Portable Power: How Can I Charge My Phone at a Festival?

Festival season is almost here, and you’re probably already starting to plan your perfect festival weekend. Which sets you need to see, what you’ll wear, which campsite you’ll stay at – and how you’ll keep your phone charged for the whole weekend.

You’ll usually have a few options to charge your phone at a festival, but some will be more practical than others. In this guide, MAGFAST delves into all the options for keeping your devices charged at a festival and finds the best solution.

Festival Charging Points

Some festivals offer lockers or charging points that you can use for a fee. Sometimes, you can rent a locker for the full weekend and keep other items in there as well as using it to charge. Some charging points will have locked drawers that you can rent for an hour or two to leave your phone to charge. Others will have outlets that you can rent to use, but you’ll need to stay with your device whilst it charges.

The problem with these types of charging point at festivals is that you may have to wait in line for a long time for one to be available. There are usually tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people attending one festival, and charging points can be in high demand.

As well as waiting in line, you may need to wait with your device whilst it charges. Or, if you use a locker, you’ll need to leave your device behind to charge. You then risk losing contact with your friends and also missing that perfect Instagram moment!

Whilst charging points can help if you’re in a bind and really need a power boost, they’re not the best option for keeping your devices charged at a festival. For true freedom and flexibility, you’ll need a portable power bank.

The Benefits of Using a Power Bank at a Festival

When you take a power bank to a festival, you’ll truly have portable power. Just put your portable power bank in your backpack and take the power with you as you enjoy the festival. You’ll be able to keep your phone and every other device with you and charged up at all times – so, no leaving anything behind in a locker or having to switch devices off to save battery.

With the right power bank and battery capacity, you’ll be able to keep all your devices charged for the entire weekend. You could also help to keep your friends’ devices charged too if your power bank has multiple ports and ways to get power out. So, you’ll always be able to find each other, take photos, record your favorite artists’ sets, and access your digital wallet to pay for food and drink. You can find out more about how to make your phone charge faster at a festival today.

What To Consider When Choosing a Power Bank for a Festival

Not all power banks are made equal. When you’re choosing a power bank to take with you to a festival, you’ll need one that is reliable, durable, with enough battery capacity to last the weekend and that’s compatible with all your devices.

Battery Capacity

Most smartphones have a battery capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 mAh (milliamp hours). So, the battery capacity of your power bank will need to be at least 3,000 mAh if you want to be able to fully charge your phone at least once.

During a festival, you’ll probably need more power than just one full charge, so you should look at power banks that are at least double this. MAGFAST Life has a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh, so it can fully charge most modern smartphones twice. This can be perfect if you’re planning to switch off for the festival, and only want to make sure you have enough power to be able to contact your friends or for emergencies.

But if you’ll be using your phone for the entire weekend, you’ll need a power bank that really packs a punch. MAGFAST Extreme is our super-charger with a huge 18,500 mAh battery capacity. This is enough power to fully charge your phone multiple times across the weekend, and also keep your other devices topped up too.


The best power bank for festivals will be compatible with multiple devices. You don’t want to be weighed down with lots of different chargers – the ideal solution will be one power bank that can keep all your devices charged.

MAGFAST’s power banks are compatible with every smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and many other devices. Both MAGFAST Life and MAGFAST Extreme have options to charge via USB-C, USB-A, micro-USB, Apple Lightning, and Qi wireless charging – MAGFAST Extreme is the world’s first portable power bank to have three Qi wireless charging zones. So, not only will you be able to charge all your devices with just one charger, but you can also charge multiple devices at once.

The Qi wireless charging zones are perfect for when you’re relaxing back at camp and need to give your phone a boost whilst still having it accessible. Or if you need to charge on the go, plug your device into the charger, put both in your backpack and get on with the day, safe in the knowledge that your phone will be ready when you need it. MAGFAST uses the latest technology so the charger will automatically detect when the battery is full and will stop charging – so you won’t have to worry about your device overcharging or overheating.


You’ll want a power bank that you can trust will work for the entire weekend. It should be durable enough to withstand traveling in your backpack and potentially getting knocked when you’re in a crowd.

All MAGFAST chargers are rigorously tested to ensure they’ll keep working whether you’re relaxing at camp or dancing at your favorite artist’s set. We use the best components available and build to the highest specification to ensure you can always rely on MAGFAST chargers to get the job done. We’re so confident in our chargers that we provide MAGFAST Care – our world-beating three-year warranty – as standard with every purchase.

Charging Speed

The best power banks for festivals will incorporate fast charging, so you can quickly give your devices a boost. This way, your devices will never be without power, and they’ll always be ready for use. You won’t have to wait around for them to get enough power for you to use them or try to grapple with using your phone whilst it’s charging.

MAGFAST uses state-of-the-art charging technology in both cabled charging and Qi-certified wireless charging. Our power banks always deliver high-speed power for all your devices. For your devices that support it, our power banks provide fast charging via USB-C or Apple Lightning, enabling you to get your phone battery from 50% to full in around 30 minutes. And whilst wired charging will always be the fastest way to get power into your batteries, we use the latest Qi technology to ensure a quick and efficient charge through the wireless charging zones.

MAGFAST - The Power Bank for Festivals

When you’re planning your next festival, don’t forget your MAGFAST power bank. Whether you need enough power to keep all your devices charged all weekend or just need a little boost to keep your phone going, we have the perfect festival power bank for you.

Our chargers are fully compatible with all your devices, with multiple ways to get power out – and so you’ll only need one charger for your festival trip. They’re built to our high specifications and meticulously tested to ensure they’re durable, reliable and able to last the entire weekend.

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