percentage to elongate use.

2. Ditch your charger for a fast charger

Every iPhone since the iPhone 8 (which was released in 2017) supports fast charging. Apple states that you could reach 50% battery from a lifeless handset in around 30 minutes. However, if you have one of the older models, the charger that came with the iPhone won’t be capable of facilitating a fast charge. Add to this the fact that Apple doesn’t even sell iPhones with chargers any more and you could be left confused. Instead of scrolling Amazon for a cheap fast charger that won’t stand the test of time, why not invest in something with serious longevity?

3. Avoid charging via your computer or laptop

USB outlets on your computer might seem convenient for keeping an eye on messages and calls. However, they are notoriously slow when it comes to charging cell phones due to the low amperage. Charging via a wall charger, power bank or Qi wireless charger will be much better.

4. Change this iPhone feature

Apple has a host of different tools built-in to ensure your phone is performing correctly. One of these tools is designed to stop your battery draining quickly. However, it can make your phone charge slowly. It’s often in place for those periods when your phone is on charge for a while (often overnight). However, if you need a quick boost in the day and time isn’t on your side, head to ‘Settings’ and ‘Battery’. You’ll find the ‘Battery Health’ category – simply turn off ‘Optimized Battery Charging’.

Do I need a high-speed phone charger?

Investing in a high-speed phone charger is a wise move, but it isn’t all you should be relying on when choosing a new phone charger. You will want a high-quality charger and cable that have all the relevant certifications and meet industry standards.

Whether you have the latest smartphone handset or one from a few years ago, it doesn’t matter; a durable and technologically advanced phone charger is the solution. Not only will you have a faster charge, but you’ll save money in the long term as there will be no need to keep replacing inadequate chargers.

MAGFAST hopes that the charging tips above help you get the most out of your phone’s battery. Whether you’re charging at home, at work or on the go, our family of chargers and accessories is equipped with everything you need to power up fast.

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