How to Choose the Best Wireless Charger in 2022

Wireless charging has come a long way since the first smartphone started using the technology back in 2012. Now, every new smartphone and many other portable devices, like headphones, are compatible with wireless charging, making our lives easier as we don’t have to grapple with putting wires in and out of our phones just to get them charged.

As wireless charging has become more common, we have also seen a rise in the number of wireless chargers you can buy. It can be a daunting prospect trying to decide which one will work best for your devices. Our guide explains more about wireless chargers to help you choose the right one

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

In short, wireless charging works using electromagnetic induction. Electricity is transmitted through coils, with one coil in the charger to deliver the power and another coil in your device to receive the power. The coil in the charger converts electricity to an alternating electromagnetic field. The receiving coil in your device then converts the energy back into electricity and feeds it through to the battery to power your device.
Wireless chargers can either be plugged into a wall or other power source, or they can be portable, with many power banks now supporting wireless charging.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wireless Charger

The Qi Charging Standard

The first thing to consider when choosing a wireless charger is what charging standard it uses. The most common charging standard is Qi, pronounced chee, which is used by nearly all smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Google.

Qi is so widely adopted because it can be used with so many different devices and because it has safety features as standard. Qi chargers are the most efficient wireless chargers, with low interference and minimal radiation. All good quality Qi chargers will also have temperature controls in place to protect your device from overheating.

When choosing a wireless charger, you should always make sure it uses the Qi charging standard. All of MAGFAST’s wireless chargers use the latest Qi charging technology, and so every charger will be compatible with your devices that support wireless charging. Plus, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that MAGFAST chargers will never damage your phone, as they use the latest safety features to protect your device and the battery.

Power In

When choosing a wireless charger, you’ll need to see how it connects to a power source so you can choose the right one to suit your lifestyle. Some wireless chargers will come with a built-in cable to connect them to a wall outlet, which could mean you’ll be limited on where you can use them. Other wireless chargers will have a micro-USB or USB-C connector, so you can connect it to a power bank or use an adaptor to plug it into the wall.

MAGFAST wireless chargers have lots of different ways to get power in, including USB-C and micro-USB. You can also use another Qi wireless charger to power a MAGFAST charger, or you can magnetically snap a MAGFAST charger to any other MAGFAST device to power it up. MAGFAST chargers are versatile, so they’re super easy to keep charged and ready to power your devices.


Wireless chargers will either come as a pad that lies flat on a surface, a stand where your phone can stand upright whilst charging, or as a portable power bank. Where you plan on using your charger will affect what type of charger will work for you. A charging stand can be great for your desk or kitchen counter when you still need to see your phone screen even when it’s charging. A flat pad could be more useful if you’ll be charging overnight on your nightstand. Power banks are perfect if you’ll be out and about often and won’t always be near a power source where you can plug in your charger.

MAGFAST Air is our gorgeous charging stand, which can be used both flat and as an upright stand. It uses the latest in Qi wireless charging to power your phone and, like every MAGFAST charger, has multiple ways to get power in – including USB-C, Micro-USB, Qi charging, or through MAGFAST’s unique ‘snap-to-charge’ technology with any other MAGFAST charger.


The more wattage a wireless charger has, the quicker and more efficiently it will be able to charge your device. Currently, smartphones that support the fastest wireless charging can handle around 10 watts – so if you want the fastest charge available, you’ll need at least a 10-watt charger. A 10-watt wireless charger can fully charge a smartphone in two to four hours, depending on what apps are open on the device and environmental factors like temperature. If a wireless charger has a lower wattage, your device will still charge but it can take much longer to reach full capacity.

Some wireless chargers have a higher wattage, and whilst they won’t be able to currently charge your phone any faster than 10-watt chargers, you’ll be ready for any future developments in charging technology. Whilst Qi chargers can currently provide between 5 and 15 watts of power, work is currently underway to boost that to around 30 to 60 watts, which will enable Qi charging to be used with larger devices like laptops.

MAGFAST Extreme is our beast of a power bank, with the highest level of power allowed by law. Not only that, but it’s the first charger in the world to have three Qi charging ports, so you can have multiple devices wirelessly charging at the same time. MAGFAST Extreme uses the latest in Qi charging technology, for the fastest and most efficient wireless charge. There are also numerous ways to power your devices using the wired outlets.


