MAGFAST Guide to Samsung Super-Fast Charging

Samsung has been at the forefront of cell phone technology for some time now. Gone are the days of the iPhone being the one you waited for. Now it’s the Galaxy and any other model Samsung puts its sizeable budgets behind.

However, with every new phone comes the question of charging. In a recent survey, 73% of people considering a new phone purchase say that battery life is the key consideration. With that in mind, many tech giants have invested more time and money into battery life and charging capability.

Samsung launched its super-fast charging to coincide with the 5G edition of the Samsung Galaxy S10 model in 2019. Whilst seen by some as a godsend, for others it has been problematic.

What is super-fast charging?

The introduction of super-fast charging to Samsung phones has enabled people to charge their smartphone in as little as 70 mins. Which, in this world of constant connectivity, can be essential whilst on the go. Not all models have the necessary tech integrated to give such a rapid boost of power and instead rely on the more standard charging option which still gives a quick top up.

Fast charging works by pumping as much current as possible into the battery before it reaches peak voltage. The battery and the charger work together to ensure that the flow and distribution of charge does not cause the battery to overheat or charge insufficiently. However, this has not been without fault.

Problems with Samsung super-fast charging

Now, whilst a quick charge is great, we never said it would be easy. Many phone companies have factored super-fast charging into their devices but do not supply you with the actual charger to get the job done anymore. This is, in part, due to the pledge many electronic companies have made to reduce waste as well as save on manufacturing costs.

So, once you have unboxed your new Samsung phone that is capable of being charged super-fast, you will need to go out and purchase the correct adaptor. This often leads to several headaches as consumers purchase the incorrect adaptor for their phone or make an additional spend on the cable too.

To hit its fastest speeds, you are going to need a special adaptor, and a special cable.

Many of the problems people encounter are common.

Your current charger doesn’t support super-fast charging

For fast charging to be able to work, your phone charger needs to support it. The most recent models certainly do, but because they don’t come with a charger you will need to source one. If the charger you purchase isn’t super-fast compatible, you may actually find your phone charges much slower than normal.

Faulty charging outlet

When you plug your device in, ready to give it a quick charge, the outlet you use may not supply enough current to support a super-fast charge. The power being drawn from the outlet will enter the phone at a slower speed making for a slower charge. You can try another outlet in the building, but results could be the same.

Damaged cables or adaptors

Cables can be fragile bits of kit. Flexible and durable they may seem but, inside, the delicate nature of their production can lead to damage that hinders performance. In many cases, this can leave it impossible to charge, or at the very least make charging very slow. This can lead to overheating which could be extremely dangerous.

Super-fast charging enabled

Samsung super-fast charging isn’t just to do with the cable and adaptor. Within the phone itself, the feature needs to be enabled. Without it, you could end up buying extra peripherals at more cost that you never fully utilize!

Not only can the above lead to additional expense but it also leads to that ever-growing amalgamation of cables, adaptors and devices.
Wouldn’t one device that provides super-fast charging but also charges your other gear just make life easier?

What alternatives are there to Samsung super-fast charging?

Luckily, there are a few chargers out there that give you the same quick charge and won’t require the purchase of additional cables or adaptors. MAGFAST is the revolutionary brand that has brought the world of charging into a new phase.

Harnessing wireless Qi charging, incorporating multi-cable type charges and with the ability to jump start your car, MAGFAST has taken charging to a new level. With a collection of smart, stylish chargers, your Samsung can remain powered up quickly and easily.

A portable power pack

MAGFAST Life is a portable power bank charger that not only fits perfectly in the palm of your hand but allows you to keep your Samsung phone plus a host of other devices super-charged. With an incredible five ways to fast charge your tech, you can keep your gear going via QI wireless charging, USB-C output, USB-A output, its very own built-in cable (that can be instantly swapped out for any other) and its unique ‘snap-to-charge’ connection to any other MAGFAST product.

Not only that, when it needs its own boost to get some power in, you can pump it full of charge in four different ways. You can rest it on a wireless charger, you can plug in a USB-C cable, a micro-USB cable, or connect it to another MAGFAST device.

The ultimate portable power station

MAGFAST Extreme takes charging to another level. When your Samsung needs a super-fast charge, or your car breaks down, MAGFAST has you covered. And if neither of these things happen, then MAGFAST Extreme is still all you need to charge every type of tech you have.

With a world first in wireless charging, MAGFAST Extreme allows for three different devices to all be charged quickly via its three Qi charging ports. You’ll never be short on power here. In addition to this, USB-A, USB-C and Lightning charge are all possible so, whether its iPhone or Samsung, Google or Huawei, you can get connected again quickly.

Why should the innovation stop there though? The 12v outlet means that, should you break down, there is no need to call the roadside services. MAGFAST Extreme packs enough punch to jump start your car when you accompany it with the MAGFAST jumpers.

Quick charge wall-mounted power

When your Samsung is low on power, but you cannot find the charger, MAGFAST Wall has the answer. This perfect charging station hub allows for a multitude of charges all at the same time meaning that, whatever the charging need, you are covered. With the latest in fast charging technology incorporated, you can rapidly get power into your devices. Incorporating the ability to put power into your micro-USB gear as well as USB-C and Lightning equipment, MAGFAST Wall makes charging at home, easy, tangle free and ultimately – super-fast!

MAGFAST has started changing charging for good, leading the revolution in providing the quickest of charges to the widest range of tech products. Whether it is wireless, USB, or Lightning, every MAGFAST product keeps you connected and powered up when you need it most. Still want to find out more? Watch our demo to see just how easy and quick we make it for you to keep your Samsung or any other phone fully charged. You might even win $1,000 worth of the very latest tech gear!

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