I've Lost My Apple Charger What Can I Do?

If you use Apple devices, you’ll know that they require a specific type of charging connection, called a ‘Lightning’ connector. All recent portable Apple devices, like iPhones, iPads, and iPods use this Lightning connector to connect to a power source and charge.

Previous generations of Apple devices would come with a Lightning charging cable in the box with the device. But, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Apple will no longer provide an Apple charger with new phones and other portable devices. So, you may be stuck if you lose your old Apple charger, if the Apple charger you’ve had for a few years has degraded to the point where it’s no longer usable, or if you’ve never had an Apple charger before. Our guide will explain more about Lightning chargers and help you to find alternatives to using an Apple charger, so you can safely and efficiently keep your Apple devices charged.

What’s the Difference Between an Apple Charger and Other Chargers?

Apple chargers typically have the Lightning connection on one end, to connect the Apple device to a power source. The other end of the cable will either be a USB-A adapter that can be inserted into a computer, power bank, or other charging device, or it will connect directly to a plug to go into a power outlet.

Most other chargers will have a different type of USB connection to charge the device and another USB connection or wall plug to connect to a power source. The USB-A connector is the type of device connector that you will be most familiar with and is often used with laptops, games consoles, and smart TVs. There is also the USB-C connector, which is becoming more common and is often used with slimmer devices and some laptops. Most smartphones and tablets that aren’t made by Apple now use the USB-C or a micro-USB connection. To find out more about the different types of connections, read our charging ports guide.

How Does a Lightning Connection Work?

The Lightning connector was introduced by Apple in 2012. It’s 80% smaller than its predecessor – it has eight pins whereas the previous Apple charging connector had 30 pins. Unlike most other connectors, the Lightning connector is fully reversible, so it won’t matter which way up you put it into the port.

The Lightning connector was introduced as a more efficient charger, being slimmer and denser than its predecessor, which allowed Apple to design thinner and more streamlined devices.

The Lightning connector works to both charge the device and can also be used to transfer data. Recently, iPhones no longer have a headphone jack, with the Lightning port also being used for audio purposes.

How Can I Charge My Apple Device without an Apple Charger?

If you want to charge your Apple device, you’ll need to have a cable with a Lightning connection, or you might be able to charge wirelessly. However, you won’t necessarily need an Apple-branded charger to do so. Below are some of the ways you can charge your Apple device without an Apple charger.

Qi Wireless Charger

If your Apple device supports Qi wireless charging, you’ll be able to use a wireless charger. With wireless charging, you won’t even have to worry about whether you have a Lightning connection cable to use. Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to transfer power through coils that are present in your device and the charger. Qi is the most popular type of wireless charging and is seen as the global standard. Newer iPhones, from the iPhone 8 onwards, all support Qi wireless charging and, so, as long as you have a Qi wireless charger, you’re good to go.

Not all Qi wireless chargers are built to the same specifications, and so you should make sure you’re using a premium charger to ensure your iPhone charges quickly and efficiently. Our MAGFAST chargers have been expertly designed to quickly connect with your device for fast Qi charging and minimal energy waste. MAGFAST Air is our simple and gorgeous Qi wireless charging stand, compatible with every Apple iPhone that supports Qi wireless charging. There’s also MAGFAST Extreme, which is the world’s first portable power bank to feature three Qi wireless charging ports, and also holds enough power to keep your devices going for days.

It’s not just iPhones that can be charged with Qi wireless charging. Apple Watches can also be charged wirelessly but, again, you should ensure you are only using a premium charger for your device. MAGFAST Time has been specifically designed to charge your Apple Watch, with all the core features of our MAGFAST chargers, plus a motorized charging platform to hold your Apple Watch as it charges. MAGFAST Time has enough power to keep your Apple Watch going for two weeks, making it the perfect charger to take away on a trip.

Car Charger

If you don’t have a wireless charger or a wall charger, you could use your car to charge your device. This can also be a great solution if you lose power at home or in the office and need to charge your devices. Many cars now come with USB chargers already built-in, so as long as you’ve got a cable with a Lightning connection and USB connector, you can charge your Apple device. However, you should be aware that using built-in car chargers might not charge your device very quickly or efficiently.