Your device is a valuable piece of technology, and so you won’t want to scrimp when it comes to accessories, including what you use to charge it. Choosing the right brand of wireless charger is important in finding the best one. Many phone manufacturers make their own wireless chargers, but they may not be as versatile as other brands.

You’ll want to choose a premium, reputable brand to ensure that your device will be efficiently charged and to protect it from damage. Spending more on a wireless charger will usually also mean that it will last for longer, as it will be built to a higher standard.

MAGFAST uses the latest technology with our high-spec build to ensure the best quality chargers. We rigorously test all our chargers to ensure they’re reliable, long-lasting, and ready for every lifestyle. Every MAGFAST wireless charger is compatible with every smartphone, tablet, and e-reader – meaning you can use it to wirelessly charge your devices that support Qi charging but also use them with cables to charge your devices that don’t support wireless charging.


Last, but by no means least, you should consider the aesthetics of the wireless charger that you want. There is a huge range of wireless chargers available, and so it’s important to find the right one that suits you.

MAGFAST chargers have a timeless, sleek design that will seamlessly integrate with every type of interior and lifestyle. The entire MAGFAST charging family has been designed to look fantastic together and also when being used on their own.

A Note about Apple Watch Wireless Charging

Apple has tweaked the Qi wireless charging for its Apple Watch, and so it uses a slightly different inductive charging system. This means that you won’t be able to charge your Apple Watch using just any Qi charger. Instead, you’ll need a Qi charger that specifically works with Apple Watches.

MAGFAST Time has all the core features of a MAGFAST charger, like quick and efficient charging, multiple power delivery systems, and a high-power capacity, but it has been specially designed to charge Apple Watches. It features a stylish motorized platform that can hold your Apple Watch as it charges, using Apple’s MFi certified charging coil. And, like every MAGFAST charger, you can use it alongside other MAGFAST chargers to keep it powered.

The Best Wireless Chargers

The best wireless chargers will be those that can quickly and efficiently charge every Qi wireless-enabled device that you own. They’ll be built to last, using the latest charging technology, whilst still being super simple to use. Plus, they’ll be versatile and compatible with all your devices. Those chargers are MAGFAST chargers.

With our family of chargers, you can create your own bespoke power source, by snapping the chargers together using our revolutionary ‘snap-to-charge’ system. This, combined with the latest in Qi wireless charging technology, makes MAGFAST chargers the best wireless chargers around.

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Wireless Charger FAQs

Will wireless charging damage my phone?

No, as long as you use a wireless charger from a reputable brand, it will not damage your phone. Cheaper wireless chargers could inefficiently charge your phone, which can cause it to overheat and degrade the battery. But premium wireless chargers, like MAGFAST chargers, use the latest Qi wireless technology to ensure your device charges quickly and efficiently.

Wireless chargers will vary in price. You will be able to find cheaper wireless chargers, but they will usually take a long time to charge your device, will be more prone to breaking, and may even degrade your battery. Investing in a premium Qi-certified wireless charger, like MAGFAST, will ensure that your device always charges quickly and efficiently.

MAGFAST’s family of chargers range in price, from $99 for MAGFAST Life, our every-day portable power bank, to $249 for MAGFAST Extreme, our heavy-duty portable power bank. Or you can save money by buying the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit ($297), which contains Life, Extreme, Road, Air, two Walls and associated accessories. Buying the kit can save you over $300 when compared to buying each component separately. And when you have all the MAGFAST chargers, you can really customize your bespoke charging system to work for you and your lifestyle.

Wired charging is usually quicker than wireless charging, but the age of the charger you’re using will affect the speed. A wireless charger using the latest technology will probably be quicker than a cheap and outdated wired charger. As MAGFAST chargers use the latest Qi wireless technology, they may be quicker than an old charger that is using out-of-date tech.

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Not every wireless charger on the market is portable. Some may require a wall outlet or cable connection to another power source to work.

However, MAGFAST’s portable power banks, MAGFAST Life and MAGFAST Extreme, both support Qi wireless charging, and so you can use them on the go. Plus, all MAGFAST chargers work together to charge – so as long as you have one of our power banks, you can snap it on to one of our other products, like MAGAST Air, to use Qi wireless charging whilst you’re out and about.

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