An alternative solution is to get a premium car charger, like MAGFAST Road. MAGFAST Road is our charger that’s perfect for your drivetime charging, with five USB outlets – so you just need the cables to charge multiple devices at once. It has our magnetic MAGFAST connection, so you can even use it to charge other MAGFAST devices. Plus, MAGFAST Road has a built-in flashlight, and so it’s super practical.

Premium Power Bank

A portable powerbank or battery pack is a great solution if you don’t have an Apple charger, allowing you to charge your device on the go with just a Lightning cable. Whilst you don’t need to use an Apple-branded power bank, you should still be careful about which power bank you choose. Cheaper power banks will be made to low standards, will waste power when charging, and will take a long time to get your device charged. Some could even damage your phone, by degrading the battery through inefficient charging – there have even been reports that some badly made chargers have caused devices to blow up by overheating them!

Different power banks will have different power capacities, which will affect how much charge you can get out of one at once. On average, smaller power banks will have a capacity of around 1,000 milliampere hours (mAh) and medium power banks have around 3,000 to 5,000 mAh. Larger power banks can reach 10,000 mAh. MAGFAST power banks are not your standard power banks though – MAGFAST Life is our pocket-size power bank which has a capacity of 6,000 mAh. MAGFAST Extreme is our portable super-charger with an amazing 18,500 mAh capacity. By choosing a power bank with a higher capacity, you’ll be guaranteed to keep your devices going for longer.

All MAGFAST power banks are made to the highest standard, so they won’t damage your devices or the battery. They’re all compatible with every type of device, including Apple products – so you can use a MAGFAST power bank to charge every device that you own whilst you’re out and about.

Premium Wall Charger

There are many alternative chargers available that will plug into a wall outlet. However, much like the power banks, you should make sure you only use a premium wall charger, to ensure an efficient charge and to keep your Apple devices safe.

MAGFAST Wall is our exceptional upgrade to one of the most popular charger designs. It features two USB outlets, so you can connect your Apple device and take advantage of fast-charging technology. Plus, it has a height-adjustable Lightning adaptor tip with micro-fine height adjustment, which stores away neatly in the back of the charger when not in use. With MAGFAST Wall, your Apple device will always be efficiently and safely charged.

What’s the Best Way to Charge My Apple Device without an Apple Charger?

The best way to charge your Apple device if you don’t have an Apple charger is to use an alternative premium charger, like MAGFAST. Unlike the lower quality alternatives, MAGFAST chargers are reliable and built to last. They all incorporate the latest in high-speed charging technology with our super sleek and practical design, producing unbeatable performance with every charge. All MAGFAST chargers are fully compatible with all Apple devices, so you’ll always be able to keep your Apple device charged, even without an Apple charger. MAGFAST will be the last charging family you’ll ever need.

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Apple Device Charging FAQs

Can I charge my iPhone without an Apple charger?

Yes, as long as you have a Lightning connector, you can charge an iPhone without an Apple charger. If your iPhone is an iPhone 8 or later generation, you can also charge it using Qi wireless charging. Every MAGFAST charger is fully compatible with all generations of iPhone, and so no matter how old or new your phone is, MAGFAST can keep it charged and ready to go.

No, using a non-Apple charger with your Apple device will not necessarily cause damage. However, some cheaper chargers can degrade the battery life of your device, by overheating caused by inefficient charging and power waste. MAGFAST chargers are built to a high spec with a high build quality designed for efficient charging, so they’ll never damage your devices.

All MAGFAST chargers support fast charging, and so if your iPhone also supports fast charging (iPhone 8 or later) then you can charge your phone to 70% in about half an hour and to full capacity in just over an hour.

MAGFAST chargers have been designed to charge your devices quickly and efficiently, whether you use a fast-charging cable or via Qi wireless charging. Discover how to make your phone charge faster today.

The best wireless charger for your iPhone will use the latest in Qi wireless charging technology for the quickest and most effective charge, like our MAGFAST chargers. MAGFAST Life is the perfect pocket-size portable charger with Qi wireless charging, with enough power to keep your iPhone going all day. MAGFAST Extreme is the first charger in the world to have three Qi wireless charging ports and holds enough power to jump-start a car – so you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery.

MAGFAST Time has been specially designed to charge Apple watches, with a motorized charging platform to elegantly hold your Apple Watch as it charges. It supports charging through a built-in mini-cable, Fast USB-C, and Qi wireless charging, plus it holds enough power to keep your Apple Watch going for up to two weeks.

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